Episode:Jesus in Galilee—Building to the Climax (Part 7)

From Symmetry of Soul

After several days of teaching by the seaside, Jesus said to his apostles: “I am weary of the throngs; let us cross over to the other side that we may rest for a day.” But Jesus did not obtain the rest he was looking for. Instead they were met with a tempest at sea, a man with a troubled mind, yet more throngs of people, and only one night of rest. Said Jesus: “Let us return to our place.”

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Superstition, Coincidence, Persistent Belief

Summary by Brad

Commentary on the Review

We continued discussing parables being taken as allegory. This is still going on today, with bookstores filled with interpretations of Jesus’ parables. These commentary books aren’t discovering new divine secrets, or illuminating the inner life. They are showing us the existing mind of their author. Try to obey truth, not the factual musings of 1,001 writers in the world.

151:5. The Visit to Kheresa

In this life, perforce we serve two masters. Even Jesus had became weary of the throngs and sought time away across the Sea of Galilee. The black floods of ignorance were beginning to flood over our intrepid little band of preachers. And even today our world is still a dark place, but we asked: can you stand strong, and assume the mantle of an agondonter?

We explored how the revelators used a contemporary (1920s) human source work, per their mandate. They subtly correctly the meteorological science—advection instead of convection. This is an excellent example of how the revelators approach writing in a evolutional way. The revelators do this with source material from the Bible, as well. Listen to the archive for more about land breezes and sea breezes.

A strong, turbulent storm hit the boats and it was pandemonium, especially for Peter. Jesus was awoken by Peter exclaiming they all would “perish,” dramatic language for an experienced fisherman. The boat crew was seized with fear or dread. Jesus said, “Where is your faith? Peace, be quiet.” We wondered why these experienced fisherman were so scared, and in such a dread exalted way? One idea is they’re using Jesus as a crutch (something they shouldn’t be doing). Another possibility could be their spiritual consciousness is more amped up after all this time with Jesus—the double-edged sword of spiritual growth. You think you long for spiritual strength? Careful what you wish for; spirit is not innately divine. You could have a strong grip on something false, say exalted fear.

Our challenge is to act positively even in the face of fear. When you're in the airplane and the oxygen masks drop, can you will yourself to calmly apply your mask first, so then perhaps you can be of some use to others? Act, don’t just react. Challenge yourself to use your own freewill to courageously and independently “get ahold of yourself, man!” to paraphrase Jesus. But also be gentle with yourself; this process of self-mastery will never be complete and it’ll get more and more challenging in the ascending career. The worlds of time and space, after all, are not designed to be a domain of calm like Havona.

151:6. The Kheresa Lunatic

They reached shore and sought relief in the hills. But not even halfway up the hill, plans changed. A man with a troubled mind approached them. Just a troubled mind, no demons or rebel midwayers. A man wielding his mind in unfortunate ways. Was there a domination in his mind? Yes, but it’s from inside, not from the outside. If this man is the source of his suffering—a victim of himself—then he can be his own solution. So Jesus told the man “you are not possessed of a devil...I command you to come out of this spell.” And in only a moment the man restored himself.

We observed this was Jesus yet again telling a troubled mind to calm itself. It’s interesting that it worked so well for this lunatic but perhaps not so well for the apostle Peter.

But then the coincidence of the swine being driven over the cliff by the dogs. And everyone grabbed ahold of the persistent belief of demons cast into swine. The rumor spread like wildfire. But like it or not, the man was cured. Our minds can be that powerful. Often more powerful than chemicals and drugs, especially for emotional disturbances. Power is purposed energy, and when it comes to your body you are the superimposed purposing agent.

The story ends with Jesus recognizing that this land on this other side of the Sea of Galilee was not their “place.” From conversations with villagers it was obvious the gospel would not take root here. It also was apparent they shouldn’t take the healed man back across the lake with them; it would only cause trouble.

We pondered how this story might speak to us today concerning the 5th ER and its place in the world, as opposed to (as Jesus did on this eastern shore) letting evolution sort things out.

So, in summary: Nature worshipers persistently believed Jesus calmed the storm. The Kheresa lunatic and others persistently believed that demons were cast out of a man and into swine. A pattern repeated over and over:

  • established superstition, then
  • a coincidental event, followed by
  • a persistent belief.