Episode:Purpose and Destiny—Stages of Light and Life (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Natural, physical death is not a mortal inevitability. The majority of advanced evolutionary beings, citizens on worlds existing in the final era of light and life, do not die; they are translated directly from the life in the flesh to the morontia existence. These God-knowing mortals are removed from their material associations by the spiritual fires of consuming grandeur and ascending glory.

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Keywords: Urantia, Soul-Adjuster Fusion, Supreme Joy, Adjuster Transit, Son Seizure

Opening thought: "Primitive man only thought when he was hungry." But advanced mortals hunger for more than their daily bread. Let's find out what life is like for those advanced mortals on other spheres that someday our sphere will resemble as well.

Note: Justin Armstrong filled in for Andrea Barnes this week.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

Reflections on the phenomenon of Adjuster fusion in the morontia temple led to our discussion of speculations on the structural nature of the morontia soul in distinction to other morontia objects. The soul, being a superadditive consequence of creature mind and divine Adjuster led us to regard the soul in some sense as transcendent of the Adjuster. SoS in our arc on experiential deity from the eternal perspective viewed the experiential transcendent of the existential. These thoughts further led to recognizing all experiential reality as under the umbrella of Mother Deity, the evolver, in functional harmony with the Father, the initiator.

Going even further, SoS noted the complexities of the implementation and direct engagement of the Father’s law with experiential reality wherein we find God’s mercy. It is very easy for immature experiential beings as we to disregard the facts of the immutability of existential divine law and erroneously assume that mercy itself is existential, as suggested in the declaration of Paul in 2 Corinthians which states, “The mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting”; yes his mercy endures forever. Suffice it to say it is unlikely we will see the end of mercy while in the flesh. It remains however, that which mercy cannot rehabilitate justice will eventually annihilate [21:5.7]. SoS has over the years described a path to righteousness, starting with cultivation of the famous five favorable conditions (loyal, humble, sincere, just, and patient), moving to personalized harmonious coordination with the three cosmic insights, catalyzed by the Spirit of Truth and Adjuster guidance to safely achieve conformity with the cosmos in obedience to Divine law. Such an attainment depends upon the right exercise of our sovereignty of personality.

2. Death and Translation

Death (of a kind) is inevitable for all mortals. However, the unnatural death of the mortal form is conditional upon Adjuster fusion which obviates the loss of consciousness which accompanies natural death. Upon the terminal mission of the Trinity Teacher Sons on a world at the immediate threshold of the era of light and life, about one quarter of the planetary citizens are exempt from natural death.

In further stages of light and life an individual’s readiness for fusion is noted by midwayers or their associates, and following an orderly chain of command results in a summons from the Planetary Sovereign for the candidate to settle their planetary affairs and report to the morontia temple to await morontia transit. From estimates of planetary population and numbers of midwayers available for such duties, SoS speculates substantial numbers of “midwayer associates” will be required. SoS further conjectures that the “associates” hereto referred could very well be the spirit servers referred to in [13:1.20], in the secrets of Seraphington.

Descriptions of the particulars of events transpiring in the morontia temple with fusion candidates, assembled friends and associates, and the celestial personalities required to protect them from the fusion flash provided grist for SoS co-hosts comedic imaginative banter, inasmuch as one can have only the faintest concept of what these actualities involve. We can, however, have some idea of the tenor of the occasion being celebratory and ecstatically joyous in contrast with the sorrow and mourning of contemporary funerals.

And again straining our powers of imagination, what are spiritual fires and flames in contrast to material conflagrations, even nuclear events with which we are most familiar? The energetics of these matter, mind, spirit, and Deity transactions are impossible to imagine, albeit our study of the 5th ER tells us there are specific and precise cosmic physics in play.

These transactions of Adjuster transit of translated souls to the appropriate morontia resurrection halls at infinite velocity are supervised by an archangel sent to normal worlds on their first day of light and life. This caught our attention inasmuch as the archangel circuit we have on Urantia, was operational for the first time at the dispensational resurrection at the time of Michael’s Easter Sunday resurrection two thousand years ago.

By the time a planet reaches the fourth stage of light and life over half of the planetary mortals achieve terrestrial escape by translation. This proportion continues to increase, but our author has not encountered any evolutionary world where natural death has been entirely eliminated. Such statements should disabuse us from spending any time imagining our fusion while yet in the flesh.

We are reminded that translated souls from worlds in advanced stages of light and life are exempt from passing through the training regimes of the system and constellation, albeit they do return to those worlds as teachers. It strains the imagination to attempt to conceive of material mortals attaining such advanced status, or evolutionary worlds attaining such advanced civilization which embody the qualities equivalent to graduates of the constellation training programs. This should inspire us to strive for ever more cosmic alignment in our current form. We likely possess more capacity and capability for cosmic coordination and progress than we currently exercise.

Notes by Brad

  • Want to fuse with your Thought Adjuster in this life? Consider that such thoughts could be very self-centered egotistic thoughts.
    • "Look at me! I shone as bright as a supernova!"
  • Our newly (someday) Adjuster-fused bodies are far, far stronger innately than "mere" morontia material, at least it would seem that has to be so.

  • This author confesses he has some mansion-world remediation to undertake, long before Thought Adjuster fusion.
    • When he was 27, he substituted a political party for God in his heart for awhile, for example.
      • Seemed like an OK idea at the time. Plenty of worldly people cheered him on.

  • If you fuse with your Thought Adjuster in this life, your mortal self still dies... it just isn't a natural death (it's an unnatural death)

  • Are you a religionist?
    • Try to judge things by their eternal reality, not their temporal actuality.

  • Allow yourself to be amazed at what mind is capable of, even in this mortal lifetime.