Episode:Human Expectations—Divine Fulfillment (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

Our study of the human expectations surrounding Jesus' life concludes with a focus on memorable incidents in Jesus' private life, public ministry and his morontial teachings that summarize his entire earthly mission.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, God, Messiah, Great Books

Summary by Kermit

Jesus Attitude toward women-the most astonishing and most revolutionary feature of Michael’s mission.

Apostle’s expectations-James and John sons of thunder requesting Jesus to rain fire down on the unbelieving Samaritans. Over their four years with Jesus, they changed much and dealt with their thwarted expectations in a progressive manner. They grew in love.

Simon the Zealot also changed and grew. An interesting misunderstanding of Jesus' words to Peter had much to do with getting Simon Zelotes back into service and keeping him at work.

Judas on the other hand failed to grow when confronted with thwarted expectations. He was shocked, severely hurt, disappointed, humiliated, chagrined, bewildered, depressed, dejected.

Messianic Expectations

In responding to the messianic expectations, Jesus tried to lead his followers into the spiritual kingdom as a teacher, then a teacher-healer all of this as the Son of Man to no avail. So he elected to meet his believers half way by declaring his divinity as the Son of God.

We finished the broadcast with the reading of the “walk to Emmaus” with Cleopas and Jacob, and in Jesus’ own words his summation of his bestowal.