Episode:Our Local Father—Christ Michael (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star, first-born of the Creator Son and Creative Spirit, is the chief executive of our local universe. Immanuel is a being of sublime dignity, the personal representative of the Universal Father who functions as advisor to the Sovereign Son. A versatile cast of wise beings and councils bring justice and divine equity to our well-ordered universe.

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Keywords: Immanuel, Christ Michael, Jesus, Gabriel, Urantia

Summary by Kermit

33:4.0-4.1 Gabriel – The Chief Executive

Gabriel is the first born and highest spirit personality of the Son and the Spirit, the Bright and Morning Star and the only one of His kind in a local universe, partaking of the nature of their combined natures, but not their creative prerogatives.

Commentary on the name “Bright and Morning Star”. A note on the revelators’ mandate to find human terms before coining their own terms. As the planet Venus as the Bright and Morning star heralds the coming of the SUN, so does Gabriel as the Bright and Morning Star herald the coming of the Creator Son.

Authors emphasize that Gabriel is NOT deity (God), but divine (God-like).


Commentary on the number of Creator Sons which exceeds the 700,000 necessary for all the local universes projected, and CS’s numbers are still increasing. But the creative potential for Creator Son and Spirit to produce Bright and Morning Stars is limited to one.


He possess many traits not visibly present in either of his “parents”, a being of unprecedented versatility and unimagined brilliance. This illustrates the superadditive consequences of the relationship between the Creator parents.


Gabriel is not a creator, but an administrator who is always consulted by the Son and Spirit upon important universe procedures.

He was created fully endowed for his work, but has gained experience over the evolution of our local universe.

Emphasis is made here of the practice of God delegating universe function to creatures. Also, the role of evolution in heavenly affairs as opposed to the old idea of heaven as fixed perfection. This also challenges our view of God, to whom we ascribe many functions which are in fact performed by creatures. God is truly much more than our traditions reflect.


In addition he is the chief officer of execution for superuniverse mandates relating to the non-personal affairs in the local universe. He is thus the combined chief executive of both the super-and local universe rulers. Last but not least he is the commander in chief of the “armies of heaven”-the celestial hosts.


During Michael’s bestowals Gabriel was ever attendant on his will and with Immanuel was the actual director of universe affairs during the later bestowals. He has been closely identified with the affairs of Urantia ever since the times of Jesus.

We will come under his direction as administrators at the local universe level as part of our ascension career.

His divinity transcends the local universe allowing him to engage the Ancients of Days to be part of the superuniverse regime.

5.1 The Trinity Ambassadors

Local universe supervision exemplifies the beginning of the father-mother concept in the persons of the Son and Spirit. Certain Trinity origin personalities are assigned to provide advice and counsel to the court of the Creator Son.

Immanuel (meaning God with us)is, in a certain sense the personal representative of the Universal Father.

Commentary on the seven-fold hierarchy of fathers in the universe from the top: Universal Father, Ancients of Days etc. This hierarchy is found in 51:6.6 p.587.

Immanuel, is a Union of Days, created by the Paradise Trinity. His order Union of Days, represents a being of equality with the Creator Son.


Immanuel, number 611,121 of the sixth order of Supreme Trinity Personalities ably provides advice and counsel upon request to The Creator Son. He has never acknowledged subordination to his brother Michael. (reminder: he’s a Union of Days).

Note the one-to-one correspondence 611,121 with both the Son and Spirit, and even to the level of the Spirit and the Union of Days being the sixth order of their respective classification of personalities.


Immanuel is not subject to local universe jurisdiction, nor does he exercise authoritative jurisdiction in the local universe government except in the supervision of his brethren, the Faithful of Days, who provide analogous advice and counsel to the Constellation rulers.


The Faithful of Days are the last in the line of Trinity Ambassadors to the evolutionary realms of the universes. The wisdom of waiting to be asked for advice and assistance comes all the way down to Jesus in his manner of ministry to his earthly family and apostles.

6.1-6.2 General Administration

Gabriel serves as regent of the local universe in Christ Michael’s absence, ever seeking the counsel of Immanuel regarding all major problems.

