Episode:Human Expectations—Divine Fulfillment (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

We proceed with our in-depth studies of Jesus’ responses to the expectations from those he associated with and the public at large.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Balanced Spiritual Growth, God

Summary by Kermit

James review of the patterns on the theme, “everyone wanted Jesus on their team”.

As a young man (23) Jesus was offered directorship of a school of religious philosophy to be established in Damascus.

Regarding the expectations of his family, apostles and followers we looked at some of the supernatural events.

  1. Wedding at Cana-Mary and 6 apostles “expected” him to inaugurate his kingdom ministry with some special display of power and glory.
  2. Healing at sundown
  3. Nain and the widow's son-boy was in deep sleep, but thought to be dead.
  4. Apostles attempted healing while Jesus and the three were on the Mount of Transfiguration.
  5. Final thoughts on miraculous acts. Approach the miracle through Jesus, not Jesus through the miracle.-discussion of healing, and seeking material manifestations and restoring a right mind leading to a great discussion of how some of these healings were simply the restoration of the mind’s grasp on spirit leading to improved mental efficiency and better physical health.

Final vignette, morontia Jesus’ comment to Peter concerning his instruction to follow Him, which led to a misunderstanding to the effect that John would not die until Jesus should return. This misunderstanding then leading to Simon Zelotes getting back into action and keeping him at his work of proclaiming the gospel.

Thanks to Kaye Cooper, who called in to share her insights about the expectations or lack thereof of the women’s corps.