Episode:Experiential Deity—The Supreme Being (Part 7)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Supreme Being cannot be fully appreciated without taking into consideration source, function, and destiny: relationship to the originating Trinity, the universe of activity, and the Trinity Ultimate of immediate destiny. He is the indispensable focalizer, summarizer, and encompasser of evolutionary experience, effectively unifying the results of this mode of reality perception in his Deity nature.

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Keywords: Urantia, Deity Focalization, Cosmic Summation, Mind Encompassment, The Ultimate Trinity

Note: This is Symmetry of Soul's 500th episode.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

In seeking a correct understanding of Experiential Deity we are compelled to use various analogies in contrasting context suggested by concept and word-pairs which depict ways of envisioning two Deity aspects of the Supreme Being—the Mother and the Almighty. We attempted to explain how the Mother can serve as “the way” for both ascending and descending beings. We have portrayed the Mother as a down-welling essence of eternity into the temporal. The Almighty is characterized as an up-welling, culminating phenomenon relative to the facts of time, eventually to be summative of the essence of the totality of all that is temporal relative to the finite.

The Mother brings down that which is pre-existent, providing a coordinating function on these facts. Thus does the facet of Deity we call the Mother span the entire vertical hierarchy of any cosmic configuration imaginable, providing a “conduit medium” in both ascending and descending directions. The Sevenfold functions similarly but in a stepwise manner rather than a continuous manner. Ascending pilgrims reach the highest level of the Sevenfold while yet on the third Havona circuit with the recognition of the Father. Ascending pilgrims must traverse the final two Havona circuits utilizing their acquired “mother nature”, directly, eventually enabled to go back out in the eternity service as mother revealing, accumulating genuinely transcendent experiential nature. Thus do finaliters “go above” the Father, adding experiential nature above the existential nature of the Universal Father.

Even considering Jesus’ declaration, “I am the way!”, it is actually the Mother through and by which he can do this as she is the substrate enabling the Spirit of Truth to function abroad in the local universe. To approach such understanding requires more difficult and rarified reflective thinking, which from the outside might appear as a string of arbitrary and ad hoc rationalizations.

The discussion shifted to examining the consequences of pursuing the words of the revelation in a linear and mechanistic fashion resulting in inevitable conflict and controversy. Listen to this discussion for the details.

115:7. The Nature of the Supreme

This final section of our paper leads the reader to go beyond conceptualizations to consider the Deity substance, or nature of the Supreme more directly. In [106:2.2] we are told that the concept of the Supreme must provide for differential recognition of three individuals, the Mother Supreme (spirit person), the Almighty Supreme (evolutionary power), and the synthesis of these two (power-personality synthesis) in the Supreme Being, the transcendental absonite being.

However, the Deity of the Supreme as one stuff (monistically) liberates the Father-I AM, (prior to differentiation of energy and spirit) from inherent limitations of infinity of status, eternity of being, and absoluteness of nature. And in so doing attains capacity for experience, and by extension enables finite creatures to grow, develop, and exist, eventually attaining divinity of Supremacy. We exist because the Father has sequestered himself away from direct finite experience, leaving “room” for the rest of us to live and move and have our being.

Concerning deity inevitabilities, the Paradise Trinity is considered the absolute inevitability, in that the Seven Absolutes of Infinity require the Trinity’s coordinating function to interact. The Seven Master Spirits are Trinity inevitabilities in that full Trinity expression finds seven configurations and no more. The Supreme is then the evolutionary inevitability.

Again, my partiality of comprehension of the complexities of this material result in a less than unified summary. I will leave it to the other of the SoS team to fill in the holes and correct any errors.

Notes by Brad

  • Being a serious student
    • Elevated, philosophic texts written by a true human (or superhuman) require careful reading.
      • The Urantia Book stands above all other great texts on earth. Nothing else comes close.
      • Knowing when to read simplistically at face value, and when to reflect deeper to get at the complexity... that's an art that takes cultivation and practice.
    • Start with a philosophic frame (truth that can't be defined with words), then engage the facts (the words in the 5th ER).
      • To outsiders it will appear you're ad hoc rationalizing
      • But you can know better. Consistency is a philosophic concept, not a scientific concept.
    • Aim higher: Your goal: reach a level above controversy.
      • A personal challenge: getting above controversy. Can you not being subject to it or ruled by it?
      • All controversy! Within the 5th ER. With all people. With politics. With everything under the sun.
      • Controversy is a product of subjective consciousness
      • Genuinely objective consciousness has no controversy. It has a peace that passes all understanding.
      • This does not mean being impassive, or repression.
      • It means an objective frame where you see the world from the eternity viewpoint.
    • Does The Urantia Book appear controversial?
      • If you don't engage it reflectively, you will find nothing but abject controversy.
      • A teacher of The Urantia Book who sees controversy in it is a false teacher.
    • Remember: We have, by grace, a reality response. We can take delight in cultivating reflective thinking

