Episode:God the Father—Attributes of God (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Universal Father is the only personality in all the universe who does actually know the number of the stars and planets of space. All the worlds of every universe are constantly within the consciousness of God. The divine mind is conscious of, and conversant with, the thought of all creation. His knowledge of events is universal and perfect. God is possessed of unlimited power to know all things.

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Keywords: Urantia, God, Universal, Omniscient, Limitless

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

While the truth of Universal Father’s omnipotence is not to be found in the traditional concepts of the Almighty, notwithstanding the biblical passages provided by the revelators which might seem to affirm such, recognize that the Almighty is actually the power-pattern aspect of God the Supreme—personalized Deity relating to the finite. This is in distinction from the personal purposive aspect of God the Supreme—God the Mother. The Universal Father is infinitely transcendent thereof.

In attempting to understand how these olden passages can apply to this transcendent picture of the Universal Father we must begin to distinguish between the facts of time and the truths of eternity. The 5th ER is primarily a revelation of truth rather than a disclosure of facts. In our current universe status this distinction is going to be somewhat intangible. Be patient, truth shall be an increasingly appreciable element of reality in our Godward ascent. Contrary to our natural tendencies to approach understanding the cosmos in part-wise bottom up fashion, it is more profitable to work at grasping the big picture, the whole first, top down. Eventually, both approaches, encompassed by the personality can lead to cosmic superadditive consequences. Remember: by giving us this revelation, our celestial benefactors—for the first time in human history—have evinced a confidence that we mortals can recognize and even realize these higher truths.

3:3. God’s Universal Knowledge

We now consider the third “omni” of God, omniscience. God’s omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience as presented follow the threefold actuality pattern of unity, individuality, and associativity. Reflect on the order in which the three actualities are presented. Again, the biblical passages would seem to affirm the old wineskin concepts of God as being very involved in temporal doings. Can we discern the truth of these passages from a transcendent vantage point? Can we conclude that even the prophets of old had some inkling of the truths of God? Note the telltale phrase, “…he understands our thoughts afar off…” And how afar off is the Transcendent One!?

We might well ask how it is true that the Universal Father is the only personality who actually knows the number of stars and planets when we are accustomed to thinking that the other two Paradise Deities are also omniscient. Their omniscience pertains directly to their domains of absoluteness, i.e., for the Second Source and Center it is issues of spirit, and for the Third Source and Center it is mind. Paradise, the absolute of matter-energy is not minded and the number of stars and planets are directly available to the Universal Father as the Universal Controller. Further, God is never subjected to surprise, yet even he cannot know the unknowable, such as the vantage point of another personality.

3:4. God’s Limitlessness

Consider the limitlessness of God in terms of his “source-ness” rather than the magnitude of his extent. God’s endless bestowal of himself upon the universes in no way diminishes or depletes any of his attributes. Think of the Universal Father as the nucleus and changeless fact which is unable to be-individuated, bestowed, or fragmented and remains after all bestowals of force, wisdom, and love.

Impossible as it is for mortal man to know the infinitude of the heavenly Father, we can literally experience his LOVE. Although the quantity of this experience is limited by the creatures universe status, its quality is unlimited due to the fact that human personality is possessed of an absolute aspect.

Our concluding topic of discussion pertained to the often referred to fact that mortal man is made in the image of God. The indwelling presence of the fragment of infinity, the Thought Adjuster testifies to this fact, while our status as universe personalities constitutes the truth of such a declaration.