Episode:Jesus—The Transition Years (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

There can be no end to the evolution of political sovereignty short of the appearance of the government of the sovereignty of all men. All other sovereignties are relative in value, intermediate in meaning, and subordinate in status. Collective security will never afford peace until the collectivity includes all mankind.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Urmia, Sovereignty, Peace

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on review

We took considerable time following the review to address inquiries from last week’s broadcast concerning spiritual freewill and intellectual and material freewill. We enjoyed an edifying explanation of the elements and dynamics of these processes from the standpoint of an individual mortal in our time. We started with a recognition of the three separate energy systems composing the three fold functional reality of matter, mind, and spirit, which are harmonized through various influences. An individual mortal, being largely material in nature with an initial low level relationship with mind is brought into relationship with spirit through the encircuitment in the Holy Spirit by grace at roughly age six years. It is in these humble beginnings, mostly material, with some engagement with mind and a thread of relationship to spirit we find ourselves. The function of personality through volition, will, and choice occurs in the higher realms of spirit. In our modest circumstances, most of what we might call “personal” or “will”, is actually the activity of a mindal self. And what passes for choice in moments of our boldness is more often the assertion of this mindal self. Yet in the dim upper reaches of this mind we find an urge to make choices, to have a relationship with spirit, and a yearning for what can be termed liberty.

So, reflect on the differences between liberty versus freedom, choice versus decision, and self-assertion versus free will. These are the differences between spiritual activities and mindal activities.

Do we use the terminology of the spiritual to refer to the lesser mindal activities? A test is to ask whether the foci of our attention in these activities are time-space issues. Personality is from eternity, and its exercise of will and choice transcends time and space in a way that is mysterious even to our celestial friends. With respect to the original question of free-will in the realms of matter, mind and spirit, it is only in the spiritual realm that we have free-will. Problems arise when genuine free-will is exercised negatively. While the immature and unwise expression of self-assertion can be restrained by our unseen friends, genuine free-will, exercised negatively can not be so restrained and constitutes the danger of which we speak so often. Let us only be humble in our reflection on these things and come to some understanding of why it takes so long for us to reach Paradise in our quest for perfection. The materialists deny spirit while the spiritists of today, falsely exalt their experiences as spiritual.


We returned to the topic of political sovereignty and the principle that such sovereignty is innate with the peoples of the world, only in the context of the spiritual sovereignty of the supreme God. Note the revelators reference to representative government and a pure democracy. Likewise note the phrase “peace on earth and goodwill among men”, and its dual emphasis, peace on earth—political sovereignty of the government of all mankind, and goodwill among men—derived from the supersovereignty of a loving God of all mankind.

The authors continue developing the idea of peace using the United States as an example. The individual states settled the issue of self determination with a civil war and have abandoned such claims, surrendering them to a federal government. The individual states are intended to regulate their internal affairs, leaving issues as foreign relations, tarrifs, immigration and others to the federal government. Yet current trends were cited signaling the extension and assumption of powers and controls by the federal government beyond what might be considered right and proper.

The establishment of a supernational sovereignty must needs be created by the world nations themselves for their own benefit and for the benefit of all men, and not through domination and conquest. Evolution of political sovereignty will continue along such lines until such time as the appearance of the government of the sovereignty of all men.

The prediction of the revelators that the progress of science and technology will make wars more and more devastating to the point of racial suicide has come to pass. Where do we go from here? It was suggested that religion must take the lead. Only when the various peoples of the world relinquish the delusions of religious sovereignty will the stage be set for the next step. For it is the antipathy among societies, and cultures, engendered by claims of religious sovereignty, or quasi-religious sovereignty of the plethora of “-isms” across the globe, that prevent the tranquility of good will among men from enabling the next step of a government of all mankind for all mankind.

134:6. Law Liberty, and Sovereignty

As we were reminded, the most troublesome problem stemming from the rebellion is man’s failure to correctly distinguish between freedom and liberty or the self assertion that is false liberty, and true liberty. The rebellion was an assault on the LAW of God in the evolutionary universe. True liberty exists in true law, and absolute liberty lives only in absolute LAW.

Attention was given to the revelators infrequent use of all caps in the printed text. Words found in all caps in the revelation have an absolute expression on high that is downstepped in truth into the time-space realms. For example, LAW doesn’t push up from below, only to be left behind following enlightenment. The higher we ascend in the universe the more definite these words become. And as with LOVE and LAW, they converge only with different perspectives, LOVE in the unity perspective and LAW from the individuality perspective; both words actually derived from the same fact, loyal and legal.

We’ve mentioned before that the sequence or path to the brotherhood of all mankind begins in the domain of true religion, the recognition of kindred spirits enabled by the insights from personal religious experience. Until the arrival of a Magisterial Son who will provide the authoritative leadership and guidance in moving towards our destiny, we have the 5th ER on which to rely for the cosmic perspective and direction. The 4th ER sowed the seeds of goodwill among men. But progressing to peace on earth will involve the transcendence and harmonization of the distinct and individual personal religious experiences of the many. It depends on the cultivation of true philosophy, and the socialization of religion through which religion is lifted up to a collective phenomenon.

The revelators forecast WWII and recognize the limited accomplishments in the post WWII establishment of some federation like organizations, but warn that only global sovereignty will prevent global wars. The peace enjoyed within the USA, a heterogeneous society encompassing of all of the nationalities, and races that compose the ever-warring nations of Europe, and in which nearly all of the religions of the whole world are represented is possible because the states have surrendered their sovereignty and abandoned notions of self-determination.

War is not man’s great and terrible disease. It is the “virus” of national sovereignty. Neither disarmament, nor the makeshift juggling with the sovereignties of nationalism will not lead to or maintain world peace. World law will be established and enforced by way of the sovereignty of all mankind.

Peace on earth and goodwill among men will not come together. As mentioned, the goodwill borne of true religion must precede the more difficult social, political, and economic adjustments required for true and lasting peace, universal brotherhood. And the individual’s contribution to such evolution is to be found in the cultivation of humility and the willingness to transform a worldview based upon preconceived opinions, settled ideas, and longstanding prejudices to one based upon a cosmic perspective.

The confidence of the authors in their description of the benefits of global government are most heartening in light of the political landscape facing us today.