Episode:Purpose and Destiny—Universal Unity (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Personality inherently reaches out to unify all constituent realities. Such unifying creativity of all creature personality is a birthmark of its high and exclusive source and is further evidential of its unbroken contact with this same source through the personality circuit, by means of which the personality of the creature maintains direct and sustaining contact with the Father of all personality on Paradise.

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Keywords: Urantia, Personality Unification, Deity Unity, The Paradise Trinity, Evolutionary Deity

Opening thought: "It is helpful to man’s cosmic orientation to attain all possible comprehension of Deity’s relation to the cosmos." [118:1.1] "The finite of time contains within itself the seeds of eternity." [117:5.14]

Closing thought: Follow the way... God the Mother.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

To clarify, truthful understanding the religious aspects of this paper and series is achieved through a philosophic, top-down approach. Beginning in a philosophic space of wholeness in Paradise Trinity, the partial aspect of religion (and science) and one’s correct relationship with the Universal Father can be attained avoiding the erroneous and dreaded capital-“P” Pantheism.

Again for clarity, we revisited the analogy in which the floor or foundation of the pure energy individuality substance is the pervasive primordial force, and the ceiling of the pure spirit unity substance is individuated Father fragments. Such an analogy suggests the presence/influence of a transcendent coordinating whole.

Discussion ensued of the various sections of the revelation dealing with existential Deity which in their philosophic approach liberate the intrepid, or even not so intrepid, truth seeker from a self-centered quest for proof of personal salvation. And doing this all without destroying the validity of the quest for such a promise of salvation. Listen to the archive of the broadcast for specifics.

The conversation shifted to [Paper 196] The Faith of Jesus and what it means to lift Jesus up. As previously mentioned many times on SoS, the faith of Jesus is concerned the cultivation of the inner life, the source and motivation for acts of loving service in the outer life.

Returning to our current series, our discussion explored the various words used in the first five section titles of [Paper 56].

  • Being material minded creatures attuned to physical energy systems (i.e., highly individuality part-like) the systematized association of parts is aptly described as physical coordination.
  • Spiritual unification suggests a pre-association co-presence of potential harmony, allowing for continuumness with individuality—association approaching unity.
  • Personality unification implies a tri-unification. Personality influence is transcendent of the threefold actuality of matter, mind, and spirit.

Intellectual unity and Deity unity can be seen together in examining the physics whereby mind is the superadditive consequence of bringing the individuality substance matter into relation with the unity substance spirit, to a point high enough to synchronize with Deity, transcendent of the unity substance itself.

56:4 Personality Unification

The divinely unified personality of the Universal Father imparts to his ascendent children the potential to be fully unified, which in its realization becomes the pilgrim’s perfection-of-purpose passport to Havona.

Personality reaches out from a vantage point transcendent of the threefold actuality of reality as a deified level of reality to bridge Deity and reality and unify all constituent realities. The Absolutes of Infinity are coordinate as a function of the Paradise Trinity. How is it that the Universal Father unifies them? And how does he do this in the context of the Trinity presence? Without reciting the chapter and verse of Total Deity, suffice it to say for our purposes, the key to His unification lies in the Trinity imperative of the fifteen triunities. Further, his maintenance of unbroken contact with his personal creatures is through the personality circuit as the Volitional Absolute anchor. In relation to the Paradise Trinity (in relation to the whole) and through the individuality of the whole (the Mother) experiential creatures and the Universal Father are in contact. The impersonal Paradise Trinity acting as a buffer between the Father and Reality ensures that the infinity of the Father’s personality does not overwhelm the partwise elements of reality and to be subsumed into Himself.

Additional details are provided on the role of the personality circuit as a divine thread through both divine and creature personalities.

The revelators show how the monotheism of long-standing tradition is not in real conflict with the plurality of the many manifestations of Deity as revealed in The Urantia Book. The revelation provides a much more precise explanation of these matters which should disabuse readers of fixating on Father love to the detriment of progressing in the religion of the spirit.

56:5 Deity Unity

The three infinite and eternal personalizations of Deity are actually one Deity, undivided and indivisible in the Paradise Trinity. Do not disregard the difference between the terms actually and functionally. Setting aside absonite and transfinite considerations, God the Sevenfold, a facet of Deity functions in the reality individuals of the Supreme Creators. As we recall from [Paper 55] in time and space increasing influence of the Paradise Trinity is an achievement, while in the central universe it is a fact of existence.

56:6 Unification of Evolutionary Deity

As encountered above, the Paradise Trinity is the foundation upon and through which everything existential IS. With the Supreme Creators doings in the time-space domains, tension between the evolving Almighty in its interplay with the presence of the impersonal energy presence of the Trinity find resolution in supremacy, i.e., unification with the experiential personalities of experiential Deity—the Mother (the Finite Upholder). Thus the unification of evolutionary Deity is the result of the coordination of the experiential Mother and the existential Trinity.

The second paragraph of this section is reminiscent of papers 115-117 in the context of the unification of evolutionary Deity. The Finite Upholder in the domains of time and space is seen to be reciprocated in the central universe as the spiritual functioning of the person of God the Supreme a.k.a. the Supreme Spirit.