Episode:Our Local Father—Christ Michael (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

The worlds of our local universe are precisely administered and lovingly fostered. Our Creator Son, Christ Michael, and our Creative Mother Spirit govern their universe as a divine partnership of Paradise-origin beings, wholly co-operative and perfectly co-ordinate.

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Keywords: Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Michael, Gabriel, Urantia

Summary by Kermit


The local universe is administered through the persons of the Creator Son and local universe Mother Spirit. Executive power is delegated to Gabriel, and jurisdictional authority being further delegated to Constellation Fathers, System Sovereigns and Planetary Princes.

1.1 Michael of Nebadon

Our Creator Son, is the personification of the 611,121st original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and Eternal Son. The Creator Son is imbued with the whole infinite fact of each “parent” in his finite being. Creator Sons are not infinite in extent, but are infinite in intent. That is, infinite potential to be played out in eternity. Think about the profundity of the words of our Creator Son, coming out of his infinite intent!

Commentary: The name Christ Michael being used on high is both consistent with our historical reference of Jesus as the Christ, but there’s more. The name Michael is a question, “who is like God?”. Christ is from the Greek meaning “the anointed one”, thus the name “Christ Michael” is the answer to the question who is like God. It is the anointed one who is like God-Christ Michael.


The Creator Son is not the Eternal Son, nor a member of the Paradise Trinity. He is literally the type of deity called The Father and the type of deity called the Son, personalized. He is God. All personalized deity is God. There are many facets of God. Viewed from the individuality viewpoint we see distinct individuals as Gods e.g. Creator Sons, Master Spirits etc. From the unity viewpoint (top down) we experience God as ONE. The authors when speaking from the unity point of view, use the term “God the” plus a qualifier. In the unity view there is ONE God, but this massive fact has many facets, e.g. God the Father, God the Son etc. Thus monotheism is maintained from the unity viewpoint, but from the individuality viewpoint there is no single God fact. The challenge here is to incorporate both views to arrive at cosmic consciousness (threefold).

Visualize: The sea floor, sea mounts raising above the surface forming islands, when viewed from above the water appearing as distinct separate islands, yet from below, all islands are extensions of the whole earth.


From Salvington the Creator Sons exert the same spiritual drawing power as would the Eternal Son. And more, he is also the personification of the Universal Father. Furthermore, the Creator Sons are the final power-personality focalizations of the time-space attributes of God the Sevenfold. Here the authors are referring to the threefold structure of God the Sevenfold (power=controller aspect, personality=creator, focalization=individuality of the whole).


To us the Creator Son is God. He and his spirit consort are our creator parents.

Concerning the absence of the Father, while these creator parents are not infinite they fully encompass us to the extent we can receive them. Further study of paper 56 Universal Unity which deals with this unity with diversity aspect of God is recommended.

The Creator Son can love us supremely (an expression of the totality of the finite) which is already well beyond our individual status. His supreme love appears to lowly us as absolute love, because we can not directly understand anything beyond, except in concept.

In spite of our limited insight, and capacity for experience we know the Father’s love exceeds the level of supremacy.., is literally absolute. This should give us stability to know we are touched by the absolute. While not necessarily experiencible, our insight through the Holy Spirit enables us to know this.

2.1-2.2 The Sovereign of Nebadon

Our Creator Son definitely manifests traits and attributes which more resemble the Eternal Son, thus the quality of mercy is predominant.

Michael’s universe power is limited by the pre-existent gravity circuits centered in Paradise and judgments regarding personality extinction, which is the purview of the Ancients of Days. They still have considerable freedom to initiate new creature designs and may attempt new transformations of energy-matter.

Commentary: The local universe is largely a morontia domain. Morontia while based on matter (common across all super and local universes), represents a transformation from the individuality (material) domain towards the unity (spirit) domain. In this realm the Creator Sons have considerable creative freedom.


