Episode:Jesus in Galilee—Crisis and Consequences (Part 6)

From Symmetry of Soul

It is forever true that all who may think they are misunderstood or not appreciated have in Jesus a sympathizing friend and an understanding counselor. He had warned his apostles that a man’s foes may be they of his own household, but he had hardly realized how near this prediction would come to apply to his own experience. Jesus did not forsake his earth family to do his Father’s work—they forsook him.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Spiritual Brotherhood, Fleeing Arrest, David Zebedee

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

We continued with last week’s consideration of the workings and nature of moral courage. If moral courage is our duty to the cosmos, what is it that the cosmos requires?

Jesus declares that we must enter the kingdom of heaven as a child. Know that the cosmos in the form of the mind and spirit ministries of the Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, and Thought Adjusters is unceasingly, actively providing a steady stream of guidance, instruction, and even warning to our higher mind. It is our responsibility to attempt reflection on the objective context of this input, then recognize and obey what is the still small voice (the cosmos). This is particularly difficult in cases where the cosmic leading contradicts our preconceived opinions, settled ideas, and long-standing prejudices, which when heeded and ascribed to cosmic guidance lead to self-righteousness. The presence of the reality response of the cosmic intuitions does not guarantee that we can always discriminate between the cosmic and any self-installed contaminant.

The 5th ER’s encouragement to progress and grow beyond our childhood status to adults of God need not be interpreted as something to accomplish in one short life in the flesh. Here is where patience must be added to our humility in our cultivation of favorable conditions for being grown.

Responding to a caller, we discussed the utility of the Bible in our study with the 5th ER. The 5th ER does not necessarily contain all the details of the Biblical accounts of Jesus life. The revelation provides details missing in the Biblical account and also corrects errors in the Biblical accounts. The revelation should not be regarded as a total replacement for the Bible.

154:6.4 Jesus’ Family Arrives (cont.)

Jesus’ earth family, save Ruth, continues to demonstrate their inability to understand his nature and mission. Mary sends word of their arrival at the Zebedee house in the middle of his parting address to the disciples. His failure to drop everything and go to her was bad enough in her eyes, but when he declared to all that family fellowship transcends earthly family bonds to include whoever does the will of the Heavenly Father, Mary faints. Here Jesus remains loyal to his mission of fostering a spiritual brotherhood, even at the expense of wounding the feelings of his earthly family. He then doubles down on the spiritual burden of his message by declaring that blessings go to those who hear and obey the word of God as opposed to his earth mother who bore and reared him. It is becoming increasingly apparent that Jesus’ time of earthly ministry is drawing to a close.

We took time to delve into the meaning and implications of the passage, "Jesus fully understood how difficult it is for men to break with their past. He knew how human beings are swayed by the preacher’s eloquence, and how the conscience responds to emotional appeal as the mind does to logic and reason, but he also knew how far more difficult it is to persuade men to disown the past." Refer to the archive for the full discussion, which culminates in the idea that, "What you are becoming day by day is of infinitely more importance than what you are today."

The midwayers point out that Jesus chose to rely on the limited knowledge of his human mind as a mere man in passing through these events. As such, we see that his plans were subject to the same vicissitudes as our own, being thwarted by the conspiracy of unfolding events. Even so, as a mere man he demonstrates poise and symmetry in his parting message to his family given to David Zebedee.

154:7. The Hasty Flight

Here begins the last phase of Jesus’ public ministry, leaving the stability and settledness of his Capernaum headquarters, he and his small band of kingdom builders hastily flee the pursuing Jerusalem officers bent on his capture. Thus begins the wanderings of Jesus’ eventful last year on earth.

Meanwhile, Jesus’ family returned home to Capernaum, filled with confusion and consternation, only finding a degree of peace upon receiving news from David Zebedee that Jesus remained safe and in good health, making his way to the Phoenician coast.

Notes by Brad

  • This author observes that the world takes us on this journey away from being a child, capable of entering the kingdom. What we might hope for is to reach disillusionment with the ways of this world, then sincerely rediscover how to enter the kingdom as a child.
    • But be patient. You won't become an adult of God in this life. But you can seek the truth of being an adult of God.
  • Yes, take delight in cultivating..., but not impatiently so. Be as holistic as you can.

  • How is it Jesus family could still have so little understanding of the nature of Jesus?
    • He just fed 500 people, and they think "Oh, he's confused."
    • But family pride clouds judgment.
    • And Jesus is fundamentally owerawing to behold. Most people will fall back to old ways of thinking. A psychological response.
  • "I have no mother" does not mean he's disowning his Earth mother.
    • He's speaking of the spiritual kingdom. The spiritual brotherhood. This IS his mission.