Episode:Purpose and Destiny—Universal Unity (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

God is unity. Deity is universally coordinated. The universe of universes is one vast integrated mechanism which is absolutely controlled by one infinite mind. The physical, intellectual, and spiritual domains of universal creation are divinely correlated. There is a divine and single purpose exhibited in all of the manifold manifestations of universal creative energy.

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Keywords: Urantia, Divine Oneness, Physical Coordination, Intellectual Unity, Spiritual Unification

Opening thought: "The whole scheme of living existences on the worlds of space is centered in the divine purpose." [2:2.5] "The living cosmos is an all but infinitely integrated aggregation of real units, all of which are relatively subject to the destiny of the whole." [112:5.1]

Closing thought: See if you can incorporate some of these thoughts from Symmetry of Soul into your own recognition.

Note: Justin Armstrong filled in for Andrea Barnes in this episode.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

The idea of the divisibility of unity, in terms of the sevenfold individuation of spirit unity of the three persons of Deity as exemplified in the creation of the Seven Master Spirits was entertained in the last series. SoS explored further the seeming paradox of individuated unity. It is more helpful to think in terms of quality i.e., one phase of unity downstepping to seven phases as opposed to trying to imagine a spatial or quantitative “dividing up”.

Listen again to the elaboration of the logic whereby an individual’s fusion with his/her Thought Adjuster is in cosmic parallel with the grand universe settling in light and life. The thread of logic includes links with the Supreme level of the Sevenfold.

Consider that fusion with the Thought Adjuster, occurring relatively early in the ascension career, requires transcending the limitations of the finite (within oneself), which is only possible in the realm of truth transcendent of fact.

Beware the old wineskins of thinking selfishly about salvation in like manner applied to fusion. Divine law governs Adjuster fusion not legalistic requirements. Transcend the bottom-up human notions of the fact of fusion. Seek first the kingdom of heaven.

Paper 56 Universal Unity

This material is to be considered philosophically and not in a religious frame. Unity (continuumness) must be considered in the context of an abundance of individuality phenomena, which among themselves are in association. It is a unity essence coexistent context which allows/enables the association of individualities. Such individuated unity exists in an infinite vertical hierarchy of presence. The source of this unity presence is what this paper is about.

We will note along the way that the material of this paper is a synthesis of the contents of everything which has come prior in Parts I and II of the revelation. The introductory sentence “God is unity” is a concession to the proclivity of 20th century man to think religiously. Yet with the second sentence we are moved into the philosophic realm, “Deity is universally co-ordinated.” Remember words like co-ordinate and correlate signify Mother Deity, experientially and The Paradise Trinity (not the Universal Father) existentially. The key in attempting appreciation of this material is to keep in mind the Deity perspective, even in light of terminology of the Reality perspective.

The unification of the diverse levels of creation exist by virtue of the administrative plans of the Architects of the Master Universe, absonite beings whose engagement of the finite is one of totality—transcendent. But note the introduction of the concept of divine oneness denoting indivisibility. While unity can exhibit phases of individuation, the oneness of the Trinity is indivisible Deity—the Coinfinite One a superabsolute fact which is both unity AND oneness. We are reminded that invoking the Father in all of this is tantamount to committing the colossal error of Pantheism. Remember that The Paradise Trinity is the only facet of Deity which engages all of Reality. Further, all other facets of Deity engage Reality through the Trinity. Another telltale sign of man’s religious bias and philosophic immaturity is the structure of the revelation, beginning with Paper 1, The Universal Father, and getting around to The Paradise Trinity in Paper 10! As we have stated many times previously, the revelation is written in the Reality perspective.

56:1 Physical Co-ordination

The explanation of the co-ordination of the physical realm by the revelators is only properly understood from the eternal viewpoint. Try to imagine Paradise as the source of all material universes, past, present or, future but as an eternity derivation. It is here that The Universal Father exists prior to the differentiation of energy and spirit. In his hands they are one. The same with energy pattern and spirit pattern (personality), in Him they are one pattern.

Advanced students familiar with the deeper concepts of Total Deity are encouraged to listen to the archive of this broadcast for elucidation of how the revelators can say the primal forces of pure energy and pure spirit inhere in the Absolutes. Also, revisit the discussion of the foundations of pure spirit and pure energy, where the spirit (unity) side has a ceiling of individuality (Father fragments) and the energy (individuality) side has a floor of unity (primordial force).

