Episode:Jesus Goes Public—Precaution and Preaching (Part 8)

From Symmetry of Soul

In view of Jesus’ desire to see the throng of suffering mortals made whole if his Father’s will would not thereby be violated, the Personalized Adjuster of Jesus instantly ruled that such an act of creative energy at that time would not transgress the will of the Paradise Father; and by such a decision, the creative act was. What a Creator Son desires and his Father wills IS.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Wonder-Seeking Generation, Miracles, The Healing at Sundown

Opening thought: ...in a cosmic system the individual members are not connected with each other except in relation to the whole and through the individuality of the whole. Systems are significant because of organization—positional values. In a good system all factors are in cosmic position. In a bad system something is either missing or displaced—deranged. [112:1.17-19]

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

The interplay of the inner life and the outer life is a frequent and favorite topic of SoS. The Thought Adjuster with its existential core providing the connection to spirit and the eternal becomes the nucleus of the inner life. Herein resides the potential for this transcendent reality to cast a shadow of influence contextualizing outer life activities in conformity with the cosmos. Somewhat difficult of description is the non-linear phenomenon of transcendent influence. Such influence is holistic, top-down affecting all parts (the whole) on the levels below. It is this potential holistic effect exerted by a single person which accounts for the cosmic value of the individual, being a source of genuine creativity. This is the cornerstone of the structure of civilization and why the preeminence of the individual is essential to any successful system of civil governance. That the potential of transcendent inner life influence on outer life events remains dormant in those who have yet to cultivate the inner life spirit ministries is truly sad to record. Contemporary Christian churches reflect this problem with their focus on outer life issues to the neglect of their spiritual mission.

145:2.12 Afternoon at the Synagogue (cont.)

The stage is being set for the momentous healing at sundown. The midwayers provide many details surrounding the circumstances leading up to this unprecedented display of divine creative power, in large part to coordinate essential knowledge. The New Testament gospel records of these doings are in need of rectification. We have many time previously discussed the idea of truth being likened to a sphere, the lower hemisphere of which consists of evolutionary truth, experiential truth as exemplified by the New Testament record. The upper hemisphere is revelatory, as in the 5th ER. Both hemispheres are necessary for the wholeness of truth. In spite of the errors in the New Testament record, there exists enough truth to stabilize and provide the foundation for the structure of our nation based on the preeminence of the individual established by the sovereignty of our Creator.

As Jesus finished his Sabbath sermon a young man suffered an epileptic seizure, Jesus took control of the situation and comforted the man commanding him to “come out of it.” The man’s immediate recovery was seized upon by the crowd as a successful casting out of a demon on Jesus’ part, the news of which was rapidly spread through Capernaum and beyond. But there remains one more faux miracle to set the stage and prime the people for what was to come.

The apostolic party was lodging at the home of Zebedee, attended by Peter’s wife and mother-in-law. Amatha, Peter’s mother-in-law suffered from periodic malarial fever and was in just such an episode when Jesus comforted her at just the moment when the episode passed. Coincidence equals miracle to these wonder-seeking folk. Accounts of this event were also spread throughout the surrounding environs.

So we have the events of the draught of fishes, the epileptic boy in the synagogue, and Amatha’s recovery from her malarial fever, each misinterpreted as miraculous. In addition, Jesus’ sermon intimated that sickness would be banished in the new kingdom. Further, upon the death of John the Baptist, had not Jesus declared that it was time to proclaim the kingdom openly and with power?

Expectations could not have been higher for something extraordinary to happen.

145:3 The Healing at Sundown

So it was that as sunset brought the sabbath to an end, hundreds of the sick of Capernaum and their caretakers made ready to seek out Jesus for healing.

The spirit-gravity presence surrounding Jesus was so powerful as to spark the inner lives of even the superstitious multitudes. He spoke directly to the consciences and souls of men, making a powerful, direct, clear, and personal appeal to their hearts. Even the celestials throughout Nebadon heard his momentous and blessed sermon and were led to an enhanced appreciation of the heights to which a material mortal could attain.

The midwayers paint a never-before-seen picture of a Creator Son, incarnate in human flesh, torn between the dictates of his divine wisdom to refrain from employing such manifestations of divine power in winning souls for the kingdom, and his human sympathy, touched by the sight of the afflicted multitude and moved to restore them to wholeness. Such is the challenge of man and God in one person. In fact Jesus had to appeal to the Father, in the form of his Personalized Thought Adjuster for direction. While the healings were unintended, they were almost inevitable. Most Creator Sons’ seventh bestowals are made to planets much more advanced than Urantia. Such bestowal planets might be expected to present far fewer instances of sickness and affliction. And when the qualities of divine mercy and human sympathy are coexisting in a divine being of almost unlimited creator prerogatives such occurrences are not surprising, causing Jesus much unsought notoriety.

Unfortunately the majority of the 683 recipients of his healing were not permanently spiritually benefited by this merciful manifestation. As a result, going forward Jesus became as much a physician as a preacher, with the apostles doing more of the preaching and baptizing of believers.

Notes by Brad

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