Episode:God the Father—Relation to the Individual (Part 5)

From Symmetry of Soul

The bestowal of personality is the exclusive function of the Universal Father, the personalization of the living energy systems which he endows with the attributes of relative creative consciousness and the freewill control thereof. There is no personality apart from God the Father, and no personality exists except for God the Father. There is a kinship of divine spontaneity in all personality.

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Keywords: Urantia, God, Personality, Antecedent Causation, Free Will

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

Our post summary discussion attempted to simplify and clarify some of the technical concepts of a mortal’s progression and growth in the process of moving up toward God-consciousness in terms of the six levels of meaning (LoM) and the seven levels of mortal wisdom. Essentially to reach God-consciousness the God seeking mortal attains God-knowingness upon attainment of the 6th LoM. Consolidation of conscious God-knowingness imbues the pilgrim with a degree of wholeness and constitutes a new beginning from which the God-knowing mortal is confronted with the challenge of mastering the seven levels of mortal wisdom [71:7.5], realization of which culminate in God-consciousness. Many factors influence this upward journey not the least of which is the degree of personality harmonization and integration of the three cosmic intuitions of causation, duty, and worship. Of course all of the above presupposes encircuitment in the Holy Spirit. The means for such exalted attainment is the grace gift of God, the attainment requires personal choosing. To appreciate the transcendent attainment of God-consciousness consider that God is personalized Deity, and that God is not personally present in the realms of time and space, yet through the mystery of the agency of human personality overspreading the conscious levels of the idea of God, the ideal of God, and the spirit reality of God, a mortal is able to reach a realization of the personality of God.

5:6. The God of Personality

For the first time in human history, we have revealed to us details of God’s personality circuit of volition whereby God bestows and conserves each and every personality and becomes the destiny of each person. All of which serves as the foundation for the poetic promise that has sustained individuals for centuries of God attainment through the wholehearted choosing the divine will and desire to be like him.

The universe mystery that is personality is beyond the full comprehension of even our Paradise-origin Divine Counselor author. Note to the earnest student, the authors of the revelation use our English word personality to mean different things depending on the context of their statements and it is up to the reader to reflect carefully to ascertain which meaning is intended in any given circumstance. Does personality indicate personalized self or does its use denote the personality itself? A good example of this distinction is found in the statement, "personality may be material or spiritual." Since personality itself is changeless, the meaning here must be personalized self, which undergoes transitions from the material to the spiritual during the ascent to perfection.

The revelators introduce here the term selfhood for the first time. We posit the selfhood as derived in part from the personality itself plus a thread of supremacy derived from Mother Deity transcendent of the material self and under which the creature’s finite nature plays out. Further regarding selfhood, Mother supplies the substance and form while the Universal Father supplies the pattern. Selfhood is not to be considered an entity itself, but a changeless foundation for the self. Selfhood is changeless from the standpoint of the finite domain, while personality is changeless absolutely.

It is the prepersonal Adjuster which insures that mortal creatures may survive mortal death with the potential to attain spirit status and cosmic destiny of the Ultimate, even striving for a realization of the Absolute.

The temporal milestone of the appearance of personality is beautifully explained in paragraph six of this section. God being existential and outside of time and space renders discussion of “when” he bestows personality moot. Here we are told that personality becomes observable as an active and functional reality upon cosmic mind encircuitment. This Mother encircuitment gives origin to the selfhood and makes observable the active function of the Father’s volitional encircuitment of his gift of personality.

The absolute dimension of personality is explained as the absolute sovereignty of mortal free will as it pertains to the eternal survival of that personality. It represents the liberation from being a helpless victim of antecedent causation, in the individual’s choice to either foster soul growth or inhibit that growth.

Listen to our discussion on the personality gravity circuit which acts in analogous fashion to gravity circuited in the Isle of Paradise, mind circuited in the Conjoint Actor, and spirit circuited in the Eternal Son. It is this personality circuit of the Universal Father which transmits the worship of all personalities to him.

Pause to consider that not all universe personalities are indwelt by fragments of Deity, yet because of the Father’s personality gift, all persons enjoy the sovereignty of free will choice to participate in the eternal adventure of universe sonship.

