Episode:Harmonizing the Soul on the Mansion Worlds (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Resurrection! The morontia career begins—overcoming the experiential deficiencies and intellectual disharmony of life in the flesh.

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Keywords: Death, Resurrection, Heaven, Urantia Book, Good Reads

Summary by Kermit

Chris’ commentary prior to First Mansion Worlds: Some ideas about resurrection. Information about the probationary nursery significant with respect to what is the details mysteries of what it means to be a human as revealed in FEF. Our present historical/traditional concept of being human is very limited.

The components of our human-ness as given in the foreword

  1. material body-
  2. engaged by a mindal literal energy system
  3. spirit energy-literal, a substance like matter (Thought Adjuster)
  4. soul-a literal energy-substance (morontia soul)
  5. personality overarching eternity purposing from the eternal Father engages this complex system and begins to harmonize it.

Personality engagement with a self. Self and personality are distinct facts. We have a mindal self. Relatively individuated measure of mindal energy, in which we have a consciousness (Adjutant mind energy system) material mind, that is seated on a material form (brain). Mind seated on matter, morontial and spiritual forms. Material mind self, is mortal, does not survive material dissolution/not resurrected.

How do I survive death? If material self is not resurrected, how am I resurrected? [Paper 112] introduces concept of “selfhood”. Ongoing phenomenon, which threads through the material, morontial and spiritual selves. Selfhood is the commonality throughout these changing selves.

Resurrection is of the selfhood and personality which will identify with that selfhood. Different self, same selfhood, and the same “personality” identifies with it and gives it an identity. “Potential identity” mind is tuned to the form (material or morontial) that it engages (in a way that the archangels understand) a relationship between the seat of mind (the body) and personality, expressed in the term potential identity. For resurrection to occur, the potential identity must be exactly the same from one realm to the next.

On probationary nursery, they have material bodies, and a custodial cherubim keeps the specifications necessary for the new body, absent sex differentiation. How can selfhood be the same? That which is exactly repersonalized are the essentials of the physical body related to the selfhood not former mortal self. Personality is not male or female (unlike selves). Personality is eternity purposing that can engage either gender. We refer to ourselves as sons of the Father (either male or female). Our selfhood is more in relation to the Mother.

Potential identity is very important. There are very subtle aspects of the energy system upon which the mindal self is going to be seated that ensure the unique ongoing selfhood (self can be quite different) is repersonalized.

Selfhood is exactly the same (physical status-the key elements of physical nature that ensure that the same selfhood will be seated upon that material body).

It is very important to challenge ourselves in relation to our historical understanding of self, to understand that we (human beings) have a literal mindal energy system in which our self exists and where our consciousness resides.

Paper 49-mortals of dependent orders of ascension. Some ascenders are dependent upon their natural parents

Those who die with an adjuster, but before the first jubilee (i.e. choosing the Paradise ascent)

Those who die before they have a thought adjuster, both dependent upon their parents in their early ascension because of the mindal dependence/connection of the child on the parent.

Angelic ministry is the basic point with these distinctions, important to think how guardians of destiny engage you. They minister to your mind, not your body. Whether or not you die with or without an adjuster, seraphic ministry for dependent groups is similar to that of the more advanced parent or equivalent in the case only one survives. Why similar to that of the more advanced parent? up to age 16 mindally, child still connected to parents. Thus the seraphic guardians do not count the child as a separate individual. Mindal ministry of seraphim, not corporeal ministry. Children get adjuster around age 6 on probationary nursery as well as “here”. When they reach age of moral choice. Post spirit of truth bestowal.

Not the case on this world prior to the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth. Children had to work their way up to 3rd circle to get an adjuster

Because the Spirit of Truth embodies an influence of “supremacy” which bridges the gap between 7th and 3rd circle child gets adjuster at age 6 (or thereabouts), even if they come from a world that does not have the spirit of truth. How is this possible? Because of the mindal connection with the parents, who being resurrected by definition have a TA, the “circle gap” between parent and child is bridged. Therefore child can receive an adjuster by age 6 on the probationary nursery.

What about on this planet before pentacost, how many in J’s time had TAs, ergo souls. The inference is that a parent who has a TA, because of the mindal connection with the child, is able to confer a circle bridging “supremacy” influence which makes possible their child to receive an adjuster around age 6.

Lines of individuals who had thought adjusters, thus enabling their children to get an adjuster at age 6, eventhough they were not 3rd circlers or on a planet with the spirit of truth.

Clarification between self v. selfhood and mindal connection between child and parent.

Whole new way of thinking about “what we are”. Man doesn’t clearly recognize the literalness and separateness of the mindal energy system. Hard to recongnize this aspect of the revelation. Not even the material self that is resurrected, but the selfhood that is resurrected. have the courage to let the revelation refute one of your ideas. That’s what it’s for.


We are given information about the resurrection halls, and another restatement of the division of labor between the seraphim and thought adjuster in the reassembly of personality at resurrection, with an interesting comment about the way the authors explain the same things in different places in the book and how important it is for a more complete understanding of the book to compare these multiple instances side by side.

Discussion about how the revelation can help us break free from our preconceived opinions, settled ideas and long standing prejudices.

Why are the resurrection halls organized as to mortal races? We are resurrecting minds, not bodies and mindal commonalities/similarities are important. Indicates that mindal differences have racial foundations and persist into the afterlife.

Also, the issues surrounding the destiny of a “transitory personality” that is NOT reassembled were discussed, i.e. absorbtion into the oversoul of creation, the Supreme Being. The value of the selfhood of the “non-reassembled” personality persists, but not as a separate individual.

We are able to look up friends and loved ones who have preceeded us to these worlds. Very comforting.

World #1 brings us to post-Adamic dispensation level. Well ordered realm in contrast to our earthly experience of confusion. We begin “over there” right where you leave off down here with respect to psychic circle attainment.

Deficiencies of experience of the nature that are usually overcome by the end of the 2nd dispensation (Adamic), consequences of the default. Thus, here is where we will all be “doing time”.

Introduced to the Morontia Companions, who will be our personal guides, interpreters, translators and building custodians. Not far removed from our nature: constant companions.  


Loss of consciousness from one Mansion world to the next, with a whole new body on each world. Don’t say how long we are on any one world. Any desire to skip the remedial work of these worlds, itself could be thought of as a character defect...the defect of impatience.

Adjuster memory persists throughout the mansion world life and even to Paradise.

Our morontia bodies require food, drink, and rest. Food fully utilized with no residual waste.

Here we are still near human. This is a literal realm with real experiences, not far removed from our current experience.

Here, we remove our intellectual conflicts and mental disharmony, in parallel with Magisterial Son culture of intellectual uplift.