Episode:Paradise Creator Sons (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

Creator Sons are achieving the personal realization of the Paradise-divinity potentials bound up in their unfathomable natures. Join us as we explore the destiny of the Master Michaels, their local universes, and us as ascending mortals.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus Christ, Universe, Cosmology, Creation

Summary by Kermit

21:6 Destiny of the Master Michaels

We only have the speculation of our authors, in this case, a Perfector of Wisdom, a Trinity origin being, regarding the destiny of the Master Michaels. While partaking of features of absoluteness by virtue of their origin, they remain partial in relation to total infinity and, in this universe age, no superfinite action is discernable.

Their supreme sovereignty appears to signal superfinite capacity, supremacy being a notch above the merely finite.

The supreme Creator pair may attain to absonite levels of service and give origin to new things, meanings, and values on transcendental levels of ultimate universe significance.

So from existential origins of absoluteness, the Master Son comes full circle to experiential absoluteness, becoming “the way the truth and the life” blazing the path for all universe personalities from supreme divinity, through ultimate absonity to eternal deity finality. As creatures we will likely only attain to levels of co-absoluteness.

Paper 55. The Spheres of Light and Life

We examined the working out of the establishing of Trinitarian sovereignty in the realms of time and space.

10. The Fourth or Local Universe Stage

The Mighty Messenger author traces out for us the mobilization and increasing function and influence of Trinity origin beings (such as Inspired Trinity Spirits, Trinity Teacher Sons and the like) as the local universe is settled in light and life, with the concomitant release of the reins of local universe administration by the Master Michael and the Creative Mother Spirit. This transition for the Michael Son is more direct and immediate, while for the Creative Spirit it is more gradual.

We had an illuminating discussion of the contrasting roles of the First Source, God as transcendence and the Paradise Trinity, God as immanence.

In the superuniverse, we participate in evolution towards the eternal state of Havona, the pattern universe, which are the worlds of the Trinity. Thus, more and more we see that which is above manifesting below, i.e. Trinitarian sovereignty.

11. The Minor and Major Sector Stages

We infer from our reading that there must be some minor sectors somewhere that have achieved settledness, but not so with the major sectors.

We note here that the individual stages of light and life on an individual planet, parallel the stages of universe stabilization.

The authors make a major point to the effect that the evolutionary development or spiritual progress of an individual planet or an individual mortal is not in any manner limited or retarded by universe or superuniverse governmental techniques or administrative mechanisms. Neither can environmental limitations even on an isolated world such as ours, thwart the personal attainment of the individual mortal, as exemplified by Jesus, who as a man among men, personally achieved the status of light and life, almost two thousand years ago, right here on Urantia.

12. The Seventh or Superuniverse Stage

The authors infer from Melchizedek teachings that sweeping changes in the entire organization of every unit of creation will accompany a superuniverse settling in light and life. This will be the most profound occurrence in the annals of eternity since the appearance of the central universe.

Some speculate that the Supreme Being himself will emerge and take up residence on Uversa as the almighty and experiential sovereign of the perfected creations of time and space. Again, since the Supreme Being’s personality and spirit nature derive from the Paradise Trinity, Trinitrian sovereignty is manifest.

6. The Individual Mortal

While still mortal, life on spheres settled in light and life is virtually unrecognizable when compared with our planet.

Biologic fitness and physical evolution of man attaints a high level. Senses are extended and population is stationary. Mortals are divided into five to ten groups and allowed differential reproductive rights in accordance with planetary requirements and hereditary endowments. Continued race improvement is achieved through selective reproduction according the superior qualities of a social, philosophic, cosmic, and spiritual nature.

Adjusters continue to come and mortals are increasingly able to commune with them. Advanced mortals experience considerable conscious contact with the presence of the Master Spirit. By the fourth stage of planetary light and life, more than half of planetary inhabitants experience Adjuster fusion while in the flesh.

Evolution attains full development by the fifth epoch, spiritual development is determined by Adjuster-fusion level, there is no limit to the intellectual evolution and the attainment of wisdom. Here we are seeing that the ceiling of the finite is being approached.

Seventh stage worlds witness mortals learning the local universe language, and even the superuniverse language.

If only our fellows could know of these wondrous achievements and supernal destiny which is promised to all who sincerely follow the leading and teaching of the multiform mindal and spirit ministries that conspire to enable our ascension all the way to Paradise.