Episode:Jesus in Galilee—Advancing Ministry (Part 5)

From Symmetry of Soul

On the second preaching tour Jesus did not deliberately perform any so-called miracles of healing. However, there began to appear about this time—and continued throughout the remainder of Jesus’ life on earth—a peculiar and unexplained series of healing phenomena. In the course of this three months’ tour more than one hundred men, women, and children were beneficiaries of this unconscious healing by Jesus.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Corps of Evangelists, Spontaneous Healing, Popular Fame

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on the Review

We re-visited the rugged truth concerning Jesus’ healing of Aaron, the man with the withered hand as a protest against making the Sabbath rest of religion a veritable bondage of meaningless restrictions upon all mankind. This is rugged in that so much of what passes for meaning in the religious practice of current day religionists falls into this category of meaningless ceremonials. But the sincerity of the religionist is validated in the production of real meaning by the saving grace of our superconscious connection with genuine value through our Local Universe Mother’s Holy Spirit.

Follow-up on last week’s discussion of the word afterlife and its two different senses served to illustrate the process whereby the student of the revelation may catch a glimpse of the contrast between the facts of time and the truths of eternity.

Paper 149 The Second Preaching Tour

The primary purpose of this second preaching tour of approximately three months was to afford the 117 newly trained evangelists experience in establishing the kingdom. An important point was made that Jesus did not deliver the initial instructions to the evangelists but delegated this task to James with the assurance that upon their demonstration of competence and faithfulness that he would ordain them as preachers of the gospel of the kingdom; reminding us that advancement in cosmic enterprises is dependent upon personal attainment and accomplishment. To do this each apostle save James and John, who traveled with Jesus, took a dozen or so evangelists on their teaching and preaching to cities on both the east and west of the Jordan. All through this period and beyond David Zebedee maintained headquarters for the work of the kingdom in his father’s house at Bethsaida, including his messenger corps of forty to fifty messengers.

149:1. The Widespread Fame of Jesus

Jesus’ fame, primarily as a healer, had spread to all parts of Palestine. On this tour the Master performed no deliberate healing miracles. Even so scores of afflicted did find restoration of health and happiness resulting from their intense faith fueling their quest for healing. SoS spent considerable time exploring the peculiar and unexplained healing phenomena which began to appear at this time continuing for the remainder of Jesus’ life on earth.

Without attempting to delineate the details of our argument, suffice it to say our discussion focused on the importance of post-baptismal Jesus and his activity in manifesting events of the power-personality synthesis characteristic of Supreme type Deity. Listen to the full discussion in the archive of the broadcast for a fuller appreciation of the complexities and intricacies of these transactions. The midwayers tell us three powerful, potent, and associated influences were behind these healings:

  1. The strong, dominant, and living faith in the heart of the person seeking healing for its spiritual benefits.
  2. Concomitant with such faith, the presence of the sympathy and compassion of the Creator Son.
  3. Jesus’ being the personified expression of the Father’s will, in the contact of human need and the divine power to meet it, the great law became operational, namely, What the Creator Son desires and the eternal Father wills IS. And this occurred unconsciously to the human Jesus, but was immediately recognized by his divine nature.

Thus, in his presence did men, women, and children compel their own healing by the agency of their powerful, personal faith. Many sought healing solely for cure of their physical ailments, all to no avail.

149:2. Attitude of the People

It is truly sad to record that the well-meant efforts of the Master’s early followers to restate his teachings in order to make them more acceptable to certain specific groups resulted in making them less acceptable to all other groups. And so did the writings of the Apostle Paul in this manner come to be seen as the embodiment of Jesus’ teachings even though they contained much that he did not teach.

Early Christianity made two great mistakes: (a reminder here that the “mis-” prefix has a very serious denotation of actual evil and the revelators use it in this manner deliberately.)

  1. The formulation of the Christian doctrine of the atonement—the portrayal of Jesus, God’s Son sacrificed to satisfy the Father’s stern justice and appease the divine wrath.
  2. The organization and perpetuation of the Christian teaching so completely about the person of Jesus, thus making Christianity inaccessible to other religions. While the person of Jesus has a significant place in the religion bearing his name, it should not have been allowed to eclipse his inspired life of to supplant his gospel of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

Notes by Brad

  • Are church ceremonies meaningless, as alluded to in [Paper 147]'s end?
    • Consciously, yes, very often.
    • Thankfully, superconsciously by grace, some connection to value always is there.
    • But stay hungry and thirsty, my friends. Don't be satisfied so quickly.
    • Be certain: if you are sincere, there is a reality to your doings, even if poorly guided.
    • Can you stop searching for spirit amongst ethereal spirit doings? That is what the 5th ER is challenging serious students to do.

  • The Universal Father delegated everything to others, except the center of infinity he occupies
    • And Jesus practiced management by wandering around (observe them, encourage them)
  • Between the lines there are doubtless many stories about how the 117 evangelists were divided among the 10 itinerant apostles
    • 2 apostles traveled with Jesus as he managed by wandering around.

  • Jesus now has Supreme-type deity--a power-personality synthesis functioning within him.
    • So unexplained, "peculiar" healings and other goings on were inevitable.
    • All of this high Deity function has been plugged directly into an electrochemical body on our world. Peculiar indeed. Not as big of an issue for him once he resumes his rule on Salvington.
    • Note: spontaneous means of free will, not "instantly" or such.

  • Power is purposed energy
    • or more precisely, pattered energy.
    • Energy pattern and personality pattern: parallel with power-personality synthesis.
  • And why did "life" go forth to the ailing child, instead of "power?"
    • Perhaps this child, for whatever reason, needed specific developmental growing type of power.

  • The midwayers give us just enough in section 1 to let us make our own inferences of how Deity is in play in these healings.

  • Direct your energies upward, not outward, if you want to engage supermaterial realities.

  • Mistakes of early Christianity (which brought in evil--disruption of unity):
    • Blending with ghost evolutionary baggage.
    • Jesusism. Jesus didn't walk around talking about himself. He talked about the Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of man.
  • Yet, remember this is an evolutionary sphere. This author has spent a long time getting over being angry at the people who made these mistakes, as if they should have done better. What happened is what needed to happen.