Episode:Purpose and Destiny—Stages of Light and Life (Part 8)

From Symmetry of Soul

A superuniverse is settled in light and life when all of its component local universes are thus perfected. But what will happen when the grand universe (the seven superuniverses as dependent on Havona) becomes entirely settled in light and life? That event will undoubtedly be the most profound occurrence in the annals of eternity since the appearance of the central universe of perfection.

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Opening thought: Someday, "the perfected grand universe...will be vastly different from what it is at present. ...The time universes will have achieved the fulfillment of finite destiny! And perhaps for a space there will be rest, relaxation from the agelong struggle for evolutionary perfection. But not for long!"

Keywords: Urantia, Minor Sector Stage, Major Sector Stage, Superuniverse Stage, The Unqualified Supervisors of the Supreme

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

The post review discussion explored some of the physics of the advancing realms of philosophy and spiritualized thinking characteristic of the second or system stage of light and life. To philosophize, begins in the spiritualized mind where the three cosmic intuitions enable a triune relationship to truth wherein resides the potential to know, obey, and think the truth in a wholeness. Such thinking moves down into a temporal wholeness of wisdom, descending further incorporating individual facts of time. This top-down process beginning with truth (dynamic and moving) stands in contrast to the bottom-up efforts of science and religion to associate facts of time with values in eternity in constructing a philosophic mode of mind.

Numerous times in past broadcasts we have commented on the crisis in advancing philosophy around the turn of the last century. Loss of philosophers’ faith in truth precipitated among some a rush toward materialism and nihilism. Do not neglect to note the role of material gravity also in the descent into nihilism.

Certainly the invisibility of spirit realities are a major stumbling block in the quest for a true religion. Many paths to religious attainment must go through the struggle with the false props of material distractions. Note the Jews' attainment of a religion worthy of the name came after their material distractions were forcibly stripped from them in the Babylonian captivity. This historic episode has served as a metaphoric symbol for many an individual on their spiritual journey to a genuine personal religion.

Reflect on Onagar’s prayer to The Breath Giver. “O Breath of Life, give us this day our daily food, deliver us from the curse of the ice, save us from our forest enemies, and with mercy receive us into the Great Beyond.” Beginning with material petitions he culminates in a connection with the eternal.

55:10.7 The Fourth or Local Universe Stage (cont.)

The transition to trinitarian sovereignty in the time-space realms is demonstrated in the announcement that the finaliters acknowledge the jurisdiction of the supreme council of unlimited authority. Heretofore the finaliters have never recognized supervision this side of Paradise. Recall the finaliter oaths to the Paradise Trinity and not to any or even all of the three infinite persons. Remember the ascension career is about Father seeking. The finaliter career is about Mother revealing, starting with the whole. This reciprocation is represented in the transcendence of philosophy over science and religion, something to be appreciated even in our lowly estate.

In this stage the Creator Son spends more and more time on Paradise with various groups of finaliters, leaving room for a greater Trinity influence in the affairs of the local universe. Note the creature aspect of Michael obtained during his final three creature bestowals finds affinity with the finaliters.

Speculation abounds regarding the Creator Sons’ role in the outer universes. Changes in the Divine Minister’s ministry show increasing blending with the Master Spirit and Infinite Spirit. She is no longer downstepping their ministry inasmuch as the local universe is increasingly attaining mind levels commensurate with the superuniverse.

The revelators even float the idea that Michael could leave Nebadon prior to the local universe being settled, in which case they feel confident that Gabriel and Father Melchizedek would remain and assume administrative leadership roles (but it is completely impossible for the Divine Minister cannot leave the local universe until the grand universe is fully settled in light and life). The revelators are equally confident that the Divine Minister would accompany him. Ask yourself if you can find anything in the revelation that would logically suggest this.

55:11 The Minor and Major Sector Stages

The minor and major sectors do not figure directly in the plan of being settled in light and life. The local universe and its system and constellation components are considered an administrative unit, and the superuniverse is considered settled when all one hundred thousand local universes are perfected.

The minor sector age is characterized by physical stabilization concerning only the power centers and their associates. The major sector age, which has yet to be seen would be expected to be concerned with new intellectual levels of attainment and supreme realization of cosmic wisdom. Note the parallels of these stages with the sevenfold are here discussed. The revelators bolster their speculations about these yet-to-occur universe events by observing parallel achievements on the individual worlds, and surprisingly in the experiences of individual mortals. Such an interesting statement draws our attention to the previously referred-to chart “The Psychic Circles and the Sevenfold” found on the Perfecting Horizons Institute website.

It was mentioned recently that an individual planet’s or person’s progress on the path to perfection is conditioned and qualified (i.e., facilitated or retarded) by the context and status of surrounding realms. Yet, this pertains only from the temporal perspective. Viewed from the eternal perspective the revelators assure us that no such limitations exist. Note the achievement of Jesus of Nazareth attaining the personal status of light and life, further showing the validity of considering Adjuster fusion representing a downstepped expression of the grand universe settled in light and life! Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny indeed!

Listen to the very illuminating discussion on the hierarchical aspects of unity, even individuated unity!

55:12 The Seventh of Superuniverse Stage

Stretching the very limits of celestial speculations considering this stage, the revelators characteristically carefully qualify their speculations. These speculations include the abstruse Unqualified Supervisors of the Supreme assuming administrative responsibilities upon the Supreme Being attaining sovereignty.

Concerning the settling of the grand universe in light, the paper concludes with the revelators declaring "That event will undoubtedly be the most profound occurrence in the annals of eternity since the appearance of the central universe. There are those who hold that the Supreme Being himself will emerge from the Havona mystery enshrouding his spirit person and will become residential on the headquarters of the seventh superuniverse as the almighty and experiential sovereign of the perfected creations of time and space. But we really do not know."