Episode:Experiential Deity—The Supreme Being (Part 6)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Supreme not only grows as the Creators and creatures of the evolving universes attain to Godlikeness, but this finite Deity also experiences growth as a result of the creature and Creator mastery of the finite possibilities of the grand universe. The motion of the Supreme is twofold: intensively toward Paradise and Deity and extensively toward the limitlessness of the Absolutes of potential.

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Keywords: Urantia, Absoluteness, Supremacy, Stasis, Dual Motion

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

In an attempt to disabuse us of the tendency to conceive of Deity as some mystical notion and clarify our nomenclature concerning the appellations for the cast of individuals and Deities in our study of Experiential Deity, The Paradise Trinity is best considered the whole, while The Mother can be thought of as the individuality of the whole. Remember: The Mother (a facet of Deity) as the individuality of the whole is not to be considered a mystical person as such, but a facet of Deity suggesting certain qualities. Consider the idea of Deity, a super-transcendent, abstract notion, yet mysteriously intimate in our experience as a Deity fragment (Thought Adjuster) living within our mind.

Additionally we are warned to avoid attempts at conceiving of The Paradise Trinity as a specific individuality above its existential wholeness at the Absolute level. Rather confine thinking of The PT as Deity functioning vertically down from the Trinity of Absoluteness down through The Trinity of Ultimacy, to the Trinity of Supremacy in the finite realm, where “the individuality of the whole” is a literal fact of Deity functioning and not so much an abstraction.

We are also called upon to refine our thinking of such things by being mindful of the Reality (thingness) and Deity (non-thingness) perspectives. Can we move from thinking about the continuum-ness quality of unity that is Deity in terms of our reality viewpoint of the continuum-ness (unity) quality of spirit? Shall we push the boundaries of our mind to more fully avail ourselves of the faculties of our encircuitment n the Holy Spirit wherein we can actually plow new ground in our contemplation of these matters?

115:6. Relation of the Supreme to the Triodities

I confess to losing the thread of the particulars of the unpacking of our reading. As pointed out, the Mighty Messenger author continues to employ analogies portraying the reciprocal nature of The Supreme Being’s two facets of Deity, the Almighty and The Mother. Further, the author employs a seemingly indirect technique of using reality perspective terms and gradually moving away therefrom to suggest a Deity recognition. Conceptually, in broad strokes the author suggests the qualities of intensiveness, focalization, convergence and top-down-ness to The Mother. Extensiveness, summation, divergence, and bottom upward-ness characterize The Almighty. Still confusing to me, The Mother as “the way” via descending motion of the Supreme Creator Personalities, is also suggested in the inward motion of the ascenders.

Another challenge to our deeply rooted linear, spatial, and geographical concept frames is the idea of Paradise-ness, as betrayed by the authors’ use of a preposition “in” where one might expect to find “on.”

I here resort to backing up ten yards and punting by strongly advising anyone intent on achieving any deeper comprehension of the 5th ER to listen carefully to the archive of our show.

Notes by Brad

  • Paper 115 is very non-linear, non-analytic
    • In contrast to, say, the geology papers which on their face are very linear with a relatively simple interpretation.
    • These experiential Deity papers have many ways to look at them, reciprocal pairs used often.
    • Being a serious student
      • Like the revelators trying many angles on this material in Paper 115, we keep talking about it in different ways here.
      • Looking for a living way for you, the student, to grasp it.
      • We all have a mode of mind that can consider matters less linearly, less simplistically.
      • Remember the favorable conditions. With patience and sincerity, you will be grown. Stay with us!

  • Deity is non-thing-ness made stuff
    • Why "non-thing-ness" language? We strive to avoid watering down Deity with loaded language.
    • Deity is highly rarefied and pure continuum-ness.
      • If you can grasp matter versus spirit, where spirit is continuum-like-ness, try to go further: Deity is pure continuum-ness.
    • Transcendent is not exalted enough of a word to describe Deity. It's beyond transcendent.
      • Beyond mysterious? Yes. Magical? No.
      • Mystery of mysteries? Yes! Unreachable? No; there's a fragment of Deity literally in your mind (Thought Adjuster)
    • Mystical musings and dual spiritism suggest non-thing-ness might be dreadful black ooze. Nope.
    • Deity is not individuals, or beings
      • God the Father is an individual. The Father is Deity.
      • Avoid thinking of the Paradise Trinity as an individual (that's a very advanced topic beyond our scope here)
    • Classical philosophy long recognized non-thing-ness must pervade all space
    • Space is not merely thing and no-thing (e.g., atoms and the void; matter and a magical vacuum)
      • The plenum. The ether. These were philosophic attempts to name this non-thing-ness
      • The 5th ER (at last!) directly explains this force charge of space (it's why the speed of light transcendent—not relative)

