Episode:Religion in Depth—Real Nature (Part 6)

From Symmetry of Soul

Revelatory religion provides the assurance of faith plus the truth of a living experience in the realities of revelation. The postmortal phase of revealed religion adds the experience of survival plus the urge to attain spirit perfection, and the assurance of truth increasingly replaces the assurance of faith.

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Keywords: Urantia, Religion, Knowledge, Wisdom, Truth

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on Review

We revisited the third from the last paragraph of [101:5] Religion Expanded by Revelation. Evolved religion is based wholly on faith. The wholeness conferred by faith alone is tenuous. Revelation brings the assurance of expanded presentations of the truths of divinity and reality plus the experience of the consequence of the working union of both aspects of religion, evolved and revealed. So it is that faith of evolved religion plus the truths of revelation combine to produce the trust upon which a solid assurance can be secured. Such an assurance foreshadows the attainment of a morontia personality. Spiritual faith in union with soul trust is recognized as the way of salvation.

The remaining paragraphs of Section 5 help provide the big picture of the real nature of the truths of this expanded religion extending to the morontia realm immediately following your life in the flesh and beyond, as illustrated by the list of expanded truths of: supreme values, divine goodnesses, universal relationships, eternal realities, and ultimate destinies. And so it is that as you progress in the morontia domains of the system, constellation, and local universe ascension, truth becomes ever more central replacing faith or rather superimposed upon faith and the former techniques of personality assurance in the pursuit of perfection.

We explored how faith and trust (faith plus truth) evolve through the local universe career (material and morontia realms) up to the initiation as first stage spirits, from being mostly oblivious to the literal presence of spirit, through increasing confidence in securing your self to unseen spirit, to a point where spirit becomes tangible, literal, no longer abstract.

The philosophical discourse of this section provides us with the actual facts of the mechanics of religion wherein with precision, we are able to coordinate a relation to these scientific facts into a fuller understanding of reality. Evolutionary religion on its own presents a worldview of basic truths glued together with magic. True religion exists in the wholeness of true philosophy. The point of philosophy is to get at truth. The facts of science and the values of religion are brought together and encompass the goal of philosophy—the recognition of truth. But note in order to make use of revelation, it must be brought into relation with evolved religion.

101:6. Progressive Religious Experience

Survival (etymology: live above) of the life in the flesh and the accompanying urge to the attainment of spirit perfection constitutes the initiation and foundation of the morontia phase of revealed religion. Increased urge to worship and call to service also are included in this next phase. Of course the aspect of faith, which bulks so large in the lives of Urantia mortals, a hope for life after death, is no longer required. Morontia insight opens the ascender to an expanding consciousness of the Sevenfold, the Supreme, and Ultimate, three facets of evolutionary Deity virtually unknown to material mortals unfamiliar with the 5th E.R.

Regardless of your universe status and mindal stature, the insight associated with your mind will always be transcendent of your sight. Imagine, when you are a finaliter with a mind close to the ceiling of the finite, your insight will transcend the finite (Supremacy) to reach for the Ultimate. The secret to this sight-insight differential is the Adjuster. Our discussion here explored the nature of the Adjuster as a fact from eternity with an experiential nature from the time of individuation therefrom and, its role in helping the ascender develop a greater experiential relation to the personal purposive aspect of the Supreme (The Universal Mother). Thus can the Adjuster assist in catalyzing the coalescence of Supreme nature in the ascender’s experience. The existential core of the same Adjuster is the secret of the potential for the finite creature to acquire experiential nature without limit, to transcend the finite i.e., the Ultimate and beyond. The super-additive consequence of the existential core and the experiential potential of the TA is the secret of our endless experiential nature. The actualization of these potentials is carried out in the context of the hierarchy of the Mother. The Father initiates and potentializes, the Mother conditions and provides the actualizing context of these potentials. When the Mother enters the picture, magic can be discarded as the cohesive medium of the whole.

The revelators’ use of the term moral in the third paragraph of this section illustrates the specific and general sense of this word and should serve as a clue to truthfully engaging the revelation. Only by reflecting on the context in which these terms are used can the truth that flows through the revelation be appreciated. Listen to the archive for elucidation.

Paragraph four of this section elaborates on further interplay of the three-fold elements of knowledge, wisdom and truth and the role of the spirit ministries of the thought adjuster (TA) and the Spirit of Truth (SoT) in enabling the creature to access truth. Beginning with the material basis for creature knowledge, with the endowment of wisdom, truth becomes accessible by virtue of the TA and SoT.

Next we find timeline of Michael’s seventh bestowal with respect to evolutionary and revealed religion on his path to mastery of the experience of Supremacy and attainment of the sovereignty of supremacy. Among many other things this paragraph points to the fact that evolutionary religion is a foundational element of true religion. The ensuing discussion underscored the complexity of opening to religion as something beyond the mere antidote to mortals’ fear of death, to consider issues of Deity and divinity. Revisit the archive for details of this discussion.

Our final paragraph for the evening cites Adjuster fusion as potentializing our destiny as a living part of the Supreme, heir to the eternal birthright of the endless pursuit of finality of universe service for and with the Supreme. It is Adjuster fusion, which individuates a creature as part within the wholeness of the Supreme.

Notes by Brad

  • You cannot get true religion without both evolutionary religion and revelatory religion.
    • You might be tempted to discount evolutionary religion ("glued together with magic" as it is), but you cannot.
  • The word moral has several contexts
    • A specific element of a threefold actuality (e.g., 2nd cosmic intuition)
    • A general sense of the essence of wholeness. (e.g., one's first moral decision)
  • Ideas, association of ideas, ideals -- another threefold actuality
  • Science is a system of ideas.
  • Note the paragraph about Christ Michael is not about Jesus. It's about the 6th bestowal of Michael, not the life of Jesus.