Episode:Jesus Goes Public—Preparation and Preaching (Part 16)

From Symmetry of Soul

In a talk with Peter, James, and John, Jesus laid great emphasis upon what he called the two truths of first import in the teachings of the kingdom, and they are: the attainment of salvation by faith, and faith alone, associated with the revolutionary teaching of the attainment of human liberty through the sincere recognition of truth, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Final Goodness, New Age, Teaching in Jerusalem

Closing thought: Reflect on the four "Preaching 101" bullet points of what Jesus tried to establish in this first year. It's not apart from the law.

Note: Justin Armstrong filled in for Brad Garner.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

Jesus frequently emphasized to his apostles the importance of securing truth seekers’ recognition of their status as faith-sons of the Father in the fellowship of kingdom believers prior to imparting further instructions on their growth and destiny in the kingdom.

When doing God’s will consists in obeying commandments and performing other behaviors prescribed by religious authorities, God’s will is the believer’s law. This is tantamount to turning God’s will inside out, rendering a believer a loyal subject, but hardly a liberated faith-son of the kingdom. However, holding God’s will as one’s law is an entirely acceptable if not a necessary prerequisite to entrance into the kingdom, where God’s will becomes an exhibition of willingness to share the inner life with God—true “kingdom thinking”. It is this legalistic religiosity which Jesus came to uplift. Today’s religious landscape is quite different with the majority of professed Christians of Western civilization unwittingly actual secularists, let alone the ever-increasing numbers of individuals who profess having no religious convictions. In the absence of any religious ideation, what can be lifted up to the end that the kingdom of heaven can be extended.

Genuine truth seekers can be encouraged into cultivating the inner life where synchronization with the divine ministries can occur, first superconsciously then consciously leading to a discovery-recognition of the laws of God manifested as fruits of the spirit.

Additional discussion about cultivating inner life engagement of the spirit ministries of the Holy Spirit and the Father’s indwelling addressed issues of spirit unity and personal individuality and their interplay. Care must be exercised in practicing techniques of such cultivation. Listen to the broadcast for many more details.

141:7.6 At Bethany Beyond Jordan (cont.)

Recall, in this section, Jesus is speaking to Peter, James, and John. Jesus emphasized two great truths of first import in the teachings of the kingdom, salvation by faith alone and the associated inner liberation of the individual through sincere recognition of truth. And Jesus was the truth made manifest in the flesh. His promise to send his Spirit of Truth to abide with his children after his departure is further extension of the Melchizedek gospel wherein salvation only depends upon believing God’s promises and following his instructions. Ensuing discussion identified additional two-fold truths, faith and trust being mentioned. Also, touched upon are the two aspects of genuine religion, unquestioning loyalty and wholehearted devotion to supreme values.

Jesus’ gospel truths are intended to prepare believers for the new dispensation he is inaugurating. Add to this consideration the fact that he was also presenting truths intended for other worlds of his universe. So revolutionary were his teachings, it is no wonder his apostles had difficulty grasping his meanings, they even at one time or another wondered if he might possibly be beside himself.

Jesus intimated to the three that he labored under certain limitations from on high (his singleness of purpose to the exclusive doing of his Father’s will) which can explain his refusal to act as a reformer of any kind. Jesus, as the 4th ER thus stands in stark contrast with the 5th ER which addresses all manner of areas of human activity in serious need of reform.

141:8 Working in Jericho

It was in Jericho that the apostles began to focus their ministry on the sick as Jesus had instructed. They discovered the efficacy of the good news in comforting and healing the sick and afflicted, witnessing the transcendence of outer life tribulation through inner life reception of the saving gospel message.

141:9 Departing for Jerusalem

This visit to Jerusalem was a first for Jesus and his apostles together. For five days prior they enjoyed the hospitality of Lazarus and his sisters.

Paper 142 The Passover at Jerusalem

Staying with Lazarus at night, Jesus and the twelve worked in Jerusalem during the day. Although Jesus did spend one or two nights a week in Jerusalem for the purpose of meeting secretly with many prominent Jews who were reluctant to be seen publicly showing interest in the Master and his teachings.

142:1 Teaching in the Temple

During the month’s stay Jesus and the apostles taught in the temple. Their message consisted of four essentials of the kingdom of heaven. First, the kingdom is at hand now. Faith is the key to entrance thereto, brotherly love is the rule of living therein, and obedience to the Father’s will in manifesting fruits of the spirit is the law of the kingdom.

Hundreds heard Jesus’ gospel message gladly while the chief priests were increasingly disconcerted wondering what to do with him. These multitudes went on to carry the gospel of the kingdom back to their homelands marking the beginning of the spread of the gospel beyond the confines of Palestine.