Episode:Religion in Depth—Real Nature (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

Mankind should understand that revelations are very rigorously limited by permission for the co-ordination and sorting of present-day knowledge. However, the historic facts and religious truths of this series of revelatory presentations will stand on the records of the ages to come.

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Keywords: Urantia, Religion, Revelation, Truth, Knowledge

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on Review

We shared reflections on the twelve extraordinary and unnatural spiritlike performances cited by the revelation, exhibited by fully functional religionists in response to trying situations of real human existence. We noted that each example represents a constancy of attitude and persistence of synchronization the cosmos. They represent the triumph of realities eternal over things temporal. They exhibit the superiority of a truly religious response (personality managed) over a merely spiritual one.

101:4. The Limitations of Revelation

While this section is in the middle of the oft’ called “religion papers”, it is not to be interpreted exclusively in the context of religion, but in a broader perspective. In unpacking these first two paragraphs there are some foundational concepts, which must be properly understood if we are to correctly interpret the revelators’ meaning. First we must distinguish between revelations of truth (eternal) and disclosures of fact or knowledge (temporal). The 5th ER contains both of these. Next we must be able to recognize and appreciate the relation of truth and error. Finally we must be able to discriminate appearance from reality. Armed with these prerequisites to figuring out the meaning of the first paragraph we can dive in.

Because of our ignorance of origins, even of physical origins, the revelators have undertaken to present instruction in cosmology (origin and structure of the universe), notwithstanding the trouble this causes for future students. Cosmology (the logic of the universe) is founded on the facts of the physical sciences. In light of the restrictions on giving unearned knowledge, cosmology in the 5th ER or any revealed religion is destined to be outgrown sooner or later. This presents a problem for future students of the revelation whereby they might be tempted to discard elements of genuine religious truth because they discover errors on the face of the accompanying cosmology. And misunderstanding the phrase “errors on the face” leads some current day readers to conclude that there are errors in the associated cosmologies. An example of this is found in Paper 42 where the revelators disclose facts about the structure and organization of matter revealing the existence of the ultimaton, but doing so in such a way as to be compatible with the current day atomic theory where an atomic nucleus is described as a collection of sub-atomic particles (protons and neutrons) rather than a single particle.

Reflecting on truth and error, we note that truth is holistic and cannot be defined with words. Error is a misconception or distortion of reality. Looking at the phrase “errors on the face” of the associated cosmologies, consider “face” to refer to the immediacy of the words, thus we might interpret that phrase to mean the appearance of errors. In reality the cosmology conforms to truth even in the presence of technically incorrect information. Regarding the nuance of discussing what is the difference between truth and fact ask, “What is the whole in which revealed facts are to be understood and interpreted?” Truth is still present even without the absolute presentation of facts. We are told that the cosmology of these revelations is not inspired. It is limited for the coordination and sorting of present-day knowledge. Inspired in this context is an awakening of recognition in the mind resulting from the influence of a spirit ministry on the mind. Revisit the archive to systematically step through the discussion for maximum elucidation.

Truth is always a revelation. Elsewhere we are told that truth can’t be found by words, only by living. Autorevelation comes to us as the result of the thought adjuster or other spirit ministry, and epochal revelation is brought to us via celestials. Truth is not a knowingness that can be given, whereas knowledge can be. You can be presented with a context through which truth can be delivered, but not directly. Facts can be given. Truth is felt holistically and is discovered by reflecting on facts. Mind awakens to a wholeness in which parts (facts) exist. Herein truth is revealed subtly in the coordination of facts and not directly by any given fact.

Religion must be judged by its fruits, as exhibited in the twelve spiritlike performances mentioned above.

Even though statements about cosmology are not inspired, they are most valuable in that they clarify knowledge at least transiently by, the authoritative elimination of error, coordination of known or about to be known facts, restoration of bits of lost knowledge from the distant past, filling in vital missing gaps in earned knowledge, and presenting cosmic data so as to illuminate the spiritual teachings in the 5th ER.

Notes by Brad

  • Facts & observations that are about to be known are not "unearned knowledge. They are facts and observations.
  • "Error on the face" is an oxymoron