Episode:Purpose and Destiny—Universal Unity (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

The steady progress of evolution in the time-space universes is accompanied by ever-enlarging revelations of Deity to all intelligent creatures. The attainment of the height of evolutionary progress on a world, in a system, constellation, universe, superuniverse, or in the grand universe signalizes corresponding enlargements of deity function to and in these progressive units of creation.

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Keywords: Urantia, Experiential Deity, The Sevenfold, The Supreme, The Ultimate

Opening thought: "Many human reactions are mechanical in nature; much of life is machinelike. But man, a mechanism, is much more than a machine; he is mind endowed and spirit indwelt... he can increasingly learn how to subordinate ...(his) machine to the directive wisdom of experience by the process of consecrating the human mind to the execution of the spiritual urges of the indwelling Thought Adjuster." [118:8.2]

Note: Justin Armstrong filled in for Andrea Barnes this week.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

Initial discussion following the review included brief reflections from the previous week. Mention was made of the thread of truth in the monotheism of longstanding traditions made real through encircuitment in the Holy Spirit, notwithstanding the functioning of plural Deities. Also discussed was the value and even necessity of attaining a more profitable cosmic orientation starting from a vantage point of truth and proceeding logically to a correct understanding of that which is before you in your experience. Matter does not beget higher order realities in a bottom-up fashion. The effort to interpret the more tangible aspects of human experience as downstepped manifestations of that which is above and transcendent is a faculty which precedes the top-down apprehension of the truth in more abstract matters of cosmic significance. Such apprehension of truth is not to be mistaken as possessing one’s particular version of truth, or as a source of truth, but rather a relationship to truth

When common sense enabled by the first cosmic intuition is replaced by the scientific dictation of modern times, in association with the dysfunctional longstanding pretenders to genuine moral and spiritual insight—social usage and religious dogma—civilization is in jeopardy. Deliverance from such a triune false logic milieu can be found in the presence and function of Deity which is transcendent to the threefold actuality of reality. As we are told in [118:1.1], "It is helpful to man's cosmic orientation to attain all possible comprehension of Deity's relation to the cosmos."

56:6.3 Unification of Evolutionary Deity (cont.)

Our initial paragraph effectively summarizes the power-personality synthesis of the Supreme Being, inferring that creature comprehension of Deity is limited to the Supreme Father. Also, note the mortal creature’s evolutionary path to recognition of a God of love through the recognition of truth, the appreciation of beauty, and worship of goodness. Notwithstanding [101:8.1] wherein we are told that worship of truth, beauty, and goodness is contraindicated, careful and reflective appreciation of our passage reveals that the worship of goodness represents a more immature starting point from which we evolve to a worship of God who is truth, beauty, and goodness personified and infinitely more.

Further discussion explored the significance of upper- and lower-case use of the term Deity. Previous SoS arcs have dealt with the idea of Deity as a literal fact— “non-thing thingness.” Here we encounter a lower-case deity term which is described as a downstepped avatar of Deity influence in reality. Note the etymology of the word “avatar” designating an expression down and transiting a transcendental boundary, in this case the boundary between Deity and Reality.

Ascending mortals, as finite creatures achieve comprehension of the Supreme, not a comprehension of the Supreme Being. Even finaliters as sixth-stage spirits do not find the Supreme Being. Such a discovery must await the Supreme’s functionality in the future outer universes, in which context it will require a new name which is commensurate with absonite (trans-finite) relationships.

Remember finite ascenders find the Universal Father, not as an infinite being but as the seventh level of God the Sevenfold, nonetheless this represents a genuine personality recognition, enabled through a deity influence in the Sevenfold.

56:7 Universal Evolutionary Repercussions

Evolution in the time-space universes is attended by the ever-enlarging revelations of Deity in the inner lives of intelligent creatures and is reciprocated in the repercussions of enlarged deity function and manifestation abroad in the cosmos. We find analogy in the parallel between creature fusion with a Father fragment, and the grand universe settling in light and life. The top-down approach to cosmic orientation reveals the parts’ embodiment of the essence of the whole.

Note the existential deity manifestations to individual creatures, is not reciprocated in the inner-life manifestations of all other persons.

Ascenders become aware of the impersonal presence of Deity presence long before being able to personally recognize and make contact with such Deities as personal beings. Think of a creature’s recognition of the indwelling Father’s presence long before recognizing and contacting the personality of the Universal Father (as the seventh level of God the Sevenfold).

Behind enlarging deity manifestations are simultaneous expansions of Deity functional-revelation. Note that God the Ultimate and his functional-revelation of transcendental overcontrol of the universes is foreshadowed by the appearance of increased deity influence of the Paradise Trinity in the presence of various associated Trinity-origin beings.

Review the broadcast for the explanation of the Creator-Creative manifestations of God the Sevenfold in terms beyond merely the Creator Son-Local Universe Mother level of activity including the cosmic mothers above the Divine Minister.

Penetrating future developments of the universal evolutionary repercussions of the unification of evolutionary Deity is tough sledding for even the revelators. They confess much speculation as well as differing opinions among themselves. Regarding God the Sevenfold functions in the outer universes, they are not of one mind concerning the Ancients of Days and the superuniverse Master Spirits. However they do all agree that in the universes of outer space the Michael Sons and their Divine Minister consorts will function in closer union even to the point of eventuating into some new expression of an ultimate nature requiring a whole new nomenclature.

As the section concludes, revelator speculation includes the idea that the progressive approach to the Universal Father currently provided by God the Sevenfold may prevail in the outer universes, but confess ignorance as to the possible new orders of beings who may approach Deity on ultimate levels by absonite techniques.

They express somewhat more confidence that the perfected superuniverses will be a significant part of the Paradise ascension careers of these new beings, so-called outer-spacers.