Episode:Marriage and Family—The Origins (Part 5)

From Symmetry of Soul

There are no pure races in the world today. The early and original evolutionary peoples of color have all become more or less intermixed. Hybridization is the secret of the creation of new and more superior traits; race blending greatly contributes to the sudden appearance of new characteristics and fosters species improvement.

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Keywords: Urantia, Marriage, Races, Interbreeding, Genetics

Note: Brad Garner was also a co-host on this episode.

Summary by Kermit

Progression from folkways, to mores, and with the addition of increased spiritual consciousness, to taboos has been a subtheme for our study of marriage and family. Few aspects of this life abound with so many mores and taboos as does the area of race and reproduction. This section on racial mixtures is included in this paper because of its fundamental importance in advancing civilization. Civilization advances only through creative choice, and the quality of our creativity is a measure of our success in functioning on a genuinely personal level. Further, the degree to which we can function personally rests on our engagement of mind and spirit ministries, which in turn are conditioned by our biological foundation. Hence the importance of understanding the role and mechanisms of race and racial mixtures in confronting the civilizational emergency often referred to in our broadcasts.

82:6. Racial Mixtures

In the world today we recognize two definitive races representative of the early and evolutionary races of color—the yellow man and the black man, albeit both of these are much admixed with the extinct colored peoples. The so-called white race is essentially descended from the ancient blue man, and like the red man of the Americas is admixed with all other races. While the yellow man principally embodies the yellow Sangik race, the black man stems principally from the indigo Sangik race with contributions from the other two secondary Sangik races—orange and green. Modern molecular genetics must await further discoveries extending our understanding beyond the delineation of structural genes to the more complex genetic mechanisms involved in controlling gene expression and the interplay among groups of genes before we can begin to unravel correlations between genetics and race. Of course we must also surmount our taboos and willful ignorance against engaging the issue of eugenics in order to progress. Additionally, understanding the relationship between the adjutant mind spirit ministry and biologic racial foundations as revealed in the fifth epochal revelation (5th ER) must precede our fuller understanding of the significance of race and civilization. This is information we cannot acquire without revelation. Dr. Halvorson has published a most helpful explanation of the favoritism of each of the original six colored races for a specific adjutant mind spirit. This can be found in the Q and A section of the Perfecting Horizons Institute Library under “Sangiks and Mind”. Each of the first six adjutants is to be grounded and find maximum expression in one of the original six colored races as configured by the Life Carriers. Also, in Dr. Halvorson’s writings are a series of expositions on the levels of meaning. The levels of meaning are correlated with specific adjutant mind spirits and Holy Spirit cosmic intuitions. These are also found on the PHI website under "Halvorson's Writings". The hierarchical nature of the levels of meaning gives rise to the primary-secondary designations of the Sangiks. The serious student will want to consult these references for more details. Understanding the above principles is necessary to grasp the meaning of the revelators’ statements about primary and secondary Sangik races, and the respects in which they are denominated inferior or superior to one another.

The racial blending and amalgamation with the violet race projected for completion by the Material Son and Daughter was derailed by their default. Thus, we have enormous difficulties facing us and our planetary supervisors in rectifying such a blow to our evolutionary development and progress.

Careful reading of and reflection on these portions of the revelation should clarify some of the rugged truths concerning our racial origins, history and destiny. To fully appreciate these issues, we must distinguish between normal and purposeful differences between races and the broad spectrum of biological fitness from inferior to superior within each race. Further, we must appreciate the difference between such inferiority and the much more serious problem of degeneracy. It is the unrestrained reproduction of degenerate strains, regardless of race, rather than the blending of average populations of the same or different races, that constitutes a serious danger to advancing civilization. As our author states: “The present-day prejudices against ‘half-castes’, ‘hybrids’, and ‘mongrels’ arise for the most part because such crossbreeding occurs predominantly between the grossly inferior strains of the races concerned. You have the same unsatisfactory outcome when degenerate strains of the same race intermarry.

That Adam and Eve didn’t complete race blending as planned is far outweighed in its negative consequences for our planet by their failure to rid all races of their deteriorated, antisocial, feeble-minded, and outcast specimens. It is critical to avoiding misunderstanding of this material to appreciate that with respect to the Sangik colored races, primary and secondary are not equivalent to superior and inferior any more than the designations primary or secondary supernaphim denote superiority or inferiority. However, this issue is further clouded by historical migration patterns and geographical imperatives that conspired to concentrate large portions of these inferior and degenerate strains among secondary Sangik populations. The inferiority and degeneracy in question here is not innate in these secondary Sangik ancestors, but circumstantial.

Hybridization of superior and dissimilar stocks is the secret of the creation of new and more vigorous strains as well as increased fertility. This enhanced vigor and fertility suggest that superior genetic strains enable a greater engagement with the influence of life animation. Our author compares the race mixtures of the average or superior populations of the United States of America and the matings between the lower or inferior strata of people in southern India as examples of the contrasting effects of such hybridization on creativity, which as previously mentioned is a measure of the function of personality. One might conclude that unless superior racial strains are conserved and blended that the human race will find itself with less relationship to life animation and less personal.

The question arose concerning how we on Urantia will evolve to the stages of light and life with its associated lengthy life spans of hundreds of years. It was mentioned that even on normal spheres, the Adamic genetic uplift only goes so far in this regard and that genetic engineering will be required, with considerable help from our celestial benefactors, to accomplish this. As we are reminded the universe is mind made and personality managed [1:6.7].

The last hundred years on Urantia has seen more racial hybridization than in the previous thousands of years. The dangers of such racial hybridization has been exaggerated and fears of such are more the product of social prejudices. As emphasized, degeneracy is the greater problem going forward.

Interbreeding between the highest types of the representative primary Sangiks would immediately spawn many new and biologically effective characteristics. Amalgamation of a primary Sangik race with a secondary does result in the improvement of the latter at the expense of the former, and on a small scale over a long period of time there would be little objection to such a sacrifice of the primary for the betterment of the secondary. Biologically, secondary Sangiks were in some respects superior to the primary races.

The following statement in the revelation has long been a problem for me:

Mixtures of the white and black races are not so desirable in their immediate results, neither are such mulatto offspring so objectionable as social and racial prejudice would seek to make them appear. Physically, such white-black hybrids are excellent specimens of humanity, notwithstanding their slight inferiority in some other respects. [82:6.9]

But now, considering the complex association of the Sangik races with the adjutant mind spirits, and the relation of these adjutant mind spirits with the levels of meaning, the revelators statements are understandable.

After all, the real jeopardy of the human species is to be found in the unrestrained multiplication of the inferior and degenerate strains of the various civilized peoples rather than in any supposed danger of their racial interbreeding. [82:6.11]