Episode:Harmonizing the Soul on the Mansion Worlds (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

What about the little ones? “There is in the mind of God a plan which embraces every creature of all his vast domains...” There are no orphans.

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Keywords: Death of Children, Heaven, God, Jesus, The Urantia Book

Summary by Kermit

Paper 47

Mansion worlds, are the 7 sub-satellites, of transition-culture world #1, one of the 7 satellites of the system of Satania headquarters sphere, Jerusem.

Literal worlds, architechural in nature, made to order by the Master Physical controllers.

A number of personalities and non-persons mentioned. Explained in greater detail elsewhere. Technical Advisors, reversion directors, celestal artisans.

spironga and spornagia especially interesting, non-persons, quintessential “fancy animal”

good test of your ability to distinguish between a “self” and a person.


47:1.1-1.3 0:22-0:24

Visualization of spirit substance and beings not innate in early morontial career, but must await acquirement of true spirit vision, with the help of the energy transformers we can visualize many of these realities.

45: 1.2 (509.5) (Local System Administration) 0:27-0:36

Finaliter World #1 describing the visualization of finaliters with help from energy transformers and Morontia Power Supervisors (at least once a year). Like hologram? Like Mount of Transfiguration.

Transport seraphim experience personal, intimate and profound “embrace”

Very literal narrative of things, transactions, not magical but real. material foundation of reality.

47:1.4 0:36-0:40

Requirements of the parental commission not to be confused with requirements of membership on the commission. Parental requirements are qualitative not quantitative “one size fits all”.

45:6.4-6 (516) (Local System Administration) 0:42-0:48

Further specifics on the requirements of parenthood. Parent child relationship is fundamental to the essential concept of the Universal Father and his universe children. Even non-reproducing beings (e.g. midwayers and seraphim) must have parental experience in the families of the Material Son’s and Daughters. (Jesus’ earthly experience following his earthly father’s so-called untimely death)

47:1.5 0:49-0:52

Parents with growing children in the probation nursery are permitted to visit up to four times per year. “And it is one of the most touchingly beautiful scenes of the entire ascending career to observe the mansion world parents embrace their material offspring on the occasions of their periodic pilgrimages to the finaliter world.”

45:6.7-9 (Local System Administration) 0:51-1:00

More about the reassembled children of surviving mortals who perished on the evolutionary worlds before acquiring spiritual status as individuals-contingent upon the resurrection of one of the natural parents (wrapped up in the “physics” of mindal energy connection between parent and child)

If parents with children in the probationary nursery are deficient in essential parental experience may apply to have their ascension duties transferred to the finaliter world where they are permitted to function as associate parents to their own and other children. This only receives “half credit” towards fulfilling their parental training in the families of the Material Sons and Daughters.

(there will be diapers!)

Introduction of the existence of midsonite worlds (one per system) mostly unrevealed. mystery about their involvement with the probationary nursery.

47:1.6 1:07-1:12

children need fathers and mothers. Fathers need this parental experience as much as mothers. Earthly parenting may be unbalanced in the direction of mothers, historically, as children of God, the imbalance is in the direction of the Father.

So now we have a reciprocal deficiency pattern. We need both father and mother in earthly form as well as in the spiritual realm.


47:2.1 1:12-1:37

The probationary nursery topic generated and continues to generate scores of questions. Some of these we will deal with in greater depth in later broadcasts, some of which will be touched upon this evening. Most astounding declaration by the authors: probationary nursery devoted to the nurture and training of the children of time, including those who have died prior to acquirement of “individual status on the universe records”

We are told (37:3.7-8) that personality records and identification sureties are classified, filed, and preserved from the moment of birth up through the universe career....by an enormous corps of archangels.

cherubim are custodians of child’s “potential identity”, and responsible for delivering this “undeveloped soul” into the hands of the Mansion World Teachers....

“potential identity” died before personality has identified with that self. Self not yet an identity but potential.

undeveloped soul used instead of “soulless” no soul in fact yet, in truth “undeveloped”

God views us outside of time, the truth of us not the fact of us. In this and other matters with the revelation, it is important to seek the truth first then appreciate the facts.

Therefore these children have died prior to BIRTH! Father sees us from eternity viewpoint, not it time. Your value is determined, not by where you are “along the way”, but because and if YOU ARE.

birth as a milestone in one’s career demarcates the “separateness”-(embryo) of a being and the “independence”(independent material foundation) of a being.

47:2.2 1:37-1:41

children personalized as of their exact physical status (status not “physical form”) at the time of death, with the exception of reproductive potential. (what about the before birth cases, miscarriages, etc.)

speculation that for the death before birth, they would begin as newborns, but we don’t really know!

for each “explanation” we propose for these statements, scores more questions are generated!

49:6.11-14 1:43-1:47

From the section on Terrestrial Escape

Children are attached to their parents prior to their receiving Adjusters, for the purposes of counting towards the seraphic ministry.

47:2.3-5 1:50-1:56

Children group according to whether or not they have TAs. Those who have TAs prior to death, but haven’t made a choice concerning the Paradise career and repersonalized and grow up in the families of the Material Sons as do those who arrive without TAs in families of five. Those without TAs are found ages under 1 year to 5 years, and those with TAs are found aged 6 years to 14 years, two years apart. Any time after sixteen years of age, if they have made final choice, they translate to the mansion worlds.

Very few children under the age of sixteen found on the mansion worlds. This is the age of separate mindal phenomenon, now an independent ascender.

47:2.6-8 1:57-2:00

guardian seraphim attend these youths and they grow until they make final choice.

when material life is over if no choice, or they choose against. they die and become as though they had not been.

if they choose Paradise, many join their parents in the Havona ascent. Their destiny is that of permanent ascendant citizenship of Paradise but are not mustered into the Corps of the Finality!