When the Creative Mother Spirit subordinated herself to Michael, she contributed the divinity of the Infinite Spirit to his manifestable divinity of the Father and the Son, thus completing his acquirement of “all power in heaven and earth”. He thus became the personal repository of the finitely manifesable divinity of the Father, Son AND Spirit. Adding to this, his creature-bestowal experiences further qualify him to portray the experiential divinity of the Supreme Being. He therefore joins the ranks of those beings who have personally exhausted the potentials of present finite experience, thus qualifying him for solitary sovereignty.

Being ubiquitous her subordination refers to her establishment of herself as the foundational substrate, on which the Son may pour out his Spirit of Truth. She thereby is the upholder of the Sons ministry.


Michael is a mobile sovereign journeying to Paradise, Uversa as well as the sub-divisions of his creation, down to the inhabited planets.

3.1 The Universe Son and Spirit

The local universe focalization of the Infinite Spirit (Creative Mother Spirit) acquires full personality qualities through a technique of creative cooperation with the Creator Son over time.


The Creative Mother Spirit bears the same number as Michael (611,121). Paper 17 deals extensively with the Supreme Spirits, of which the Universe Mother Spirit is of the sixth group.


The Universe Spirit is co-director with the Sovereign Son in the management of his universe. She has equality in authority, but not equality of function. They are reciprocally related functionally.

Visualize a quotient containing a numerator and denominator, in some senses one is superordinate and the other subordinate, and vice versa, functionally, but equal in authority.


The Son functions as a father and the Spirit as a mother. In cases of insurrection, only the Son and associated Sons can function as deliverers. All the while the Spirit sustains the Son throughout his efforts to stabilize government and uphold authority on worlds tainted by evil and sin. Good example of reciprocal function here.


Upon the completion of the Son’s final bestowal the Divine Minister makes first public and universal acknowledgement of subordination to the Creator Son as a Master Son, pledging fidelity and obedience. Thereupon can the Son proclaim that “all power in heaven and earth has been committed to his hand”.

This act of the Spirit subordinating herself and pledging fidelity and obedience could and has been used in various times and cultures to justify male dominion over the female in human relations.

As sovereign, the Son is “the conductor”, however, the Divine Minister only pledges fidelity and obedience after the Son demonstrates (through his bestowals) his worthiness to supremely conduct.

This is a most important feature of the revelation. Here is found the source of our nature as men and women and the patterns for our partnership.

With loss of our Material Son and Daughter, we lost our visible standards for partnership.

Discussion: Concerning relations between men and women. It is extremely important in these partnership relationships to work together, to allow the other to have vision that we don’t have, to NOT absolutize our vision i.e. if I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Trust is essential. Be humble and even grateful for one’s limitations in relying on the complimentary contribution of the partner.

It’s too easy to use the absolute dimension of our personality, to absolutize our subjective consciousness, it is intended for use for and with God.


Following the Spirit’s subordination to the Son, Michael immediately issued something called the “Proclamation of Equality” which acknowledges the fact of the Spirit’s equality with him in all endowments of personality and attributes of divine character, thus establishing the transcendent pattern for family organization and government of even the lowly creatures of the worlds of space. As the author says, this is, in deed and in truth, the high ideal of the family and the human institution of voluntary marriage.

Commentary: Here we are challenged to conform the outer life to supreme ideals. These must be revealed to us and of course they have been. It’s a wonderful first step to use our revelation to put our inner life on a firm foundation. (Seek first the kingdom of heaven), but all else has to follow the first step. The outer life in its manifold manifestations must be transformed by bringing it into harmony with the revelation. The more spiritual consciousness we have, the more we can absolutize things. This gives rise to a proliferation of ideologies, i.e. complete lifestyle solutions stemming from an idea.


A caller reminded us that the adjutant of worship precedes the adjutant of wisdom and would we more fully engage worship, we might be the easier led to discover and exercise wisdom in the much needed transformation of our personal and institutional lives here on Urantia.

In the creation of creatures, sometimes the Son initiates their creation, sometimes the Spirit does, and sometimes they function together, but in all their creative acts, they obtain the counsel and approval of each other.