Episode:Purpose and Destiny—Planetary Dispensations (Part 5)

From Symmetry of Soul

When the worlds have become ripe for spiritualization, the bestowal Son arrives. These Sons always belong to the Magisterial or Avonal order except in that case, once in each local universe, when the Creator Son prepares for his terminal bestowal on some evolutionary world, as occurred when Michael of Nebadon appeared on Urantia to bestow himself upon our mortal races.

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Keywords: Urantia, Magisterial Son, Intellectual Uplifter, Bestowal Son, Spiritual Uplifter

Opening thought: "Every day a true believer lives, they find it easier to do the right thing." So here we are, trying to reflect and understand how to do the right thing, God-willing.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

Does the body have a mind or does the mind have a body? The top-down perspective whereby adjutant mind exerts a directive influence on the biological development of progressing mankind is not naturally acquired it must be taught. Such mindal influence can be inferred in recognizing the bias each of the colored races exhibits for a specific adjutant. Yet, the anomalous genetics and general fitness of Urantians attenuates such an influence. With the bodies of flesh and blood removed from the equation, mansion world experience will reveal more direct, even observable connection between creature mind and form.

We are reminded that even in our current state of affliction, we still embody the potential of a most exalted destiny. Try to become more accustomed to adopting the vantage point of the top-down perspective in cultivating courageous and independent cosmic thinking. Apply this to the question asked during the broadcast, "why were Adam and Eve not given a second chance at amalgamating the colored races on Urantia following their default?"

52:4 Post-Magisterial Son Man (cont.)

The attention to biological fitness begun in the Adamic dispensation continues in a more refined fashion during the regimes of a Magisterial Son through selective reproductive techniques both positive and negative. Success in this allows for economic liberation of the races. The ethical and intellectual attainments of humanity make it safe for mankind to have abundant leisure which is utilized for self-improvement and planetary advancement rather than the pursuit of the excesses of self-gratification, a significant feature of our present planetary emergency.

Normally, self-government (representative) becomes well established during this epoch. Interestingly, the founders of the American republic in pioneering such new governmental forms wisely built checks and balances into the governing structures to mitigate the all too familiar past performance of office holders to disregard duty for personal gain or parochial power.

Note that Thought Adjusters are still not bestowed universally in this age. Consider the contrast of the norms of this age with the current state of affairs on our world. SoS has frequently discussed the double-edged sword that is the endowment of Urantia mortals--still racially unblended and hardly paragons of intellect and ethical bearing--with universal, wholesale bestowal of Thought Adjusters. It is most definitely good news that sin is now redefined as deliberate disloyalty to Deity and not transgression of taboo, and further that we all possess souls, in all likelihood slated to awaken on mansion world number one following death. But in the religious realm (loyalty to supreme values), spiritualizing the minds of immature, unreflective, undisciplined mortals greatly increases the risks described in [89:10.2] for a slippery slope descent through stages of diminishing loyalty.

Life in this age simplifies. Art, music and higher learning begun in the previous dispensation attains its full flower. A great religious awakening heralds the end stage of this epoch and the readiness for the next dispensation. Note that some planets require more than one Magisterial Son to ready their world for a bestowal Son. Each dispensation culminates in potentializing the world for the age to come. As mentioned, following our Adamic dispensation Machiventa Melchizedek came not as a dispensational revelation (Magisterial type), but as an emergency visitation designed to potentialize the planet for the Michael bestowal.

The Magisterial Son is referred to as an intellectual uplifter, and in light of the fact that Urantia has already received the spiritual uplift of Jesus, our Magisterial Son can be anticipated as a philosophic uplifter coming to the world civilization in the fifth developmental epoch of philosophy and brotherhood.

52:5 Post-Bestowal Son Man

Ordinarily Paradise Bestowal Sons come to worlds which have attained standards of intellectual and spiritual development we can hardly imagine. Normally, this dispensation would include the age of spiritual striving, the sixth developmental epoch of progressive civilization.

Listen to the brief further exploration of the mindal and spiritual energetics involved in the difference between the work of the Magisterial Son in the spiritualization of the 3rd and 6th adjutants, loyalty plus zeal activated through encircuitment in the Holy Spirit to produce a “born again” individual, and the more holistic spiritualization whereby the born from above (born again) individual of the Magisterial dispensation becomes truly born above (born again again).

The idea of each dispensation representing a different mindal and spiritual environment is discernible in the specifics of the isolation of Urantia in the Lucifer rebellion, suspending the procedure whereby mortals can proceed directly to the mansion worlds. The events of Pentecost and the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth were necessary to enable direct passage of Urantia mortals to the morontia spheres. Additionally, the Spirit of Truth enables the universal bestowal of Thought Adjusters to our world.

Note, on worlds previously visited by an Avonal Son on a Paradise bestowal mission, a joint Spirit of Truth is sent also triggering the universal bestowal of thought Adjusters. Subsequent to the local universe Creator Son’s seventh bestowal, such joint Spirits of Truth are upgraded, effected through the Universe Mother Spirit.

Notes by Brad

  • By the normal post-Magisterial son age, "restriction of reproduction" is more of a fine-tuning matter, not a coarse issue anymore.
  • It is not "perfectly safe" to give lots of leisure time to people like us on a world like ours right now.
  • When they write our world's history in 100,000 years, will the USA's attempt to evolve a form of self government be recalled much like the first attempt to evolve mammals? Too soon, and a speedy failure?
  • It's "safe" to live more naturally and simply on a more advanced sphere, because the "natural" (i.e., genetics) is considerably more advanced than where we are at today.
    • It seems that this "complexity" of our current civilization is somehow, by implication, necessary because it isn't "safe" for us to live more naturally.