Episode:Our Local Universe—Nebadon (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

The material creation of Nebadon was originally projected and planned by the Paradise Architects of the Master Universe. After eons of evolution and creative action its true purpose as a domain of perfecting life began to unfold. Please listen in as we discuss the creation and organization of our cosmic home.

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Keywords: Creation, Evolution, Master Universe, Paradise Architects, Urantia

Summary by Kermit


Local Universes of time and space, evolutionary in nature are the handiwork of the Michael, Paradise Creator Sons. Our universe Nebadon, is ruled by the God-man, Jesus of Nazareth and Michael of Salvington. These creations were originally projected and planned by the Paradise Architects of the Master Universe. These local universes embody a measure of the perfect pattern universe of Havona (the domain of the Paradise Trinity).

Paper 116:4.7 p.1272 Characterizes these local universes as the laboratories of divine activity constituting the foundation on which the Supreme is achieving deity evolution through experience.

Discussion concerning the Architects of the Master Universe involve complexities including the Paradise Trinity, the experiential Trinity Ultimate, The Supreme Creators (of which the Michael Sons and their Creative Mother spirit consorts are a part)

Architects of the Master Universe were present before the finite, and project down into the finite, potential domain the forms into which the finite will evolve. They supply the initial conditions for the Creator Son and Spirit to begin their evolutionary adventure of fostering a local universe to light and life.

32:1.1-2 Physical Emergence of the Universes

Discussion in understanding terminology. With respect to the progression, potentiality, actuality and reality, the authors speak of force-energy-power. FORCE is the potential for ENERGY, an actuality of differential, which when purposed becomes POWER i.e. matter or mass, subject to linear gravity.

Paradise Master Force Organizers take space-force (potential) to the stage of emergent energy (actuality) i.e. ultamatonic stage. The power directors then take over to bring about the (reality) of power i.e. matter, literal suns and spheres as a foundation for the creative action of the Creator Sons.


The superuniverse material content of Orvonton is the Milky Way galaxy. A local universe represents one one-hundred-thousandth of the superuniverse. This is composed of 100 constellations. The word constellation used in light of our 88 constellations visible in the celestial sphere surrounding our planet. In our night sky all the stars visible to us are in our local universe.

The stars of our local universe as they come into being, are held in a gravity grasp of these powers and personalities of the combined universe mechanism. Otherwise they would be spread throughout the Milky Way galaxy.

In essence, matter AND personalities are brought into harmony, into a power-personality synthesis wherein the personal plans of a Creator Son can be executed upon the material foundations prepared by these mysterious machine-like beings.


Only when this material stage has been set, do the Creator Son and Creative Daughter arrive upon the scene, at which time the fabrication of the headquarters sphere of the projected local universe is begun. Long ages of material evolution continue while work on the architectural headquarters worlds of the constellations and systems continue.

57:3.8, p. 654 gives the time frame for these transactions. About 300 billion years ago Michael of Nebadon selected the disintegrating Andronover nebula as the site for his creative adventure. Upon his arrival the building of the architectural worlds began. These spheres were built in about 1 million years. Local system worlds were begun at that time and continued up until about 5 billion years ago.

Encounter the revelation experientially. Comment on the construction of the revelation and how we are being challenged to engage the revelation with our “individuality” or material consciousness rather than simply with our “unity” or spiritual consciousness. Constructed to thwart the lazy!

2.1-2.2 Universe Organization

A note on the power beings (directors, centers and controllers) required for these manifestations of bringing force-energy-power from superuniverse down to the local universe, functioning as part of God The Sevenfold.


Time frames correlated with Paper 57. Andronover nebula began about a trillion years ago in the open space of Orvonton. The little spiral nebula (Andronover) begins to be drawn in by the Milky Way gravity, with other starry systems.

Nebadon projected to have 10 million inhabited planets. Satania our local system has about 2,000 stars in it, thus about 20 million stars in Nebadon. Andronover nebula produced about one million stars (1/20th of Nebadon). The last billion years the power centers and physical controllers begin to rein in these star systems to a contiguous local universe. The architectural worlds were completed in the last million years.


Early in the history of Nebadon, Michael’s presence was required until gravity stabilization of the local universe was effected.

Comment on the growth of the Creative Spirit from the controller aspect to creator aspect, with the creation of Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star, like Michael in character, but limited in divinity.


Following Gabriel’s creation, the sons and daughters of the local universe come into being and subsequently the local universe government. Lastly, the creation of mortal man is undertaken.


Nebadon is a young universe, with only about 38% of its quota of inhabited planets, while our system, being has about 62% of its quota of inhabited planets. Doing the math with the 619 inhabited planets, we figure that those planets are in 562 star systems. Between 1/20th and 1/9th of Nebadon is comprised of the stars resulting from the Andronover nebula.

What about that statement about a world of non-breathers in close proximity to ours and we would be “more than interested” in the non-breathers? Interesting questions around when close planetary cultures begin to merge.


These narratives establish the Milky Way as the superuniverse of Orvonton.


By the description given here we deduce that when we look at the center of the constellation of Sagittarius, we are looking in the direction of Uversa, and on toward the central universe of Havona. Also, how curious that the authors give us these names of the seven closest local universes.


Here the authors make clear that Part IV is indispensable to FEF, not an addendum or afterthought, inasmuch as there are a number of things brought forward in Part IV and nowhere else.