Episode:Purpose and Destiny—Planetary Dispensations (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

On an average world the post-Adamic dispensation is an age of great invention, energy control, and mechanical development. This is the era of the control of natural forces; it is the golden age of exploration and the final subduing of the planet. Much of the material progress of a world occurs during this time of the Material Sons’ inauguration of the development of the physical sciences.

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Keywords: Urantia, Second Epochal Revelation, Biologic Uplift, Planetary Adam and Eve, Magisterial Son

Opening thought: Though it appears we're looking to the deep future history of our worlds and other world like it, we're really talking about purpose and destiny. "Do we fully appreciate what's been done for us? Do we comprehend the grandeur of the heights of eternal achievement which are spread out before us?"

Closing thought: If nothing else, work on humility. That will always serve you well as you consider these grand things.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

In thinking about the arc title, Purpose and Destiny, recognize that the purpose established in the universe is so high that its appreciation requires some grasp of the very structures of the material foundations of our frame necessary to support it in its cosmic wholeness.

The prince’s regime provides for specific foundations to accommodate the Adamic uplift to come. First and foremost, human beings are not exclusively material. This materialistic view is not only our natural starting point for reflection, but is pervasively reinforced by the scientific dictation and social usage of the day. It is truly sad to note that a general recognition of the hierarchical cosmic nature of man is sorely lacking. Recognition of the finer higher aspects of the human nature, currently mostly latent, must await the establishment of a sound and stable material foundation. Increasing preoccupation with our material nature is accentuated by the operation of the second law of thermodynamics observable to us in physical aging. Pause to ponder the miracle of the truth of the incomprehensible destiny of finaliter potential residing deep within creatures such as we! We are called to identify with our potential in eternity in the midst of the actuality of temporality.

52:3 Post-Adamic Man

The dispensations of the Planetary Prince and the Material Son and Daughter are the same for every evolutionary world. The revelations accompanying these dispensations are their teachings. The biologic uplift of the Adamic dispensation is for the purpose of accommodating subsequent higher teachings. Both of these revelations to Urantia were cut short and later much diffused.

Even by the end of this epoch many individuals do not have Thought Adjusters (TA’s). Listen again to the brief discussion of the curious circumstances and consequences occasioned by the fact that Adam and Eve themselves did not have TA’s and their unplanned hybrid offspring Cain and Abel did not automatically receive TA’s as children. The fact that the “un-Adjustered” humans of the day did not survive death as persons, but became part of the Supreme invites reflection on the idea of the individual person’s duty to the Supreme.

Consider that the prime purpose of the Adamic regime is to influence man’s transition from hunter and herder to farmer. The Adamic biologic uplift (genetics) provides the enhanced material foundation for mind attunement resulting in upstepped teachability. We can hardly imagine the scientific and technological progress which might have been achieved had the Adamic default not occurred.

Note the correspondence between the Adamic dispensation on Urantia and the deficiency ministry of the first mansion world. So it is that elimination of bestial tendencies and coarse genetic deficiencies are part of the purification of the races during this dispensation. Fail not to discern the ascendent role of mind in biological evolution. Until the role and existence of mind in the process of evolution is recognized, the current bottom-up materialistic explanations will never lead to correct and true conclusions concerning the origin, nature, and destiny of man. Note the gift of the Adamic life plasm results in upstepping of intellectual capacity and acceleration of spiritual progress. The physical (material) improvement is secondary.

The end of this dispensation witnesses the blending of the colored races to one race of an olive shade of the violet hue (fair complexion). Note the controversial reference to the racial “white” of the spheres should be interpreted in terms of light. The summation of the wavelengths of the colors of the rainbow produce white light.

Our Mighty Messenger author make a curious statement concerning anatomic vestiges belonging to herbivorous and carnivorous descendants of Adam and Eve which might suggest fruitful lines of research for future biologists.

Along with the completion of racial amalgamation, the peoples of the world speak a common language, the tongue of the violet people. This is an age of internationalism. Nations persist, but nationalism does not. Listen to explanation of the parallel correspondence of organization of the planetary evolution of clans, tribes, nations, and territorial state with the local universe structures of races, planets, local systems, and constellations.

The rise of art, music, and literature along with true philosophy signals the readiness of a planet for a Magisterial Son.

52:4 Post-Magisterial Son Man (4 paragraphs)

This epoch begins with races blended and biologically fit, and the brotherhood of man in full flower. The Avonal, Magisterial Sons are Paradise-origin Sons. These incarnated sons are not born, nor do they die. It is at this point that planets begin to exhibit more individuality in planetary development with differing numbers and duration of Magisterial missions. Universe administration up to the level of the local universe is revealed on normally progressing worlds.

Notes by Brad

  • Perforce, all of us here think about ourselves very materially.
  • And yet, even with our feet down here in the clay, there is a thread of eternity.
    • There has to be. Eternity is latent within all that is around us.
    • Reality came from eternity, it can get back to there
    • And we can identify with this eternal potential, not the temporal actuality.

  • The second epochal revelation is teachings, not DNA.
  • Our ascent to Paradise requires a lot of "hands-on" help. Lots of training and mentoring. It ain't our genetics that gets us to Paradise.

  • Chew on this: people at the end of the post-Adamic epoch don't all necessarily get Thought Adjusters.
    • The are very biologically fit.
    • Highly intelligent.
    • Technologically advanced.
    • Nope, not enough.
    • Those without Thought Adjusters still are expressions of the Supreme.
      • Those who live and die without an Adjuster? Their life is the very definition of a duty to the Supreme.
      • It's we individuals with Thought Adjusters who need to be reminded that we still have a duty to the Supreme.
      • Van knew he had a duty to the Supreme. Nod didn't. Van saw through the rebellion. Nod didn't.
      • Self assertion--getting ahead of yourself with your individuality--leads to many problems, like pride.
      • Our liberty is within law. Duty to the Supreme is "free service and liberty-loving devotion"

  • Deeper than we can fathom...
    • What it is that really allows you to get a Thought Adjuster? It's a pretty deep mystery, deeper than you think.
    • Why does a red-tinged skin imply someone mindally attunes to the 6th adjutant? Deeply mysterious.
    • What actually indicates carnivorous versus herbivorous people, beyond teeth, since this is such a deep cosmic design? Un-studied on our planet so far!

  • Post-Adamic culture somewhat parallels what one finds on the first mansion world.
    • In both cases, "coarse" issues must be dealt with.
    • A "bestial tendency" is a very coarse genetics issue... not a fine-tuned one.
      • These coarse issues are normally worked through with post-Adamic man.
  • By post-Magisterial Son and its parallel second mansion world...
    • It's more fine issues. Fine issues in genetics (not just some linear genetic defect)
    • And intellectual issues.

  • Recall [73:7.3] explaining the plan for 500,000 pure-line offspring of Adam and Eve.
    • And then more to send to the Americas.

  • The racial "white" of the spheres has to do with the colors of the rainbow combining to form white light.
    • Not that it's easy to write about such things, times being what they are.