  • The Supreme is twofold in the finite domain
    • The Mother: downwelling from the top.
      • The essence of eternity is being brought down to time via mother Deity.
      • Only the essence of eternity is brought down. It's impossible to bring the substance of eternity into time.
      • From its observer vantage point, mother Deity can be the coordinator of all the facts of time.
      • Mother Deity is the observer of the growth observed.
      • The Mother itself does not grow, but "knows growth" because of this observer vantage point.
    • The Almighty: upwelling from the bottom.
      • All the facts of time are culminating, summing to this essence of the totality of all that is temporal.
      • The fact of growth is based on the Absolute Actuals.
      • The ability for something to be growing comes out of the Absolute Potentials.
    • Supremacy is superadditively above finity.
      • You don't just add power and personality together. You super-add them, and get above the finite.
      • The Supreme Being transcendently stands above the finite, in the absonite, as The Supreme Mind. The encompasser.

  • The Mother is the way.
    • It downwells thoroughly. It spans all of the temporal domain in a smooth continuum-ness.
    • No matter where you are in your long upward ascent, The Mother can meet you where you're at and provide that next infinitesimally tiny step forward.
    • By contrast, The Sevenfold—the facet of Deity—spans vertically but is more of a discrete staircase instead of a continuum.
      • Hence, we'd say The Sevenfold downsteps, whereas The Mother extends down.
    • Jesus said "I am the way."
      • Yes, that's true. Jesus is an expression of the Sevenfold—a downstepping phenomenon showing you a way to ascend.
      • But Jesus is not magical. How does his Spirit of Truth ministry reach you individually? Just magically across space? No.
      • Jesus' Spirit of Truth reaches you via Mother Deity. Which is why The Mother is The Way.
      • Jesus' seemingly simple, bold statement requires reflection to fully appreciate its truest sense.

  • What are the spirit persons within the Supreme? On a conceptual level? [106:2.2]
    • Spirit personality: The Mother Supreme, the downwelling
    • Evolutionary Power: The Almighty Supreme, the upwelling, summing, culminating
    • Power-personality synthesis: The Supreme Being, aka The Supreme Mind
      • Also aka The Supreme Father, as in the downstepping of The Universal Father to the total finite.
      • Personality is the root. Power is added to personality. This is top-down.
    • A familiar threefold order: unity, individuality, associativity.
      • The first 2 of these are "down in" the finite.
      • The third is "above and encompassing" in the absonite level. The associative aspect encompasses the other two.

  • The absolute actuality is: energy, spirit, and mind.
  • The Paradise Isle, Second Source and Center, Third Source and Center.
    • But think about the purposing of these actualities we see in [115:7.3]:
      • power (purposed energy)
      • personality (spirit pattern)
      • action (synthesis)

  • The Supreme is an intrinsic part of the design of the universes of time and space.
    • Without the Supreme, you'd have no context/place in which to exist.
    • Note [115:7.2] alludes to the eight-fold path to progress: effort, perseverance (determination), faith...
      • The eight-fold path to progress also is an intrinsic part of the design of our universe.

  • Why is the Paradise Trinity inevitable?
    • Well, the 7 Absolutes of Infinity need some coordinating influence!
    • Also, the Infinite Spirit is not acting alone in creating beings; behind the scenes the Paradise Trinity must be involved because of all the patterns of 3 and 7 in the creating of these beings.
  • But The Supreme and The Ultimate are not directly obviously inevitabilities from the I AM
    • Yet more holistically, in a more nonlinear fashion, they are inevitable.

  • Lots of patterns of 3 in section 7. Slow down and read carefully.
    • focalizer (Mother Supreme), summarizer (Almighty Supreme), encompasser (The Supreme Being)
    • source (the Paradise Trinity), function (the universe of activity), destiny (The Trinity Ultimate).
      • The Trinity Ultimate: Deity nature coming together as one.

  • Your growth and development
    • Development is foundational. For humans, this is our progressing mind.
    • Growth is the perfecting human spirit.
    • A human's successes in these arenas are "reflected into" ("copied into") the Almighty via the Supreme Creators (e.g., our Creator Son)

  • The Father-I AM. What is this?
    • A monistic concept: only a single stuff in play
    • "Before" energy and spirit were differentiated.
    • The Supreme is how The Father-I AM escapes pure existential-ness.
      • Father Deity has no capacity for experience... it is Father Deity!
      • Mother Deity allows for capacity of experience. Mother Deity is why the capacity for experience exists anywhere.
      • The Father is not directly planning, in substance, down in time. He stands outside of time. And yet, he fits into all of this.