MIND is introduced upon departure from the unqualified concept of the infinite personality of the Paradise Father as the inevitable (superadditive consequence) technique of unifying the divergence of the dual manifestations of energy and spirit.

56:2 Intellectual Unity

Keeping the Deity perspective foremost in our consideration when we read “spirit realities” think spirit realities of Deity, and for material realities think repercussions of Deity. The Infinite Mind and the Absolute Mind are both functional endowments of the Infinite (Mother) Spirit. Mind is unity observed via insight; the mind engagement of an amoeba all the way up to the mind of Gabriel.

56:3 Spiritual Unification

The unity substance (spirit) has three different Deity predicates in the three infinite persons and is anchored in the Eternal Son. All spiritual phenomena or spirit beings are derived from the God who is spirit, the Spirit Son and the Infinite Mind Spirit. Note the creative nomenclature employed by the revelators. And all these phenomena and beings are brought down via the ministry of the Sevenfold to where we are.

The revelators conclude with emphasis on the foundation of the Paradise Trinity.

Notes by Brad

  • An old wineskin problem: thinking of fusion with the Thought Adjuster as just the latest bottom-up salvation scheme
    • It is not this, despite many casual readers of the 5th ER opining on how sure they're closer to fusion.
    • It is not conformity to some human notion of Adjuster fusion.
      • It's not some exalted works righteousness. "If I do the right things I'll fuse." You cannot build your way there, you can be built if you supply favorable conditions.
    • Ever adjuster fusion is a presaging of the entire grand universe being settled in light an life.
    • A mortal who fuses has, in a very real way, at the point transcended the finite.
    • "Oh don't worry, I'll get around to being grown and reaching adjuster fusion."
      • No. You must choose this path absolutely and consciously.
      • If you never make time to be grown ("I'll fit it in around my agenda") you'll never reach Adjuster fusion.
      • This isn't really about you and your salvation.
    • Better: foundationally rotate yourself 180 degrees away from human bottom-up notions of these matters.
    • Divine law governs fusion, not some human notion of such a law.
      • As a human, you cannot figure this out. The Divine Law cannot be figured out in a bottom-up or works righteousness way.
    • You eventually must transcend all bottom-up beliefs about your salvation, your fusion, etc. And instead found yourself on the real top-down truth.

Annotations by Brad

  • [1] This is a philosophic paper, not a religious paper, not a scientific (e.g. historical) paper. It is highly synthetic of major themes in Part I and II. That's what makes this paper so immediately and famously obtuse; it presupposes you have all of Part I and Part II at your command in a working synthesis. Proper understand of this paper requires the student begin with a philosophic predicate. Start with the Paradise Trinity and Deity (particularly Mother Deity), not The Universal Father.
  • [2] Unity is a philosophic quality of continuum-ness (where -ness words often connote philosophic concepts).
  • [3] We can infer the existence of unity through the (a) observation of individuality phenomenon such as rocks, and (b) observation of the associativity between individual things such as the fact you stub your toe on a rock. Individuality and associativity demand the existence of unity.

  • [4] This is their religious on-ramp to a philosophic paper. From here on, this paper deals with Deity. The fundamental quality of Deity is unity. God is personalized Deity. Mind is unity, also, but save that thought for Section 2.
  • [5] Avoid thinking of unity in a spatial way. Unity is divisible (e.g., "the sevenfold individuation of spirit unity."), but this is a qualitative individuation, not a quantitative individuation. It is illogial to speak of divisibilty of unity in a spatial or quantitative way (such a feat would necessarily break the unity). A logical example would be "downstepping 1 phase of unity into 7 phases."
  • [6]The Paradise Trinity is the foundation of this paper, not the Universal Father. Co-ordination implies either the Paradise Trinity or Mother Deity. The Paradise Trinity is the one facet of Deity that accesses reality ("universal"). All other facets of Deity access reality through the Paradise Trinity.
  • [7]Mother Deity is the experiential Deity that extends from the Paradise Trinity. At at the highest level of Mother Deity there is the Infinite Mother Spirit--the reciprocal from The Universal Father.
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