Episode:Jesus Faces Death—The Crucifixion (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

At the time of the Master’s baptism he had already completed the technique of the required experience on earth and in the flesh which was necessary for the completion of his seventh and last universe bestowal. All the life he lived thereafter, and even the manner of his death, was a purely personal ministry on his part for the welfare and uplifting of his mortal creatures on this world and on other worlds.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Salvation, Love of God, Sonship with God

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

In addition to the ideas discussed last week concerning the first contact of the 6th adjutant with the twins Andon and Fonta, we talked about the fact that because their parents were not human they had no overlapping salutary spiritual influence of parental mind through adolescence as have all other human beings on our world since. Their aloneness in this respect must have been unimaginably profound. Thus, as the first humans having to initiate the human race by themselves they must have been exceptional. Of them it is recorded, “...they were perhaps the most remarkable pair of human beings that have ever lived on the face of the earth.” Getting back to our story of the human Jesus, we can imagine Gabriel’s criteria for choosing the best “bestowal” parents would have to include consideration of this parent-child mindal influence.

Apropos of our global pandemic challenges, we considered the very real effects of material gravity, and its counterpoise spirit gravity. Consult the archive for further details of the cosmic physics involving the roles of the Holy Spirit ministry and cultivating the attending triune faculties of material acumen, moral discrimination, and spiritual insight in accessing this spirit gravity antidote to material gravity. David Zebedee stands as an inspiring example of what a balanced application of these faculties looks like in action.

186:4. Preparation for the Crucifixion

Picking up our tragic story we find Jesus alone with the Roman soldiers who were under orders to crucify him immediately. Jesus’ aloneness reminds us that as mortal ascenders we are essentially alone in our relationship with the Father. Here is but another element of the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it, the knowledge thereof of which is of real value to struggling mortals everywhere. And again we are given a picture of Jesus: silent, the very personification of composure and dignity with its powerful effect on those in his presence.

Lest we think too narrowly about these events on Urantia, the midwayers remind us that the executive business of the entire local universe of Nebadon was at a standstill, with the universe rulers either in eyewitness attendance or glued to space reports of the universe sovereign’s final chapter of his life in the flesh. Listen to the archive for more details concerning those archangel space reports. But also recall Immanuel’s pledge to be fully and efficiently responsible for the security and unbroken administration of the local universe from the moment of Michael’s voluntary relinquishment of authority until his return as Universe Sovereign. And further Immanuel's ability and willingness to summarily quash any universe rebellion or even thought of rebellion during this time!

As Jesus’ waited alone with the guards, the two thieves of New Testament fame were made ready to be crucified alongside him. Being made ready as is historically described entails brutal scourging to the end that the condemned be weakened to exhaustion just short of death.

186:5. Jesus’ Death in Relation to the Passover

This section is a resounding refutation of nearly two-thousand years of theologic interpretation of Jesus’ life and death. Note here and elsewhere in the revelation we read passages to the effect “there is no direct relation” between coincidental events as in this case, Jesus dying simultaneously with the sacrifice of the Passover lambs at the temple. But what about “indirect relation?” True, the atonement concept had a limited evolutionary religious utility within the confines of the ghost-cult doctrines of matter and mind. Today the religion of spirit stands ready to liberate kingdom seekers to find religion founded in reality rather than in appearance.

The Master’s crucifixion was not ordained by God. His bestowal mission did require him to live the life of a human being. Death is a normal part of life in the flesh, at least during current and all previous stages of civilization. We conjectured as to how Jesus might have chosen to end his mission had not the machinations of men resulted in his murder. We are told that Jesus had completed the bestowal mission requirements of life in the flesh at the time of his baptism. But his decision to continue with a public ministry as the Son of God for the uplift of mortals not only on this world but all other worlds of his creation was not required. The benighted state of our world essentially assured that his life would end violently.

But imagine had he done only what duty demanded as a Creator Son achieving universe sovereignty in his own right. We would not have had any record of his life, as sketchy as the gospel record is. As it was, the completion in his person of the power-personality synthesis of supremacy would be increasingly manifest, attracting the attention of all including the powers that be and be perceived as a threat to their vested interests. No, a venerable silver-haired Jesus living out his days honored and revered for his life and teachings was never in the cards.

