Episode:Purpose and Destiny—Planetary Dispensations (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

On average worlds, during the latter part of the Planetary Prince’s rule, national life begins to replace tribal organization or rather to be superimposed upon the existing tribal groupings. But the great social achievement of the prince’s epoch is the emergence of family life. The idea of chiefly tribal human relationships gradually gives way to the dual concept of national life and family life.

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Keywords: Urantia, Sex Equality, Biologic Fitness, Planetary Adam and Eve, Biologic Uplift

Opening thought: As we read through our planet's long progression through the cosmos, remember: "While inherited urges cannot be fundamentally modified, emotional responses to such urges can be changed. Therefore, the moral nature can be modified, character can be improved." So even if you think you resemble a primitive human in some way, you can work on that.

Note: Justin Armstrong filled in for Andrea Barnes this week.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

We have previously commented on the great variance on Urantia as regards the developmental epoch prevailing among various peoples. At present, significant populations can be found to be living in any one of the first four developmental epochs listed in [50:5]:

  • the nutrition epoch,
  • the security age,
  • the material comfort era, or
  • the quest for knowledge and wisdom.

This, mélange of social, economic, political, and religious environments on our post-bestowal decimal world with its abundance of animating spirit ministries requires a cosmic integrity of the individual to successfully avoid becoming a victim of the still extant sophistries spawned by the rebellion and subsequent default. Fortunately, we have the 5th ER to assist us in the absence of visible celestial leadership to cultivate the favorable conditions for being cosmically grown, and appreciate our destiny as it is revealed.

52:2.6 Post-Planetary Prince Man (cont.)

The great social achievement of the Planetary Prince’s rule is the emergence of family life leading to the appearance of the home.

For the most primitive humans the horde is everything. Clans and even tribes retain horde mating practices. The mother-family, natural and biologic, was begun by the red man. The prince’s goal is the father-family. As uplifters of civilization the prince and staff foster its fundamental elements: national life and family life, the political and social units respectively. These two elements are indispensable for the initiation, maintenance, and persistence of civilization through all succeeding dispensations, even to light and life. Note twelve corps of master seraphim of planetary supervision accompany a newly commissioned Planetary Prince to his assigned sphere. These twelve corps include the angels of nation life and the angels of the home, such is the importance of these two institutions to the establishment and maintenance of civilization.

Sex equality is normally realized during this dispensation. Remember the word “equal” is a spiritual reference. Family life and national life gradually supplant tribal rule. Nations become the political unit of civilization and families and the home become the fundamental social unit of civilization.

Note the high level of civilization referred to in this epoch is lacking mechanical and technological development. This should give us pause to ask, apart from scientific and industrial progress, what is civilization fundamentally about? A significant feature of the threats to civilization today is the over rapid technological advances such that people become slaves to their convenience.

Interestingly, the progress made by the 300,000 years of the prince’s reign was quickly lost due to the rebellion. The lack of artifacts from this time bearing witness to the attainments of civilization of those days can be explained by the absence of mechanical and technological development. The purpose of this epoch is to develop as high a level of civilization as possible without any biologic uplift.

Before reading the next paragraphs SoS cited [51:4.8] where the terms pertaining to biologic fitness e.g., unfit, defective, degenerate, and antisocial are introduced. These terms have both horizontal and vertical application. We conjecture the more abstract terms defective as applying to qualities of deficiencies or anomalies of adjutant mind-spirit balance and engagement in a horizontal sense. Degeneracy has deficiencies of a vertical aspect. Antisocial is much more tangible and observable.

Purification of the races is usually well begun such that by the end of this epoch a high state of physical perfection and intellectual strength are attained. Both positive eugenics—the promotion of increase in the higher types of mortals, and negative eugenics—the curtailment of the reproduction of the lower types of mortals are practiced. Most worlds address these issues long before the arrival of the Adamic biological uplifters. Urantia peoples have yet to seriously address this task of racial purification.

When undertaken early in human evolution these eugenics methods are far less fraught. The rugged conditions of primitive tribal living serve to cull the human race naturally. But the false sentiment of our partially perfected civilizations is responsible for the perpetuation of hopelessly defective strains of evolutionary human stocks.

The broadcast concluded discussing the distinction between individuals considered to be human and subhuman.

Notes by Brad

  • As we evolve upward in the cosmos, our discrimination must become finer and finer.
    • As a coarse scale, "All looks okay to me! I'm on the path of righteousness."
    • But watch out: little mustard seeds of asymmetry in your soul will grow and grow, unless you can detect them.
    • And "look out how figured out I have myself!" can easily become self-pride.

  • Interesting that family life is more evolved than tribal life.
    • Didn't we read earlier that family comes after horde [70:3], and before clan.
      • There are horde clans. And horde tribes.
      • Early on, mother family can evolve (it's obvious the baby is birthed from the mother).
    • The Planetary Prince inaugurates the father family (even if polygamous in the beginning)
    • Does it really "take a village to raise a child?"
      • Careful. A thought like that, along with the -ism of collectivism can breed anti-family movements.
      • Which is a "sub-primitive" phenomenon.
      • The horde is a manifestation of poor man's unity: uniformity. It sure appears uniform.
      • Get the nucleus of your family founded first, before you ask the community for input into raising your children.

  • Nations and families are the fundamental units (political and social units, respectively) to let civilization continue to build on itself.
    • Nation life and family life is so important that there are groups of master seraphim specifically for each.

  • Father family is in the context of sex equality--this is not patriarchy
    • It's a directional family, not a place-like (mother) family.
    • How? Quality is a spirit word. Equal is a spirit word.
    • Top-down, women and men are equal. Bottom up they are so different they are almost "subspecies"!

  • Looking for where the revelators strongly implay what foundations are being eroded? The emergency? It's here.
    • Angels of family life and nation life.
    • Fundamental elements. Problems with these? Dire consequences.

  • A "high level of civilization" in no ways implies high technology.
    • It implies national life and family life.
    • On a normal world it's high civilization before technology and science!
    • If we had been above the material technology, we could have controlled it. But on our world we seem to be at eye level with it.
    • If we could see society 200,001 years ago (i.e., pre-rebellion) we could marvel at the quality of society.
      • But don't look for technological artifacts. Those weren't developed yet.
    • And remember it's "high" relative to that planetary mortal epoch. We're talking about an epoch with no biologic uplift yet.

  • See [51:4.8] for definitions helps to studying "racial purity" and other tricky issues.
    • Inferior. Literally means below or under.
    • Unfit (versus fit). This is a (w)holistic quality.
    • Defective. Issues in the horizontal plane. Where it should be a circle, it is asymmetric in that plane.
      • Remember the goal is to have a symmetric relationship with the first 6 adjutant mind spirit. A defect is a marked asymmetry (defect) in this respect.
    • Degenerate. Issues in the vertical plane. Perhaps not normal mind.
    • Antisocial. Not just a defect in the 5th adjutant mind-spirit, but an antithetical relationship to the social progress through the cosmos.
    • Biologic disfellowshipping: God loves you. We do, too. But we won't let you prolifterate.
      • Such individuals cannot procreate in the true cosmic sense. They might proliferate. Which is why they ought to be disfellowshipped.

  • A defective human is not the same as a defective subhuman.
    • You can be human, but your genetics could be out out of whack there no potential ("hopeless") to go upward.

  • Part of you is subhuman--the fancy animal-origin self. But part of you also is human.
    • Unless you're degenerate and wholly subhuman. People like that might be walking among us.
    • We can hardly point a finger at these subhumans off the bat.
    • Just start with yourself and aim higher. Seek to be fully human.