Episode:Jesus in Galilee—Building to the Climax (Part 8)

From Symmetry of Soul

Jesus’ apostles, let alone the common people, could not understand the nature and attributes of this God-man. Neither has any subsequent generation been able to evaluate what took place on earth in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. Never before Jesus was on earth, nor since, has it been possible so directly and graphically to secure the results attendant upon a strong and living faith.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Living Energy, Living Faith, Physical Healing

Summary by Andrea

Commentary on the Review

The term ‘lunacy’ was used to describe the man at Kheresa. That seems to feed into the superstition that the moon is somehow in play here given the fact that lunacy comes from the word lunar. However, the revelators will use a term like that when trying to help us realize that this was not just insanity, but it was intermittent insanity. The word serves as a metaphor. It’s like the word spirit that they use which literally just means breath. Words have various evolutionary origins and will be used by the revelators if they are not going to be too problematic.

We then moved on to discuss how almost everyone believes that the way our body works is unconscious. And we tend to see religion in the same way – an unconscious mystery. A child of God makes the mistake of thinking that anything profound is an ending, not merely a beginning. However, we can take what used to be unconscious and make it conscious. This creates a very different life from what we thought was possible.

We can move from recognition to realization. But if we only know of God the Father we don’t appreciate that self-mastery is not something we do using our will power. We can use our will power appropriately when we supply favorable conditions. In fact, that is what our will power is for; to practice things like loyalty, humility, sincerity, being just and patient. It was mentioned that virtues like that are seen nowadays as old fashioned and naïve and what a shame that is!

Consider that a real beginning is a hope-filled FACT. Real hope is a genuine beginning. A hopeful person has willed a beginning and takes the ending for granted.

Immature people don’t hope properly. They hope for endings and find disappointment rather than taking joy in a humble beginning. Hope is innately a word describing the potential inherent in a genuine beginning. But immature minds get ahead of themselves and look for even a limited ending.

When we think of the difference between hope and trust we can realize that we can hope because we trust. Trust gives a place for a living hope to reside. That hope allows us relax into whatever the Lord’s process might be.

Paper 152 Events Leading up to the Capernaum Crisis

We began the reading in paper 152 and quickly realized that Jesus is living a life that he would not have chosen. But he deals with whatever comes his way. He cares for the physical suffering of people, but his mission was not to help them with their physical suffering but to introduce them, to introduce all of us, to eternity.

His plans had been totally upended. He is basically in ad-hoc mode and, of course, he is performing brilliantly. We are called to see the truth of the way Jesus dealt with life and extrapolate it into our own. We can bring our full creativity into the moment instead of becoming bitter and angry because of circumstances beyond our control. We are not really human until we can take that step.

Jairus came to Jesus because his daughter was at the point of death and he sought her healing. Jesus agreed to come and while they made their way to the house were jostled by the crowd. At one point Jesus stopped and said “I perceive that living energy had gone forth from me.”

It was a woman named Veronica who touched the hem but touching the hem was not the critical element in this miracle. The real physics can be noticed in the parenthetical “standing near you”. That is the key element.

Veronica was the one who initiated this healing with her living faith. Even though they call this a miracle they use the word ‘apparent’ in describing it. This allows us to remember that there is no magic involved, it comes down to physics.

In addition, this miracle was not one of those ‘mind over matter’ situations the way that some of the other so-called miracles occurred. This was Jesus actually rearranging the matter to affect a real healing of Veronica.

Jesus talked to her afterward because he wanted to correct some errors in her thinking. He did not want her to think that she stole the cure by secretly touching his garment and that her superstition had been effective. He wanted her and others to know that it was her living faith that wrought the cure. But it did little good to dispel her fears or superstitions or that of the onlooking crowd.

We discussed how the revelators describe mere faith but then make a distinction when it comes to living faith which is trust.

The Revelators use the terms spiritual faith and soul trust. Remember, soul is not merely spiritual – it’s spiritual and material woven together to produce a superadditive consequence. it’s the synchronization with the cosmos. It’s the literalization of you as a cosmic citizen. We are not just becoming spiritual we are becoming cosmic citizens.

We reiterated the contrast between the Creator Son and the Creative Mother Spirit. The Creative Mother Spirit is limited by time but not by space and the Creator Son is limited by space but not by time. It’s a reciprocal difference.

When talking about Jesus at this stage of his life the revelators use the term God-man to indicate how the two are bound together as one in the person of Jesus. It is only while on his 7th bestowal, after his baptism, that these sorts of miracles can happen because of the power personality synthesis of his supreme type deity. The fusion he experienced at the baptism made his physical nature and his creator nature one. Before his baptism they were separate, but once they are combined these miracles happen as a part of his nature, his supreme type deity. He IS a power personality synthesis. His power and personality are one combined fact. And that is why the healing of this young woman can never happen again on any world in all of Nebadon.

Veronica engaged a very cosmic creative phenomenon that makes her whole, just like the cosmos is whole.

Had he not stayed on after the fusion of his creature nature with the creative nature this would not be possible. For example, when he was traveling around the Mediterranean this was not possible. The fusion process created a super-additive consequence of man and God. He is a Master Son.

152.1 At Jairus’s House

Jairus had grown impatient with the delay caused by Veronica. They hurried on to his house where they were told that his daughter was already dead. The house was filled with unseemly mourners and we commented on how this was a microcosm for what was going on in his public ministry. He just couldn’t get a minute to himself or get a break from the crowds who constantly beseeched him. Jairus’s daughter was not actually dead. But people back then didn’t have an understanding of facts. Those people were totally driven by their imagination. They wouldn’t have thought to check her pulse. We can’t imagine what a life without facts would be like.

Jesus simply told her to awake and arise and she did. The crowd was overawed with this miracle. Consequently, Jesus’s attempts to keep the crowd grounded fell on deaf ears. They were all so miracle minded. We reflected on how people nowadays are not that different than they were back then. We still struggle under the weight of our preconceived opinions, settled ideas and long-standing prejudices.

One last thought was that many people assume that spiritual power moves molecules. In other words, it’s spirit that heals. But spirit does not directly relate to matter. We think of spirit as power, but power is “purposed energy.” The Spirit of Truth is a personal purposed energy from Michael – it’s power. But it is an influence in the HEARTS of men, not in the material body. It’s an influence upon the mind energy and not a means for an outer life healing directly.