Episode:Purpose and Destiny—Stages of Light and Life (Part 6)

From Symmetry of Soul

As worlds advance in the settled status of light and life, society becomes increasingly peaceful. The individual, while no less independent and devoted to his family, has become more altruistic and fraternal. On our sin-darkened world, and as we are, we can have little appreciation of the advanced status and progressive nature of the enlightened races of these perfected worlds.

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Keywords: Urantia, Social Advancement, Philosophic Unification, Cosmic Illumination, Spiritual Enhancement

Opening thought: "While inherited urges cannot be fundamentally modified, emotional responses to such urges can be changed; therefore your moral nature can be modified, your character can be improved." Even to these high heights. Probably not in this mortal lifetime, but eventually you'll do the same things these citizens are doing on these spheres.

Note: Justin Armstrong filled in for Kermit Anderson this week.

Summary by Justin

Commentary after review

Symmetry of Soul provided the following keywords in an attempt to encourage reflection: Social Advancement, Philosophic Unification, Cosmic Illumination, Spiritual Enhancement

Social advancement (forward with progress) and spiritual enhancement (upward with progress) are both linear designations. Philosophic unification and cosmic illumination are non linear co-ordinations that provide the context in which the linear progress occurs. The linear perspective (bottom up) and the non linear perspective (top down) are both essential in genuine reflection. This demands a recognition of individuality consciousness as well as unity consciousness. Regarding your individuality consciousness, remember that God can only be found in an evermore inward and upward quest towards absolute precision.

We discussed the pattern of things coming full circle. The main reason for this basic pattern is that independent of time there is Truth: end is present at the beginning. When approaching reality from the top down there is first truth and then fact. Evolution is creativity in time. This pattern is essential in providing individual mortals the opportunity to participate in their own perfecting-ness.

Always remember to put the parts in the context of the whole. An often-referenced passage regarding this concept is [112:1.17]: This distinction is vital, for in a cosmic system the individual members are not connected with each other except in relation to the whole and through the individuality of the whole.”

The key element the 5th ER is trying to provide is a recognition of the part from the whole, Deity in contrast to Reality, The Mother in contrast to the Father. This profound revelation gives us the context for the recognition of our True individual nature for we are not merely a finite temporal phenomenon.

55:6. The Individual Mortal

We started out with a focus on individuals in the context of advanced and evolving worlds. A planet is a material sphere however a world has individual beings that inhabit that material sphere.

High levels of society are predicated on both individual freedom and devotion to the family unit. The foundational family unit is fundamental in providing cosmic order on a world, it is the anchor point for social life. On advanced stages of light and life the outer life differentials of inequality have been eliminated, however fraternal relationships are always unique because they are rooted in the inner life. Fraternal relationships are the superadditive consequence bridging the differentials of two absolutely unique personalities. These fraternal relationships allow for the possibility of world wide brotherhood.

There are unimaginable differences between our sin-stricken, evil-dominated, self-seeking, isolated world and that of an enlightened race in light and life, however don’t lose sight of what we have in common. They also continue to breathe, eat, sleep and drink. This pattern in lowly animal-origin creatures is actually a downstepped expression from on high.

In advanced stages of light and life the physical evolution of man continues through selective reproduction. This process involves a sophisticated management of higher and lower groups. The mortals on a planet during this age are divided into from five to ten groups, and the lower groups are permitted to produce only one half as many children as the higher. This allows for the promotion of those racial strains which exhibit superior qualities of a social, philosophic, cosmic, and spiritual nature.

In paragraph four we read “In the fourth stage of light and life the advanced mortals seem to experience considerable conscious contact with the spirit presence of the Master Spirit of superuniverse jurisdiction, while the philosophy of such a world is focused upon the attempt to comprehend the new revelations of God the Supreme.” Perfecting Horizons Institute has provided a chart titled “The Psychic Circles and the Sevenfold” in which the fourth stage of light and life is parallel with the third level of the sevenfold chart. Please listen to the broadcast for greater detail.

The revelators conjecture that there can never be a limit to intellectual evolution and the attainment of wisdom. This is because wisdom can exhaust the material potentials. Think of science and religion on the same plane and the superadditive consequence of the relationship between both science and religion results in philosophy, which allows for ever ascending levels of wisdom.

On very old and advanced worlds, some mortals are taught the languages of both the local universe and the superuniverse. Adjutant mind is not capable of learning these languages, however such a task is possible through accessing and utilizing moronita mind. The Abandonters who teach advanced mortals the tongue of the superuniverse are the offspring of the Reflective Mother Spirits of the Master Spirits and the Creative Mother Agencies of the Ancients of Days.

Such advanced mortals go directly to the morontia worlds of the local universe capital to begin their ascension careers. If we could only but view one of these advanced worlds we would nevermore question the wisdom of the evolutionary scheme. We speculated that when the grand universe gets closer to being settled in light and life many universe functions will reciprocate and that “old things are passing away; behold, all things are becoming new”.

55:7. The First or Planetary Stage

The final paragraph in the preface of paper 55 states that “the planetary values of any stage may be attained by any world quite independent of the development of other worlds or of the superplanetary levels of universe administration.” Section 7 transitions us away from planetary levels of advancement and begins to describe the development of universe organization and administration. This first stage begins with the appearance of the morontia temple at the new planetary headquarters and once an entire system attains light and life this first stage of universe organization and administration is complete.

Kings and queens are successful administrators when they function in a representative government, when they can act in behalf of still higher but invisible rulers.

On our world Machiventa Melchizedek will sometime occupy the seat of Planetary Sovereign and there is speculation that a son and daughter of Adam and Eve might so serve in association with this Melchizedek-Sovereign.

When the last world achieves light and light the entire system is stabilized after one millennium of system time.

Notes by Brad

  • The whole is infinitely transcendent of any part.
  • Quid est veritas? Truth comes from eternity and manifests in time.
  • Reality could never come full circle if there wasn’t a whole.

  • You will always feel empty if you circumscribe yourself as a finite temporal phenomenon.
  • Stop turning yourself inside out
    • “I want cars and vacations and free time instead of kids” is just the natural outer-life raccoon in us all.
    • “the ideal is the horde” is an erosion of the inner life because it's about ideals.

  • Mortals on advanced spheres of light and life don’t conceptualize themselves from the bottom-up anymore as we tend to here. Of course, the 5th ER lets us start conceptualizing ourselves from the top down, too.
  • Advanced worlds have no trouble facing the facts of differential genetics.
    • On an advanced world, for the sake of progressing civilization, humanity collectively scientifically manages genetics in increasingly precise ways.
    • Advanced mortals don’t feel oppressed by such regimes; these people understand the deep cosmic mathematics of it all.
    • But on our sin-darkened world, people take offense to having their procreation limited, in a self-righteous interpretation of the world around you.
      • It takes courage to accept what you are and to submit to what is permitted.

  • Can you recognize what wisdom truly is, from the top down?
    • The love of wisdom, in the cosmic sense?
    • The philosophic level is the superadditive consequence of the tension between the scientific and the religious.
    • Even if a world reaches maximum spiritual and religious expression, there are infinite levels to ascend in philosophy.