Episode:Our Local Mother—The Divine Minister (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Creative Spirit is of the essence of the Infinite Spirit, born on Paradise as the creative partner to the Creator Son. When this Daughter Spirit matures into a Creative Mother Spirit, she contributes the “breath of life” to all the worlds of their domain.

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Keywords: Paradise, God, Creator, Mother, Breath of Life

Summary by Kermit

We studied the first three sections of Paper 34: The Local Universe Mother Spirit. Her career begins as a Creative Spirit, a less personal manifestation of the Infinite Spirit, down stepped into the finite domain, where she and her Creator Son partner begin the organization and stabilization of the matter-energy foundation of their local universe.

1. The Personalization of the Creative Spirit

Upon the completion of the matter-energy organization, the next phase of local universe creation consists in the projection of life. Through a series of transactions, beginning with the Paradise Trinity, and including the Seven Master Spirits, something called a “primary eruption” signals a marked change in the nature of the Creative Spirit, wherein she becomes personalized to become the Divine Minister, the personal creative associate of the Creator Son, the local universe Mother Spirit.

Commentary, on this process of the condescension of the presence and action of the infinite deities down stepped into the finite. We have a three level structure of the universe (absolute, absonite, finite). The Creative Spirit is a phenomenon coming down, into the finite from the above. Initially she has limited manifestation in the finite (matter-energy organization stabilization). Her personal nature is still in the absonite domain. Thus her ministries are not yet manifest. Her creation is spread out over time, unlike the creation of the Creator Son. The distinctions in the nomenclature of the deities serve to emphasize their different functions.

Note that the Paradise Trinity is not the association of the three Paradise Deities, but a fourth “fact” or entity, not a person, but originator of beings who can engage in communication and relationship with one or more of the Paradise Deities.

The “primary eruption” phenomenon, originating with the Paradise Trinity, confers Mother type deity upon the Creative Spirit making her more personal and now able to engage in ministry, hence the name Divine Minister. The diverse origins of the Creator Son and Divine Minister lead to the complimentary nature of their relationship and universe function. The secret of these transactions reside in the bosom of the Trinity not the Father. The role of the Master Spirits in the personalization of the Divine Minister was explained clarifying how the Mother presence in the superuniverse consists of the collective presence of the seven reflective mother spirits, and represent the conduit for the primary eruption flash to travel.

This personalization of the Divine Minister in preparation for life projection can be likened to the mortal female menses whereby she becomes capable of procreation. The narrative refers to Daughter Spirits prior to the eruption and Mother Spirit following. This transformation represents a vertical down stepping rather than any “horizontal” change.

2. The Nature of the Divine Minister

While now definitely personal, though still not discernable as such to many types of universe beings, the Divine Minister undergoes yet another augmentation to her nature following the final bestowal of the Creator Son. In a reciprocal response to the elevation of the Creator Son to a new level of Supremacy, the Divine Minister’s personal nature is more fully projected down into the finite. Because these transactions involve emergence into the finite from the absonite level, many high universe beings find all of this inscrutable and incomprehensible.

We now have the full essence of the Infinite Spirit embodied into a finite expression. With full endowment of anti-gravity, we have a transabsolute quality “packed” into a finite expression. High facts bottled up in a small package.

Our Creative Mother Spirit now bears the characteristic imprint of the Master Spirit of superuniverse jurisdiction, while over time her unique characteristics evolve.

The Creative Mother Spirit ministers to and maintains the life creations, co-produced with the Son. Beginning with the magnificent Bright and Morning Star, Gabriel and extending down to the level of the inhabited planets, the Creative Mother Spirit brings life from on high down into the finite.

Commentary on the biblical reference to “the breath of life” being “contributed” by the Father. We see the divine delegation principle at work, where the Life Carrier Sons fabricate the physical body and the Creative Mother Spirit provides the life spark. Also, the two phases of life animation, the so called living vitality and the power to procreate were discussed.

The author ends this section with an interesting comment about Orvonton’s tardy and backward development, and his/her confidence in a future of transcendent development and unprecedented achievement. Orvonton’s tardy development was explained as resulting from the fact that Orvonton is permeated by Master Spirit #7, in the likeness of all three of the Paradise Deities. The complexities of harmonizing their expression and manifestation in the finite domain, are considerably greater than with the other superuniverses where only one or two Paradise Deities are in play.

3. The Son and Spirit in Time and Space

The intricate and reciprocal relationships of the Creative partners with respect to time and space are such that the Creative Spirit is independent of space, but not time. The Creator Son is relatively independent of time.

Commentary: The process whereby both the Holy Spirit (Creative Mother Spirit ministry) and the Spirit of Truth (Spirit of the Son) can facilitate the bestowal of Thought Adjusters illustrates the time-space differences of the Creator Partners.

For the Holy Spirit to trigger TA bestowal, an individual must traverse the psychic circles of achievement (a process in time) to circle number three before a TA is dispatched. Whereas, following the bestowal of a Creator Son’s Spirit of Truth, the Thought Adjuster bestowal occurs with a mortal’s entrance in to the seventh psychic circle (relatively independent of time).

The reciprocal liberation of time-space limitations provided one to the other by the Creator Partners applies within the confines of the local universe, as the spatial presence of Creative Mother Spirit defines the boundaries of Nebadon. Even so, the Creator Son may utilize the Reflective Mother Spirits’ substrate at the superuniverse level, such that his Spirit of Truth ministry follows his children beyond the boundaries of Nebadon.

The last two paragraphs of this section emphasize the limited independence of time and space available to sub-absolute beings, be they creators or creatures.