  • The Supreme is twofold in the finite domain
    • The Mother, sourced from the Paradise Trinity.
      • Downwelling
      • Focalization
      • Personal-purposive facet of Deity
      • The Mother is not growing (that's what the Almighty is doing). The Mother is the end from the beginning.
      • The Mother is harmonizing the actualities. The Mother is the actuality of harmony.
    • The Almighty, sourced from the triodities
      • Upwelling
      • Summation
      • Power-pattern facet of Deity
      • The growth facet of the Supreme (as opposed to The Mother, which is not growing in the finite)
      • Humans are upwelling phenomena, just like the Almighty.
      • We are "going with the flow" of the upwelling summation. "Copies" of our successes go into the Almighty via the Supreme creators (e.g., Creator Sons).

  • Dual motions.
    • As we pilgrims of time ascend inward with the Almighty:
      • The Mother is the way creator personalities reveal God the Father to these pilgrimgs.
      • we are acquiring this downwelling (God the Mother) nature (after becomign finaliters we will reveal God the Mother)
      • The Mother is the way we acquire God the Mother nature as upwell (along with the Almighty) toward that intensive focalization point at the center of all things.
    • As one travels outward from Havona, the two triodities (and the two aspects of The Supreme) have a reciprocal relationship.
      • The triodity of actuality manifests prodigiously in the seven superuniverses.
      • The triodity of potentiality becomes more and more important as you proceed into the successive outer space levels.
      • As this Almighty (summation) expands outward, the Supreme Creator personalities (e.g., Creator Sons) bringing it to the universes of time and space.

  • Gravity is a centering influence
    • Paradise gravity. A centering influence relative to matter. The absolute of matter.
      • The actuality of individuality
      • It's not about suns attracting planets toward them.
      • It's not about Havona attracting the 7 superuniverses (that's a function of the dark gravity bodies downstepping Paradise gravity into space)
      • It is a centering influence that is omnipresent in space (why? because the Isle of Paradise is transcendent of the finite)
      • No spatial extent at all. An organizing principle for the finite. The ultimaton's sphere radius is not a coincidence.
      • Mass—a scalar property of matter transcendent of time and space—is the "amount of Paradise gravity" manifesting in an object.
    • Spirit gravity. A non-spatial centering influence relative to values.
      • The actuality of unity.
    • Mind gravity. A non-spatial centering influence relative to meanings.
      • The actuality of associativity.
    • These 3 gravities are in association in the triodity of actuality (containing 3 of the 7 absolutes of infinity)
      • i.e.: absolute of matter (Isle of Paradise), spirit (Eternal Son), and mind (Conjoint Actor)
      • This association suggests some harmonizing effect.
      • What might that be? The Mother—a facet of deity, and one of those facets related to The Supreme down in the finite.
      • The Mother is the actuality of harmony. The Father is the potential of harmony.

  • The Paradise Trinity is the whole. The Mother is the individuality of the whole.
    • Both of these are Deity, yes. But the Paradise Trinity not at eye level to us; it is original Deity.
    • The Mother is at eye level with us, yes. But it is not a thing, it is a ubiquitous non-thing-stuff.
    • The Mother is immanence—the Deity that remains within.
      • God the Father is not the Deity within (that's the "colossal error of Pantheism").
      • The Thought Adjuster within us is not God the Father; it is a fragment of nonpersonal Deity "stuff"

  • Paradise is not just an isle you stand on. It's a larger concept.
    • Deities can be of Paradise.
    • Jesus told the thief on the cross he'd see him in Paradise, not on Paradise.

  • Don't fret about where to direct your prayer.
    • Even an apparently ill-conceived prayer, in truth at its core, is acknowledging, "I am. He is. Therefore I am OK."