Episode:Harmonizing the Soul on the Mansion Worlds (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

Progress! A long way from our initial material existence, new grandeurs are progressively unfolding to our expanding minds as we journey upward.

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Keywords: Death, Resurrection, Many Mansions, Heaven, Urantia Book

Summary by Kermit


Headquarters for the Mansion World Teachers-glorified cherubim who can ascend to become MWTs and from here can actually become seraphim. Energetically higher than an ascension candidate cherubim, lower than a seraphim. (millions on this world, billions in the system, number beyond human comprehension in the local universe.)

adieu usage, meaning “to God”

Authors point out how with each advancement on Mansion World we are permitted to visit the corresponding transition culture sphere and additional sectors on Jerusem as a result of our enlarged capacity and sensitivity to these realities. Eventhough morontia beings we are still referred to as “advancing mortals”.

Enhanced mota training to correlated mota and mortal logic. Mota discussed: going to Paper 48 p.556 human philosophy counterparts to morontia mota.

Mota can be thought of as morontia wisdom, a real introduction to the intelligent comprehension of cosmic meanings and universe interrelationships.

we need a transcendant world view required for a true understanding of science philosophy and religion i.e.metaphysics. Thus mota is a transcendant harmonization of science philosophy and religion. Revelation required in the flesh, mota necessary in morontia state.

Discussion about the term Jerusem akin to Jerusalem, referring to John and Paul’s revelations of the system headquarters world where they used the term “the new Jerusalem”. Revelators instructed to utilize words already in the human lexicon. Havona and Jerusem= Heaven and Jerusalem.

[112:6], p.1236 our early conduct after resurrection guided by our inherited character patterns form the material self and morontia mota, prior to the functioning of full fledged morontia will.



New grandeurs are opening to the expanding minds of theses ascenders. Many of the various orders of the Sons of God not yet revealed in our book. Now transcending the limitations of FEF.

New aspects of social life, no more personal aggrandizement, or self seeking conquest. Given a glimpse of a new ideal for teamwork in relation to our work with the social arms of the Urantia revelation. (overmastering motivation of the realization of a common and supreme destiny).

Here we serve two masters, up there we don’t serve two masters and we can progress as an individual and as grouping more rapidly.

Increased level of objective self-awareness is found here.

Comment on the level of morontia development on a world and the corresponding epochal era on the mortal sphere, with the remark that the “spiritual status” on the MW is much in advance of the mortal world spiritual status.

Considerable number spiritually conscious individuals, but not so cosmically conscious.

Spiritual consciousness is not the ticket to advancement on the Mansion World, but Cosmic consciousness is. Refer to Paper 16:6 very little cosmic consciousness progress.

There is a parallel progression through the mansion worlds and the psychic circles.

The journey from 7th to 3rd circle witnesses an integration and balance in our relationship with the 7 mind adjutants and by 3rd circle the adjutants are balanced and fully engaged.

Because of our post-bestowal status we have SoT and TAs, increased spiritual resources, but this is relatively independent of our cosmic progress.


Here we are corresponding to the early era of light and life. The mortal epochs represent 10’s of thousands of years. Not realistic to imagine Urantia will come into light and life any time soon!

We can’t begin to imagine what it is like on a post-bestowal son age on a normal world.

We need to challenge ourselves to see the privilege we have to be a part of this experimental and out of step world. View the positive potential in current circumstances. discover, recognize, interpret and chose.

Discussion about the new languages we encounter, here perfecting the tongue of Uversa, we are bilingual from system headquarters to Havona.

Language is a mindal form of communication. Greatly expanded sensory equipment. Way beyond our ability to even imagine.

While “down here” we have circumscribed languages of the realm in a linear fashion.

Question about speaking and making sounds. How do we recognize and become recognized on high?

World of the sons enable us to really come to know them.. this includes the Magisterial Sons (Paradise origin) We could possibly be fused here and have a whole new basis for relating to them.

Importance of all these descriptions, which serve to stimulate manifold more questions, is to begin to help us deal with our circumscribed view down here of heaven.

We are here introduced to the challenge of the constellation worlds 43:8.4 p.494-describes how we unify our evolving mortal personality on the mansion worlds, attain Jerusem citizenship where we achieve the willingness to submit the self to the disciplines of group activities, and on the constellation worlds are trained in real socialization of our evolving morontia personality.

A never ending process of growing self and harmonizing with the personality.

Startling statements in the last paragraph of Mansion World #5. Helping us to appreciate how immature we are. “it is beginning to dawn upon the enlarging minds of ascending mortals that some stupendous and magnificent, some supernal and divine destiny awaits all who complete the progressive Paradise ascension...(like we think we have some idea now?)

Here we truly see our destiny, transcending our faith.

Here is where a real birth of cosmic consciousness takes place...

Self mastery to enable ascension, the personality doesn’t need to ascend, it came from on high.