Episode:Last Ministry of the Master—Detour for Lazarus (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Knowing that his friend Lazarus was dead, and fearing not the Jewish leaders at Jerusalem, Jesus said to his apostles: "Let us prepare at once to go into Judea again. I would do one more mighty work for these Jews; I would give them one more chance to believe, even on their own terms—conditions of outward glory and the visible manifestation of the power of the Father and the love of the Son."

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Depressions of Fear, Spirit of Infirmity, Liberty and Life

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

Our brief follow-up discussion about the influence of material gravity and spirit gravity on states of mind served as an apropos onramp to the first section of the evening’s reading, The Woman with the Spirit of Infirmity. With the disclosures in the 5th ER concerning the cosmic threefold energies, for the first time in human history we have a valid starting place for discovering additional insights involving the physics of these energies applied to our experience.

167:3 The Woman with the Spirit of Infirmity

About a third of our broadcast time was given to a somewhat technical explanation of this woman’s affliction and subsequent deliverance therefrom. Our discussion proceeded from the literal meaning of the word infirmity (not holding). And using the hourglass analogy of the human mind with its lower (Adjutant) and upper (spiritualized) domains, we explored possible mechanisms in play explicating the course of the woman’s suffering and remedy in the presence of the Master.

Prior to the 5th ER, this episode in the Master’s ministry has been variously interpreted as a healing of a physical disorder or even a spirit possession. We proposed the spirit of infirmity to be the result of the woman’s own longstanding depressions of fear taking origin in her lower mind being elevated to her higher mind and disrupting the cohering faculties of her reality response (Holy Spirit encircuitment). Without the spirit gravity influence of a properly oriented higher mind, material gravity literally pulled her emotional affect as well as her physical frame down resulting in her bent bearing. Jesus directs her to definitively assert belief (lower domain) which finds resonance in the upper domain reinforcing her genuine faith, thus liberating her from her self-imposed affliction. Listen to the archive of the broadcast for details and additional considerations of the physics of material gravity, spirit gravity, mind energy and mind activity as applied to depression as well as the antipodal mental phenomenon of mania. Previously SoS has cited the elevation of scientific dictation, social usage, and religious dogma into the spiritualized mind deposing and masquerading as the original grace gift of the three discriminators of causation, duty, and worship. This dangerous move is disruptive to an individual’s cosmic orientation and collectively destructive to progressive civilization.

Luke’s gospel speaks to the origin of subsequent interpretations of demon possession by having Jesus in his rebuke of the unfriendly ruler of the synagogue declare the righteousness of his freeing the woman from Satan’s grasp Sabbath day notwithstanding. The midwayers remind us that many of Jesus’ so-called healings of physical disorders and spirit possession were just such cases of deliverance from their own self-imposed spirit of infirmity.

167:4 The Message from Bethany

The message from Bethany that Lazarus was very sick diverted the Master and ten apostles from their planned return to Pella setting the stage for Jesus’ most profound and stupendous outward working of his entire earth career. The 5th ER account demonstrates Jesus’ true intention and nature in choosing to reanimate Lazarus from the dead. His primary purpose is to give the scribes and Pharisees of Jerusalem a last opportunity to accept his teachings, and secondarily to strengthen the apostles for the day of his departure. As New Testament scholars correctly note Jesus tarried two full days before starting out for Bethany, establishing in the minds of all that Lazarus was indeed dead.

In light of Jesus’ true intentions students of the 5th ER should be disabused of any notions of Jesus being sentimentally moved to bring his friend back from death. As we learn going forward Lazarus’s post resurrection days were hardly easy or even rewarded by success in furthering the establishment of the kingdom. He along with Abner and the Philadelphia believers were increasingly isolated from the mainstream Christian movement. He succumbed to the same ailment which took his life initially and finds mention in the Christian writings only in connection with his miraculous resurrection.

Notes by Brad

  • There is genuine psychology (the logic of your mind) to be figured out with the help of the 5th ER.
    • Your thoughts, not your feelings, lead you godward.
      • You can, indeed, feel the uplift of true spirit influence.
      • You can be lifted above the level of the flesh to the level of feelings.
      • And through introspecting on your feelings, you can be extracted from the physical daily grind.
      • But watch out! This is not the heights of vertical ascent. It's finding alternate emotional states.
    • Many people have confused exotic feelings with connection with spirit. That's not correct.

