Episode:Purpose and Destiny—Stages of Light and Life (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

The age of light and life is the final evolutionary attainment of a world of time and space. And this era of light and life, inaugurated by the Trinity Teacher Sons at the conclusion of their final planetary mission, continues indefinitely on the inhabited worlds. However, there are seven stages in the unfoldment of the era of light and life—on each evolutionary world, and in the grand universe.

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Keywords: Urantia, Morontia Temple, Planetary Sovereign, Cosmic Philosophy, Fusion Flashes

Opening thought: "Advanced mortals learn that love is the greatest thing in the universe, and they know that God is love. Love is the desire to do good to others." An advanced preview of how this arc wraps up.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

Clarification of the duration of the Trinity Teacher Sons’ mission(s) being 1,000 years for each mission led to a discussion of the revelators’ practice of placing details about a particular topic in different locations in the revelation. This technique should encourage the serious student to develop a holistic approach to study. Comprehension of the 5th ER as a revelation of truth requires the seeker to acquire a synthetic grasp of the coordination of essential knowledge. The precision of the transcendent coordination of linguistic composition across multiple authors has been demonstrated in many previous SoS broadcasts and never ceases to astound longtime students.

The descriptions of the planetary epochs in Paper 52 became increasingly abstract the further removed from our present day they became. As mentioned, how beyond our imagination is it to attempt to conceive of a world in which the least of the citizens thereon are far transcendent of the human Jesus in mind and body? Yet, we all receive Thought Adjusters by grace, potentializing an eternal career and transcending the seemingly dire planetary problems of our time.

The question was posed, “How can one know if they have been born again?” In [137:8.8] Jesus teaches that the kingdom of heaven is entered with the faith and trusting dependence of a little child, and characterized by striving for a nobility of character like that of the Father. Also recall the initial meeting of Nicodemus and Jesus [146:6] where Jesus challenges Nicodemus with the idea of being born of the spirit, recognizing the distinction between the things of the material world (flesh) and the realm of the spirit. This spiritualization of mind brings with it the demands of divine law. Safely navigating the newfound freedom of sonship in harmony with liberty in law presents the kingdom believer with opportunities to cultivate discrimination and exercise self-control in being grown from spiritual childhood to a more mature state.

Back to our arc on the progressive advancement of civilization and the progressive spiritualization of individuals. Today’s dilemma consists in the abundance of spirit animated “-isms” and a dearth of true religionists. Progressing civilization is sparked by the inner transformation of individuals and not by external reforms in the material world.

Paper 55 Spheres of Light and Life

Each successive planetary dispensation is imbued with specific purpose culminating in the evolutionary utopia of light and life. This era continues indefinitely. There are seven planetary stages of light and life. These stages correspond to the hierarchy of superuniverse administrative levels, beginning with the planetary stage and progressing up through the system, constellation, local universe, minor and major sectors, and finally the superuniverse stage. Planets may attain these stages independent of universe organization at large.

55:1 The Morontia Temple

The arrival on the planetary capital of the morontia temple signals the admission of such a world to the settled ages of light and life. Celebration of the inauguration of the age of light and life is a grand day. The Paradise Bestowal Son is present to proclaim the promotion of the Planetary Prince to Planetary Sovereign and is accompanied by the System Sovereign. The temple itself is constructed in situ according to plans brought by the Morontia Power Supervisors, who with the help of the Master Physical Controllers actually build the temple.

The morontia temple is of unparalleled beauty. It accommodates about three hundred thousand spectators. It is used for special planetary ceremonies, communications with the System Sovereign, visualization ceremonies with spirit beings, and silent cosmic contemplation. Activities such as worship, play, and receiving space broadcasts are not held here.

Of some fascination for us is the morontia temple function as the assembly for witnessing Thought Adjuster fusion of fellow mortals. SoS speculated as to the nature of the fusion flash accompanying translation to the morontia existence. Considering the energetics of fusion, the unravelling of molecular states of matter into ultimatons, we can imagine an energy release far in excess of nuclear events with which we are familiar. Such transactions as these give added meaning to casual phrases as “going out in a blaze of glory.” Prior to the advent of the morontia temple mortal translations are accomplished in the planetary atmosphere.

Notes by Brad

  • Towering intellect suggests: Read 3 authors deeply, to have something to hang the rest of your learning off of.
    • For him it was Shakespeare, Plato, and Nietzsche.
    • Imagine what it would be like to do that, but with The Urantia Book. It's inherently prone to synthesis.

  • Nicodemus was an unwitting secularist before he met Jesus. Are you still one?
    • We all naturally are one.