Episode:Purpose and Destiny—Stages of Light and Life (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

In the successive stages of settled existence the inhabited worlds make marvelous progress under the wise and sympathetic administration of the volunteer Corps of the Finality, ascenders of Paradise attainment who have come back to minister to their brethren in the flesh. And upon the formal inauguration of the planetary ministry of these finaliters, the majority of the celestial hosts withdraw.

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Opening thought: "What a glorious universe, in that it is personal and progressive, not merely mechanical or even passively perfect." It takes a lot to get to perfection on a mortal sphere.

Closing thought: It's the effort you make, not necessarily the successes you achieve.

Keywords: Urantia, Seraphic Guardians, Midway Creatures, Life Carriers, God the Sevenfold

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

A common blunder today in interpreting the rightness or wrongness, or the goodness or badness of various social, political, economic, or religious phenomena lies in the persistent failure to think in complete evolutionary terms whether it be in terms of the world or in terms of oneself. Identification with the existential changeless fact of the Universal Father beyond his initiating spark of one’s real beginning is often overplayed in assessing and/or resisting change in the above referred to domains of human activity.

Reflections on what it is to be a truth seeker in distinction to a fact finder introduced the idea of accumulated facts being subject to a downward pull from material gravity counteracting a top-down truth predicate for the profitable and proper appreciation of said facts.

The common malady of depression can be seen as a preponderance of material gravity influence over spirit gravity. It is by virtue of one’s inner-life sovereignty of personal choice that the cultivation of favorable conditions for being grown constitutes the liberating influence of truth on soul growth. Techniques of such cultivation can be learned and practiced to the point of becoming reflexive reactions to the triggering stimuli of difficult life situations and scenarios. The earlier in life these cultivations begin, the more robust their influence becomes in meeting the struggles and conflicts of evolutionary life.

Material from the previous week concerning the materialized and humanized midway creatures was explored briefly. Originally they are horizontal creatures equipped for long years of service on evolutionary worlds. In the progressing stages of light and life the midwayers are humanized to the material phase or the morontia phase and modified so as to receive Thought Adjusters, thus becoming upwardly directed for service as “qualified administrators” of subadministrative centers on planets in light and life, and equipping them for subsequent Paradise ascension.

The final paragraph of section three contains the intriguing comment to the effect that, while one language, one religion, and one philosophy are necessary for a planet to move beyond the first stage of light and life, the many peoples of Urantia do not preclude the attainment of higher stages. It is suggested that the original pre-blended Andonite stock, following evolutionary and scientific modification, attain a genetic status akin to the Adamic constitution, thus providing a foundational integrity, underneath the crosscurrents of Sangik genetics thereby allowing higher stages of planetary attainment than would be possible were there no preceding pre-blended racial origin for the humans of our world.

A world’s unitary achievement in the domains of language, religion, and philosophy might suggest that such a planet would progress to one world government with the disappearance of nations. Yet we are told in [52:5.10] that in such a unitary world (post-bestowal mortal epoch), “there are many nations…”. Elsewhere the revelators refer to world government, but in the context of the regulation of international affairs.

55:4. Administrative Readjustments

Corps of the Finality volunteers begin their real participation in world affairs following the appearance of the morontia temple on a world, which is of course the commencement of the era of light and life on that world. Note the appearance of the universe pattern of ascension progression whereby those above and beyond minister for the growth, development, and progress of those ascenders below and behind.

While the majority of celestial hosts withdraw from planetary service, the seraphic guardians come in increasing numbers as more and more of the native populations achieve the third cosmic circle. Note, in what any of us would call an exalted age, third circle attainment is far from universal. It’s about quality not quantity of cosmic attainment that would allow Enoch and Elijah to fuse with their adjusters while inhabiting a world so primitive as ours.

Thus begins a series of ever more complex and precise administrative adjustments of planetary supervision, shepherding a world through the seven stages of light and life.

In the first stage of light and life, the Planetary Sovereign (advised by a Trinity Teacher Son), the chief of planetary finaliters, and Adam and Eve, jointly rule. Note: all but Adam and Eve are invisible to mortal sight, but human vision has been extended, making the midway creatures fully visible. The midwayers are being prepared for departure for Paradise sometime during these early stages.

The second stage of light and life witnesses the Life Carriers direct participation in the further evolution of the human race, physical, socially, and economically. At this advanced stage of planetary development they are still purifying the mortal stocks through drastic elimination of the retarded and persisting remnants of inferior potential of an intellectual, philosophic, cosmic, and spiritual nature!

The third stage of light and life—the Deity study of God the Sevenfold here addresses the Ancients of Days. Listen to the side discussion referencing the study aid The Psychic Circles and the Sevenfold, found on the Perfecting Horizons website library. Parallel patterns between the stages of light and life and the Sevenfold are cited for our recognition if not full understanding.

The complexities of these adjustments continue to multiply. With advancing stages, a world is working into an ever-greater synchronization with Deity influence in the cosmos, which means we must consider ever greater numbers of beings and influences which embody higher expressions of Deity’s avatars in reality.

Notes by Brad

  • That which is indispensable in one age becomes dangerous and destructive in another.

  • This author has noticed many people becoming more materially oriented as they age, despite claims to be spiritually oriented.
    • By grace you get a minimal amount of connection spirit gravity at age 6.
    • It's not like material and spirit gravity equally counterbalance one another.
    • If if you do not take delight in cultivating... eventually the scales tip.
    • Even if you recognize you've gone past this tipping point, it's not too late! Your inner life never has to be subject to the eternal world and material gravity.
      • Even Jesus had to go off by himself for a few days at a time, to re-solidify the force of spirit gravity in his mind.
      • The better to engage the weighty pile of material facts accumulating in his life.
      • A depressed person lacks enough spirit gravity to apparently counterbalance the accumulating material gravity.
    • Don't merely free yourself of material attachment--a sort of escapism.
    • Find real religion. Bind yourself back to eternity.
    • It gets harder as you get older.
      • Life animation doesn't connect as much. Material inertia is more set in.
      • It's easier to institute these into your material self when you are younger. Some parenting advice perhaps.
      • Can you, a young person, found some practices in your early life that will serve you well later, resting upon them?

  • Belief can be broken by the vicissitudes of material life.
  • To know something is to be unbreakable by material life.
  • Spirit ministries can allow you to know.
    • The Holy Spirit is, in a sense, the spirit of fact.
  • Choose now, don't wait for difficult circumstances.
  • You cannot really rest upon mere belief.
    • Fine. Let an atheist come along and disabuse you of your beliefs
    • Either that, or you yourself break your illusions of your initial beliefs.
  • Seek the real light that cannot be dimmed.
  • The universe is friendly.
    • But the word friend means love, and sometimes love is tough.
  • Read the book of Job for a recognition of a real friend: "Even though he slay me, I will serve him."

  • It seems the space we are in will always feel too small for us.
    • "Life is short" here.
    • Having children and a career for women? Seems impossible in our current estate on our world.
    • But in the evolution of the Supreme, this is something that needs to happen to mortals somewhere in the universe. So here we are.

  • Nations endure into light and life. There is no "one nation for the world" in our future.
    • It's a curious thing for us, given that so many other things are unified on an advanced world (one language, one philosophy...)
    • Nations are a deep and fundamental part of the cosmic order.
    • High forms of nations are not just "people of a place" (bottom-up), but the top-down fixed number of nations destined for a world.

  • Be humble. Let's set this straight: best assume you're in the 7th psychic circle.
    • Advanced mortals who live 500 years aren't even all reaching the 3rd psychic circle on these planets in light and life!