Episode:Harmonizing the Soul on the Mansion Worlds (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

Fusion! Eternity embraced and the real work begun—a brilliant age for ascending mortals who receive a new name and choose one of the appropriate routes to Havona.

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Keywords: Death, Heaven, Eternal Life, Paradise, Urantia

Note: James relayed an experience with young adult readers of The Urantia Book in Colorado in the previous week.

Summary by Kermit

47:8. The Sixth Mansion World

The assistant System Sovereign makes frequent visits to this world. What must the lessons imparted by the assistant System Sovereign have been like 200,000 years ago when Satan was held that post? Advancing mortals on the mansion worlds and mansion world staff were lost during the Lucifer Rebellion.

This is a brilliant age for ascending mortals. Fusion usually occurs here (note the parallel levels of advancement with the planetary mortal epochs). Here the level is in keeping with worlds in the intermediate stages of light and life, where many citizens fuse while in the flesh. (Some don’t fuse until all the way up to Salvington)

More details of our fusion with our Mystery Monitor, ever attended by the words “This is a beloved son in whom I am well pleased”. The same words Jesus and those in immediate attendance (John and J’s two brothers) in the Jordan attending his baptism heard.

The question of who heard these words was discussed. If the multitudes had heard these words how would that have changed things?

Discussion concerning UB terminology (“archangel of record” v “archangel Michael”). The revelators take biblical terms and phrases and either put them into true context or tweak them to reveal a more true context. Important to clarify for folks with biblical background.

“new name” biblical reference to Book of Revelation. Most direct allusion is in Rev 3:12. Revelators

Use of the 40 days, showing the parallel between on high and down here, irrespective of the relative differences in timekeeping.

New name question-108:3.3 p.1188 Human subjects are often known by the numbers of their adjusters. Mortals do not receive real universe names until after adjuster fusion, which union is signalized by the bestowal of the new name upon the new creature by the destiny guardian.”

Biblical reference again, coming up through great tribulation serves to make mortals sympathetic and tolerant.

We are becoming more adorable as we leave behind the course vestiges of planetary origin. Literal sense of adorable….more and more able to be spoken to

47:9 The Seventh Mansion World

Here we experience the crowning achievement of the immediate postmortal career. “mark of the beast” a literal use of the biblical reference, which simply refers to our animal nature.

We can wait (or be waited for) as we form our graduation classes to Jerusem. While we graduate as a class, we progress through the Mansion Worlds as individuals. Now we are grouped and go forward as a class. Important to remember Paper 53:7/12 p.609 In assessing the toll of the Lucifer Rebellion on various groups of beings they refer to a class of individuals who happened to be on Jerusem (187,432,811 ascending mortal in that class) giving us an idea as to the class size. (All of whom resisted the Luciferian sophistries). Many many individuals moving up through Mansion Worlds, and then, relatively small (200 million) class for a relatively short sorjourn then off to the constellation worlds. This number doesn’t allow us to predict the number of mortal who survive.

Remembering that a significant proportion of the Planetary Prince’s staff who had attained Jerusem citizenship did not resist and were lost although, they did not have TAs.

We leave the mansonia career behind and proceed to Jerusem for the first time as citizen/residents.

Final paragraph of this section sums up the dematerializing, demortalizing process. Here we are given the perspective from world #1 where we are mostly material, even referred to as a material body of the morontia world, become immortal at the time of Adjuster fusion and become full-fledged morontians.

Paper 48:5.8 p.551 purpose of mansion world career to effect the permanent eradication of the animal vestigial traits of procrastination, equivocation, insincerity, problem avoidance, unfairness, and ease seeking.

47:10. Jerusem Citizenship

Here is the heaven envisioned by most religious believers. John’s vision as described in Revelation. Again, wording of bible quotes is tweaked and adjusted to conform and convey truth.

Paul’s vision cited.

No more resurrections or new bodies. This form will see us through to the end of the local universe career. Again, self is different as we ascend the mansion worlds, but the same selfhood progresses through each new form.

Progress through the MWs is a very individual process. Now we join a class and move together.

Note: All of Jerusem (with the exception of the master physical controllers and Morontia Power Supervisors) turn out to welcome the new classes. How many? A huge throng, innumerable beings.

A note on the size of these worlds. Mansion Worlds and other sub-satellite worlds are about the size of Urantia. The 7 satellites of Jerusem are ten times the diameter of Urantia, and Jerusem is 100 times the size of Urantia, or a surface area of 10,000 times that of Urantia.

See [Paper 46:2.6 p.521] for a description of how indescribable are the glories of this place.

Here we are told that our personalities aren’t fully “mobilized, realized and unified, until we have completed the Jerusem regime. Humility! The specifics of what we do here are sparse and vague, probably because of our inability to understand.

End of paper summary...let death be a technique or escape from the material life in the flesh. Glorious as all this is, it is still just a miniscule step towards an eternal and infinite destiny.