  • The "Spirit of infirmity" section title is carried forward from the King James Bible.
    • It's a very useful term to focus in on the physics at play here.
    • Unlike the Bible authors interpreting as possession by an "evil spirit" (another being), we see it a different way.
    • In + firm. Firm connotes "holding". Hence a spirit of not holding
      • In the hourglass analogy of mind, why does the upper domain (spiritized mind) not get pulled down all the time?
      • Spirit gravity keep the upper domain held up. There is firmity in this holding.

  • A depression of fear
    • Fear is the foundation of the lower domain of your mind.
    • Fear is strongly individuality like (in contrast to the unity likeness of the top of mind, spiritized mind)
      • Sharp points. very focused. They generate intense emotions.
      • If mastered, these sharp points serve you well. But not many do that...
    • Imagine fixating of sharp, painful, points of fear so much they are dragged into your upper domain of mind.
      • That's a spirit poison.
    • Without self-control and self-mastery, this upward polluting flow will just happen on its own, not under your control.
      • With self control you possess your own downward flow of mind that prevents this pollution.
    • Hence, we can talk about the "spirit of ___" if talking about a phenomenon that's been dragged into the upper domain.
    • This poison lessens spirit gravity in the upper mind.
      • Which allows it to be dragged down by material mind.

  • How can "only believing" in the lower domain of mind solve a spirit of infirmity?
    • If that belief is genuine, it will affect the upper mind and antidote the poison that's taken seat.
    • Do that and a spirit of infirmity returns to a spirit of firmity.

  • If the spirit of infirmity gives you depression, what's up with mania?
    • It isn't the material mind being lifted to the heights of spirit. That isn't possible.
    • It's animated mind. Amped up mind.
    • But this kind of spirit animation belongs in the upper domain. It's appropriate there.
    • Don't let it spill down into the lower domain--less light, more heat--and it's inappropriate animation.
      • Don't apply zeal to an idea, but to an ideal.
      • don't let church teach you to apply your spirit-animated live inappropriately.
      • If you try to carry it into your outer life, you have to feel it. Recall: Genuine religion is not felt at all.
      • Sports fanatics do this, too. Sports enthusiasts go even further (en-God-ment into sports)
    • Genetic, animal-origin temperament plays into this, as well. Sorts and selects people.

  • This is a tight analogy, with gravity and all... not a loose symbolic dream interpretation.
    • Why so tight? It's material mind. very materially oriented.

  • What question can someone pose to you that "shouldn't be asked?"
    • Whatever it is, that's your inappropriate religion.
    • That's the way in which you are an unwitting secularist.
    • What have you falsely spiritualized? what dogmas do you have that "should not be questioned?"
    • Can't talk about race? Then racism is ruling.
    • This is a civilization-level destroying spirit of infirmity.
      • An intellectualized sophistry can sweep through a community like wildfire. And lead to an emergency.
      • Quivering on the brink of the dawning of the spirit of infirmity, instead of the spirit of wisdom.

  • Only you can possess yourself in your upper mind. Your domain of personalized self.
    • But many people unfortunately possess themselves.
    • Become their OWN spirit of infirmity. Her own worst enemy.

  • Don't be so sure modern drugs can help this. They might hurt. It's a complex, delicately balanced system.
    • This framework seems much truer and useful than, say, Freud's theories.

  • Jesus said she had been bound down by evil
    • But by the time Luke wrote it, it was recorded as "bound down by Satan."
    • And one's own psychology being recast as "bound down by Satan" has been a Christian trope for 2,000 years.
    • She also was bound up by it too--orbited around the fear under you're wrapped around it tightly--fixated.
    • That's the kind of binding that causes the upper domain of mind to be poisoned, and spirit of infirmity to appear.

  • Liberty and life and qualities, here, of the inner life. Unalienable qualities, America's founders might say.

  • How rare for someone who falsely exalted themself (e.g. a Pharisee) to be deposed--for due process to do the proper thing!

  • How do you feel about Jesus second and better thought being "I'm going to resurrect my friend I love and use him as a pawn. And make him die twice in this life! Of the same thing."
    • In an old wineskin you'd be offended by this. Why not go with Jesus' first thought of going to help at once.
    • Instead of a kindly mystic, a robust fisherman.
    • Can you see him with both eyes open? That Jesus approached issues in cosmic terms, not sentimental terms?
    • And he's doing this, first, for scribes and Pharisees in Jerusalem (not his apostles as the book of John recorded).