Episode:Human Expectations—Divine Fulfillment (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

We delve into the expectations which Jesus encountered from his family and associates as well as his apostles and the public at large. Drawing upon selected incidents from Jesus’ life, culminating in his own words, we examine the various ways he responded to these expectations.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Christmas, God, Great Books

Summary by Kermit

Even before Jesus was born, the expectations of his earthly parents were forming.


Gabriel appeared to both Mary and Elizabeth and gave each the responsibility of informing their husbands who were reluctant to believe until each had a “vivid” dream.

Early Jesus learned tact in responding to the expectations placed upon him. as illustrated by the way he dealt with the proposal by one Nahor to send Jesus to Jerusalem where he would have the advantages of education and training at the center of Jewish culture.

Joseph and Mary tempted to show favoritism, but Jesus always refused special consideration

By the age of twelve, he had become inclined to favor his Father’s view of his mission as opposed to his Mother’s viewpoint.

At 14 and 15, he experienced increasing resentment of the politicized nature of the Jewish religious leadership and was tempted to look with favor on the possibility of his becoming the Messiah of Jewish expectation.

At 17 years of age he was “confronted with one of the most delicate and difficult situations of his early life”. Amidst considerable pressure from his mother and other family members and friends, he was more than encouraged to join the Zealots, a patriotic Jewish nationalistic political organization.

During his travels with Gonod the Indian merchant and his son Ganid, he was faced with entreaties by Ganid to correct the erroneous teachings of Alexandrian professors as well as to proffer truth instruction to a thoughtless pagan.

Obviously, our selection of incidents in Jesus’ life is not exhaustive or even comprehensive. We would encourage our listeners to pursue this study in greater depth on your own.