Episode:Paradise Sons of God (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Understanding more about the bestowal Sons, we discern why the local universe attaches so much interest to our small and insignificant planet. A Creator Son selected this world for his final adventure in creature experience – Jesus of Nazareth. And though their missions may present many challenges, Paradise Sons are of origin too close to absolute perfection to fail.

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Keywords: God, Heaven, Paradise, Creator, Urantia

Summary by Kermit

We finished our study of the Paradise Sons of God. We completed sections 5-10

5. The Bestowal of the Paradise Sons of God

Since the Eternal Son is the eternal Word of God, both Magisterial and Creators Son bestowals are as the gospel of John declares, where the Word is made flesh and thus dwells among the lowly beings of animal origin.

Our Perfector of Wisdom author quickly disabuses us of the notion that the Son’s bestowal is accomplished in order to influence the attitude of the Father, but rather is part of the experiential process designed to make the Avonal and Michael Sons safe and sympathetic rulers of the peoples and planets of time and space.

In order for a planet to enjoy the bestowal of Thought Adjusters to all mortals of normal mind, that planet must receive the Spirit of Truth, which in turn requires that such planet be the recipient of a successful bestowal mission by a Paradise Son.

Planets may experience many judicial and magisterial missions. Ordinarily, only once will a bestowal Son serve on a given planet. This is of course, an intriguing statement in light of Jesus’ promise to return to Urantia. This bestowal mission, wherein the Paradise Son lives a full mortal life, from birth to death us usually accomplished by the Magisterial Sons, except once in each local universe where the Creator Son makes his mortal bestowal, as did Michael of Nebadon on his mortal bestowal on Urantia.

We had an interesting discussion on the mechanics of why the Spirit of Truth (acting as the spirit of unification) is required for the universal bestowal of Thought Adjusters to a planet.

Important to remember that our Creator Son chose our world, not because only he could save us, but because he needed Urantia to achieve his universe goals.

6. The Mortal-Bestowal Careers

In the mortal-bestowal careers, these Sons live a full normal mortal life, from birth to death, pursue any number of mortal careers, and master the experience of perfection attunement with their indwelling Adjusters, following which they become exclusively devoted to the spiritual enlightenment of the mortal races.

Magisterial bestowal Sons declare, “He who has seen me has seen the Eternal Son”, while a Creator Son will declare “he who has seen me has seen the Father.”

Upon their death and resurrection, they pour out their Spirit of Truth to the planet. We spent considerable time discussing the details and differences between Magisterial Son and Creator Son bestowals in this regard.

7. Trinity Teacher Sons

These are the order of Daynals, of origin in the paradise Trinity and known as Trinity Teacher Sons in Orvonton and Paradise Spiritual Sons in the local universe. They are educators and are concerned with moral enlightenment and spiritual development. In different domains, they reflect a different Paradise Deity. In Havona, the Universal Father, in the superuniverses, the Eternal Son and in the local universes, the Infinite Spirit.

8. Local Universe Ministry of the Daynals

They are the only Trinity creatures to be so completely associated with the dual-origin universes. These Sons are the exalted teachers of all spirit personalities, even the Sons of God themselves. Because of their Trinity origin, they have an innate understanding of the whole. Inasmuch as Mother deity comes from the Paradise Trinity, they are helping us to synchronize with Mother Deity nature. From Paper 117:6.5, p.1288 we are told, “The mother influence dominates the human personality throughout the local universe childhood of the growing soul.”

9. Planetary Service of the Daynals

The Trinity Teacher Sons initiate the spiritual ages on individual planets. We can expect their arrival only after we begin our deliverance from the shackles of animalism and fetters of materialism.

They are accompanied on their planetary missions by a Magisterial Son who terminates a planetary dispensation. Their visitations are for one thousand years of planetary time.

The predominance of Trinity related beings in our far future lead to speculation of the future close association of finaliters and Trinity Teacher Sons

10. United Ministry of the Paradise Sons of God

In the local universes, the Paradise Sons of God collaborate to reveal the Paradise Deities to the creatures of space. The Michaels portray the infinite character of the Universal Father. The Avonals reveal the nature of the Eternal Son of infinite compassion. The Daynals disclose the teacher personality of the Infinite Spirit. Together they contribute to the actualization and revelation of the personality and sovereignty of God the Supreme.

We had interesting commentary on the tendency of the authors to use an inspirational writing style to end a paper, and how we should challenge ourselves to go beyond our spiritual consciousness of good feeling to reflect with our individuality consciousness on the cosmic qualities of the content.