The Father Melchizedek is next in administrative authority after Gabriel.

Commentary on the apparent contradiction in the Book where in 35:1.2, p.385 we are told that -Gabriel and the Father Melchizedek are never away from Salvington at the same time. And in 158:1.6 we are told of Jesus long conference with the two on the Mount of Transfiguration. A surficial reading of the Book can lead to finding apparent contradictions. Deeper thought will resolve these.

33:4.7 Gabriel and his assistants never depart from their regular work, except when Michael was incarnated. 120:1 and 3 refer to Immanuel’s special regime during the bestowal, whereupon he ordered Gabriel and his assistants to depart from their regular work. With Immanuel assuming full sovereignty, neither Gabriel nor The Father Melchizedek are needed on Salvington. They were ordered to be about Michael’s business! Thus they could both be on Urantia simultaneously.


The administrative domains of the subdivisions of local universe government are as follows; system governments attend to the welfare of the inhabited planets, particularly physical and biological problems. Social and governmental situations are handled by the constellation rulers. And the spiritual status of the realms is the purview of still higher universe personalities.

Commentary on the three levels in the universe of individuality-associativity-unity correspond to the system, constellation and local universe levels of administration. At the constellation level, being concerned with both unification and stabilization, both “ends” of the associativity level are found. These patterns come down from Havona a transcendent source and manifest at all scales.


Ambassadors and Consuls represent universes, one to the other and constellations one to the other and the local universes respectively. Observers represent systems to one another and to constellations. Here we find more threefold pattern.


Salvington broadcasts go out to the constellations, systems and inhabited planets. These communications serve to link all higher orders of celestial beings scattered throughout the universe. Worlds under spiritual quarantine are denied interplanetary communication.

The communication broadcasts are not just employed to bridge the horizontal distances involved, but the vertical differential among diverse levels of beings, high and low.


The Nebadon year is about five years of Urantia time. Constellations utilize Nebadon time, while systems and planets maintain their own chronology. The system or Satania day is about three Urantia days. Here we find another reminder as to the literality of these realms.

7.1 The Courts of Nebadon

Master Michaels are concerned with creation, sustenance, and ministry. He performs NO judicial functions. Creators never sit in judgment of their creatures. Another principle that has come down from on high—a jury of our peers. This dashes the old idea of judgment by God! Let alone being cursed by God! Note: even more delegation by God.


Gabriel supervises the entire judicial mechanism of Nebadon. Dual magistracy (perfection and perfected) presides over the seventy branches of seven divisions and ten sections each.

Here is more evidence of patterns including the seven facets of unity with the ten facets of individuality as well as a top down and bottom up component.


Cases involving questions of eternal life and death, default or defection of Local Universe Sons of God, or the readmission of any subdivision of the local universe following quarantine are decided at the superuniverse level.


In all other matters, Salvington courts are final and supreme, and not subject to appeal. Justice and equity prevail in the universe, where we may depend upon being dealt with justly and even mercifully.

Our origins on rebellion seared Urantia, and our growing up steeped in the sophistries of Lucifer are fully considered in the application of mercy and justice to us. Here is the comfort of the ages through our revelation.

8.1 The Legislative and Executive Functions

Salvington and its worlds are concerned with adjudication while legislative function is carried on at the constellation level, and executive enforcement of legislative and judicial actions are carried out at the system level. Commentary on role of the System Sovereigns of enforcement and execution of mandates and decrees from the higher universe realms, and how this was perhaps one of the things that in particular, rankled Lucifer prior to his rebellion.


Salvington does host a variety of advisory and research assemblies.


The supreme council of the local universe consists of three members from each system and seven representatives from each constellation. Isolated systems aren’t represented, but may send observers. (30,000 system reps + 700 constellation reps).


There are also one hundred councils of supreme sanction on Salvington. Here with the use of the word sanction we find language of the rebellion. Commentary on the subconscious residue of the rebellion which contributes to our unconscious motivations and seemingly natural resistance to authority from above.


We are warned that these terms “courts” and “assemblies” bear small resemblance to our like named bodies on Urantia. They represent vague top down patterns, a continuing theme.