Episode:Paradise Creator Sons (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Creator Sons are the makers and rulers of the local universes of time and space. These primary Paradise Sons are personalized as Michaels, and each is unique, diverse, exclusive, and original in nature. The sovereign of our universe is known as Christ Michael.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus Christ, Universe, Cosmology, Creation

Note: Wishing you all a blessed anniversary of the birth of Joshua ben-Joseph, Jesus, 2018 years ago; we shared some stories. Ann was away this week, so there we only 3 co-hosts. And the episode ends abruptly at 85 minutes due to technical issues.

Summary by Kermit

Creator Sons are the makers and rulers of the local universes of time and space. Of origin in God the Father and God the Son, each Creator Son is unique in personality and nature, being the “only-begotten Son”. Interesting commentary on the use of the hyphen in “only-begotten” and how it distinguishes between “only son” and “only-begotten”

The sublimity of the Universal Father’s touching and superlative relationships with His Creator Sons is the wellspring of the beautiful and well-nigh divine love mortal parents bear their children. “As above so below”.

Note the use by the authors of the name Michael, being One who is like God. They are known as Creator Michaels during their universe founding times. Upon attaining universe sovereignty, they are called Master Michaels. Our won universe sovereign being referred to as Christ Michael.

The original Michael never incarnated, but traversed the seven Havona circuits through the experience of spiritual creature ascent. These Sons know the grand universe from the highest to the lowest, being existentially divine and experientially perfected.

1. Origin and Nature of Creator Sons

The Creator Sons are a manifestation and personalization of the fullness of absolute spiritual ideation in the Eternal Son and the fullness of absolute personality concept in the Universal Father.

Each Son thus created is the only-begotten and only-begettable offspring of these original concepts of the Father and the Son.

Being equally derived from the Father and the Son, they interestingly will show diversity of nature, taking after one parent more than another, and sometimes resembling each parent equally. Even so, the Creator Sons must embody “recessive Mother genetics” inferred by the fact that they unitarily create Material Sons AND Daughters.

Their numbers are unknown, but of a certainty greater than the seven hundred thousand required for the completion of the local universes to be contained in the seven superuniverses. Speculation is that the “extra” Michaels have a destiny and function in the next universe age.

2. The Creators of Local Universes

As the designers, creators, builders and administrators of the basic creative units of the seven evolutionary superuniverses, they first undergo long periods of Paradise observation and Havona training, followed by superuniverse study and observation of their brother Michaels’ work. And all of this before even beginning the physical organization of his local universe.

The departure of a Michael Son forever liberates his creator prerogatives from the Paradise Sources and Centers, subject to certain limitations.

These limitations being: In the realms of energy-matter, new forms of things require the consent and working cooperation of the Infinite Spirit. New creature designs require the consent of the Eternal and Original Mother Son. Finally, regarding personality, such is designed and bestowed by the Universal Father. Commentary on all of this representing the Sevenfold Creators and some very complex transactions and relationships.

Spiritual design is controlled by the Trinity or by the pre-Trinity spirit endowments of the Trinity personalities, Father, Son, and Spirit. This gave rise to a complex commentary, not easily summarized, at least by me.

The diverse natures of the Michael Sons and the uniform natures of the Creative Spirits give rise to creature offspring reflective of these two natures. They are both unique in personality, but the actual “deity-self” that is personalized is uniform for the Creative Spirits.

The subtle qualities of a perfecting universe indicate that it is mind made and personality managed. We as persons are good, not because we are perfect, but because we are perfecting. This is one of the most profound truths in the book.