Notes by Brad

  • Did we give too much benefit of the doubt, last week, to our ability to engage the levels of meaning?
    • So perhaps at first we are supposed to climb this latter, rung by rung. But once at the top, reflect the cosmos back down and holistically re-interpret the entire ladder of them. And generate a new beginning.
    • Before you can even traverse the levels of meaning, you need the 7-adjutant ladder climber (a 4-year-old still has a ways to go), and Holy Spirit encircuitment.
      • The 7 adjutants get synthesized into 3 levels of meaning.
      • And most of this is unconscious anyway.
    • And remember [159:7]: "the fringe of conflict" during these transition times from the living life in the flesh versus life in the spirit.
    • And many of us are not so well-integrated. One part of us could be quite advanced, while another is stuck on the level of flesh.
      • You simply may not have the genetics to be more advanced that what you patiently can become in this life. Be truly patient, and allow growth (slow though it is but inherently holistic as it is) to occur.
    • So what can I do consciously?
      • Supply favorable conditions, as we always say.
      • But leave a space open in your mind for something beyond demanding narrow self-interest (don't be so sure the "spiritual" person is self-forgetting, if they're obsessed about their own experiences above all else).
        • Even wanting God-consciousness, in and of itself, would be self-interest--all about you and your experience.
      • If you can say "there you go again" about your incessantly clamoring animal-origin mind, perhaps you're above it. That's a proper place to be.

  • Remember that God is defined as personalized Deity. So God consciousness is Deity-consciousness. Which requires a massive synchronization beforehand.
  • What is personality?
    • It isn't animal-origin mind. Mind can be quite fancy, and appear to be individuated.
    • Our author--a high Paradise being--confesses a lot of mystery about personality. That's okay, he maybe a high-origin being, but he is not infinite.
      • Even a divine counselor cannot perceive personality itself. He can perceive the "numerous factors" associated with it. Our author must use his insight to know personality is there--an unseen influence that must be there influencing the system.
      • So even if your could perceive matter, mind, and spirit directly (as our author), you'd still have to use insight to know personality must be there, coordinating it all.
    • Personality is a facet of Deity. But unlike a Thought Adjuster, it is not an object (some "blob of stuff"). It is a facet of Deity that is far transcendent of all such object things.
    • Personality is in the inner life, not directly in the outer life. So it's quite cloaked from us, even in its direct effects (I cannot see your inner life).

  • Personality itself versus the personalized self.
    • Always a basic contextual question to ask.
    • Hint: "various orders and levels of personality" refers to personalized selves. It must be. Personality, itself, is transcendent of all such levels that may sort out in the universe of universes.
    • Personality itself is an abstraction, an abstraction away from the stuff ("personalized selves", energy systems, etc.) which it becomes associated with.
    • The personality itself is changeless, but the personalized itself is nothing but change!
    • If you know this is what's going on in the text, it isn't confusing.

  • What is personality adding to these living energy systems?
    • "relative creative consciousness and the freewill control thereof."
    • A fancy mind can be clever or inventive. But without personality it is not literally creative.
    • Hence inventive versus creative.
      • See [42:11] use of "originative" as a synonym for creative.

  • You're not a creator in the outer life, but you are in your inner life.
    • And you're not innately divine.
    • Think of yourself as a divine potential, not a divine actual.

  • The word identity is used here. Don't assume you know how they're using it (just as we can't assume we understand the word "personality")
    • Identity means some individuated sameness you can point to here, and then point to over there, and say "those two occurrences are the same."
    • Your personality implies identity (you!). But identity does not imply personality (an asteroid!).
    • Personality itself does not have identity. It's the self with which it identifies that has identity.

  • There is personality gravity, and circuits, but don't be at all literal. It's far more abstract in its physics than physical, linear gravity!
    • So think of it conceptually. Gravity is a drawing power.
    • Volitional beings are drawn together, via personality, to the center of all personality, which is the Universal Father.

  • Why did they reuse the word personality? When have we ever seen such an exalted, subtle concept as personality manifest here under the sun?
    • Seems like "personality" is the top-down foundation for your personal self. It filters down an influences things on lower levels. But personality itself is defined by where it originates at the top.
    • In this way, perhaps it's the same way the revelators dared to (re)use the word "love," despite all the problems. It has a top-down exalted origin.

  • This author reports that after months of study of the arc that has just now ended, he has fewer erroneous concepts of the ghost cult notion of God.
    • Space is therefore left open for more influence from the Thought Adjuster, which knows God the Father quite, quite well.