The gift of sonship by faith has always existed as a consequence of God’s love and is not and never was dependent on Jesus’ death, notwithstanding it always has and still does depend on the creature’s freewill acceptance of God's love. But stop to think while God loves mortals no more because of Michael’s bestowal, all other universe administrators and creatures do because of his new revelation of man to the Gods and celestial intelligences of the universe of universes.

In laying to rest the idea of atonement the revelators make the somewhat abstract definition of sin more accessible with their statement concerning guilt. Guilt is purely a matter of personal sin and knowing, deliberate rebellion against the will of the Father and the administration of his Sons. And concluding with their point-blank statement: “You mortals are the sons of God, and only one thing is required to make such a truth factual in your personal experience, and that is your spirit born faith.”

Notes by Brad

  • The first two humans on a planet are always, perforce, remarkable humans.
    • There is a marked downreach for them. There has to be, or they wouldn't thrive.
    • All subsequent humans have benefited from an innate connection to their parents' minds, until late puberty.
    • Thus, the selection of Jesus' parents was important.

  • Maintaining presence of mind in a crisis.
    • Let go and letting grace pull you upward. That's what the Holy Spirit ministry offers us.
    • Cultivate the three cosmic intuitions. Logical acumen (the first one) is the first one you must grasp. We might also call it material acumen.
      • In the correct order! Grab the 3rd intuition first and you fly off into fanaticism.
      • Wrong order? You'll be fuzzed out and mystical.
    • Without this? You'll be laid low by material gravity.
    • If spirit lifts you up (just with logical acumen) above the material circumstances of life, you then can observe them.
    • Can you avoid material gravity dragging you down in these times? Can you be a human, not a fancy animal?

  • We all are individual ascenders.
    • As much as you are upheld by grace through a "divine conspiracy", you eventually must asced on your own.
    • Jesus here could stand alone.
    • Van did okay alone, too.
    • But Adam and Eve "were so alone" their first night here, and that's where the trouble began.
    • Angels had trouble standing alone during the Lucifer rebellion--many were lost.
    • We're looking for spiritual strength. What kind of religious life is Jesus living here?
    • Can you be immune from negative forces while quarantined in your home? Can you manage the thoughts in your mind?

  • So a whole universe was glued to the news from Urantia. Sound familiar?
    • The reflectivity mechanism is how those off world knew about these goings on.
    • And then the archangels disseminate this reflectivity information--through usual communication channels ("space reports")
    • This normal communication grid isn't physical energy alone. It's physical and spiritual energy together, with a conduit of mind energy arising between.
      • Still a bounded speed, but much faster than the speed of light.

  • Can you listen to our material "space reports" with enough internal integrity, so you aren't led astray by their own lack of integrity.
    • Can you stand on your own two feet, integrously, in all this pandemic?
    • Read your mobile device and the space reports will be shot through with ignorance and other issues. Can you avoid being drug down by them?
    • Be critical (I will seek the truth in these), not skeptical (truth does not exist).

  • You don't have to be a clever speaker to be substantial in the world. Jesus said nothing in all this. His bearing and demeanor impressed people mightily.

  • These two thieves were Barabbas' associates. In a way Jesus was taking Barabbas' place.

  • Jesus dying during Passover:There is no Father-as-puppet-master micromanaging happening here.
    • But there IS a context of the whole in which this all is happening.
    • Jesus appears to be the paschal lamb here. And the evolutionary mainstream ran with that.
    • But that is an appearance. You, as an individual, can see through that appearance to the reality.
    • You can be an adult of God, not a child of God.
      • You can let go of the ghost cult with its foundations of fear and purity. You can move beyond that, to the religion of spirit.
      • You can base your personal religion on reality, not on appearance.
    • There is no direct relation. But there is some unfathomable indirect relation.
      • The evolutionary process made handy use of this. But you don't have to.

  • Can you base your interpretation of the world on objective reality, not appearance?
    • That's the general question here. Jesus dying during Passover is one of many examples.
    • You must use insight,not sight. And an epochal revelation is needed.
    • An adult of God uses insight. A child of God can use only sight.