Episode:Future of the 21st Century, with Pierre Chicoine

From Symmetry of Soul

Pierre Chicoine shared his visionary understanding of the future of the 21st century. Pierre, a reader of The Urantia Book reader for over 35 years, and hosted a study group for 20 years in Anaheim, CA. He is a musician, futurist, and lover of science, technology and history. Recognized as one of the pioneers of automated computer designs, he utilized one of his 3-d based automation programs to create an interactive, animated 3-d trip to all the architectural spheres from Earth to Paradise, based on his synthesis of teachings from The Urantia Book.

Since 1981, Pierre has automated a myriad of businesses from small to large. He created and set the standard on the first fully automated, computer-based, technical publication maintenance system for all the airlines that purchased the McDonald Douglas MD11 aircraft; first computer-based mapping system for new home real estate developers' information system for banks; first 3-d based, automation front end for computer control of power plants; viewing and control system for Fairview Development Center in Costa Mesa which spans a square mile.

Pierre writes, "We are in an unprecedented eruption of change. We are in a marvelous freeing transition that will forever change the way the human race deals with its environment. Embedded automated intelligence and control of our entire environment, such as nanotechnology, nanomorphing and automated vehicles. The home, business, medical, government, learning and energy systems are transforming to remove our survival problems. Every aspect of everything we do in our daily lives have and will be radically transformed for the better. This is the time for The Urantia book and, who knows... maybe more."

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Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, The Urantia Book, Science, Future, Nanomorphing

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