Episode:Preserving Values Through Children's Literature, with Allie Southwick

From Symmetry of Soul

Althea (Allie) Southwick, ignited our Secondary Works series. Allie's heart and soul has been directed towards preserving values through children's literature. She taught grades 1-6 for 23 years (Headstart, reading and math grades 1-6, in a team teaching inner city school setting) plus serving 10 years on the board of Treehouse Children's Museum in Ogden, several years in community Education, parents classes and workshops on Reading and Children's Literature for college, State Library, UEA (Utah educational Association), International reading Association. She authored "Hands-On Concept in Language (Reading in five stages regardless of age)" and "Preserving Values Through Reading Children's Literature."

Allie's most rewarding experience and challenge of her 80 years of life is publishing the remarkably enlightening and entertaining Goose Fables, a series of Fables written for all ages. The special goose characters are: Fixer-Mixer, Quacky-Lacky, Scoopy-Dupey, Braggy-Naggy, Inspector-Detector, Trendy-Pendy, Sager-Gager, and last but not least the "HEART VOICE". These personalities depict human traits we all experience: ego, pride, concern, fear, taking risks, sharing and accepting differences. The Goose Fables help us see how we can TUNE our inner guidance capabilities, the "Heart Voice", a key tool for thought and behavioral change.

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Keywords: Values for Children, Youth, The Future, The Urantia Book, Education

Note: Allie Southwick was our guest on this episode.