Episode:Religion in Depth—Real Nature (Part 7)

From Symmetry of Soul

The co-ordination of idea-decisions, logical ideals, and divine truth constitutes the possession of a righteous character. Through the appropriation of the faith of Jesus, which pointed the way to ultimate salvation, mortal man can foretaste in time the realities of eternity.

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Keywords: Urantia, Religion, Jesus, Faith, Salvation

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on Review

The 5th ER revelation opens to its students the full scope and panorama of mortal ascension. With respect to religious experience, we begin the journey as animal-origin mortals with an evolved religion based wholly on faith. And while we are oblivious to spirit as a substance in the outer world, because of the 6th adjutant and grace we begin to have a feeling of the essence of spirit. The point here is to not be satisfied with these early expressions of the religious impulse thinking we’ve arrived at some end point when we’ve only just begun. The truth is we are always beginning an ever-augmenting journey.


Continuing our study of section six, Progressive Religious Experience, we find in [101:6.7] a detailed description of the process whereby the faith nucleus of evolved religion encompassed by the truth sphere of revelation and spirit ministry produces a solid trust in the cosmos. This paragraph represents a detailed expansion of what we found in [101:5.12] which points to the superadditive process whereby experience with evolutionary faith and revealed truth produces a character approaching the actual acquirement of morontia personality.

We painstakingly walked through the steps whereby truth is brought into relationship with faith. The process is not automatic and requires great courage, effort, patience, persistence, and humility. The process begins with organizing knowledge into idea-decisions, next utilizing acquired wisdom to transform these idea-decisions into practical yet supernal ideals, such that the Adjuster dares to combine and spiritize them making them available for association in the finite mind and made suitable for the action of SoT, the time-space manifestation of universal truth. We unpacked a key concept, wisdom, clarifying the difference between the 7th adjutant mind spirit of wisdom, which is not wisdom per se, but the philosophic impulse, the potential for gaining wisdom. Likewise, the pouring out of the SoT does not endow us with truth as such, but it provides the ways and means of engaging truth. It requires great effort to have the kind of mind with which truth can synchronize. The truths of eternity cannot synchronize with an unprepared mind. It also requires the action of God the Mother to provide the systematized association (coordination) of constituent parts into a living wholeness. This living wholeness is what constitutes possession of a righteous character, the prerequisite to mortal admission to the spiritual realities of the morontia worlds. To reiterate, human beings are not self-progressing and none of this business is automatic, save for the encircuitment in the holy spirit, endowment of the Spirit of Truth and bestowal of the thought adjuster all by grace. Check out the archive for the “word for word” as this summary hardly does justice to the complexity, depth, and details of our discussion.

Careful reflection should make clear that progressive religious experience occurs within the context of a personal living philosophy. The teachings of Jesus embraced the harmonious coordination of knowledge, wisdom, faith, truth, and love, the fullness of the three-fold actuality. Such a cosmic wholeness is not found in science by itself, or religion by itself, but in a true philosophy that lives within you, the goal of which is truth, the fundamental essence of wholeness. Such a spiritually quickened philosophy provides temporal tranquility, intellectual certainty, moral enlightenment, philosophic stability, ethical sensitivity, God-consciousness, and the positive assurance of personal survival. It is the faith of Jesus that points the way to finality of human salvation, to the ultimate of mortal universe attainment.

The last half of our broadcast was given to reading and discussing the seven levels of salvation provided for in the faith of Jesus.

We approached the consideration of these seven types of salvation from a top down perspective. They can be considered in two groups of three, plus one. The two groups of three follow an ascending progression with each group pattern characterized by expressions of individuality-associativity-unity. The first group embodies the threefold actuality. The associativity element, liberation from intellectual bondage by knowing the truth and thereby being set free is the superadditive consequence of freedom on one hand from the estate of matter, and on the other hand from blindness to the spiritual fraternity of all humans, even all universe creatures. This first group encompasses the ascension experience from life in the flesh through the morontia career.

The second group of three represents the universe career from attainment of spirit status to finaliter attainment, encompassing ascension to perfection and penetration to completion.

The final salvation comes with transcending the finite to the absonite through supremacy.

The completeness and perfection of the realization of the ultimate experience of the Universal Father in potential is inherent in the faith of Jesus. This achievement of encompassing the ultimate is available to us by virtue of the absolute dimension of our personality. If nothing else this should challenge the students of the 5th ER to expand their horizons of universe destiny beyond mere survival after death.

It is hard to overestimate the profundity of these passages that illuminate the literality of Jesus being this new and living way whereby man can come into the fullness of his divine inheritance. In our discussion we considered the hierarchical nature of the ever-expanding realizations of downstepped facets of the Universal Father, as Supreme Father, Ultimate Father, and Absolute Father. We noted that the two times the revelation uses the term Final Father, the authors are pointing to the Ultimate Father (in the case of our reading in this section) and the Absolute Father referenced in [118:2.2]

Please note that these discussions of this material include numerous explications not include in this written summary, which are most helpful in penetrating the deeper meanings of the revelation. For full appreciation of these discussions they should be revisited in the archive.

Notes by Brad

  • In Section 6, Paragraph 7, you cannot "mandate wisdom" to do anything unless you ave wisdom grown in you. And wisdom is only acquired through tribulation, and even then only through reflection and insight on that tribulation.
  • Self-possessed ideas have an objective flavor to them. They aren't merely opinions.
  • The 7th adjutant is the philosophic impulse. It is not wisdom itself, it is the spirit of wisdom.
    • It allows in us the acquisition of wisdom to begin. It tries to held form a wholeness within us of the other 6 adjutants.
    • It doesn't bestow wisdom on you, it bestows wisdom potential on you.
  • Courage is acquired through self-mastery. The spirit of courage (3rd adjutant) is not courage, but the spirit of courage.
  • There are seven levels of mortal wisdom to ascend.
    • That's [71:7].
    • The higher you go, the bigger the wholeness.
    • The higher you go, the more "exquisite" the tribulation, and more courage is required (so you aren't torn apart by it).
  • Why does the adjuster "dare to combine" ideas and ideals in paragraph 7? It's an upstepping and there is potential danger.
  • Truth is a transcendent wholeness. It cannot synchronize with mere "protoplasmic memory." It's big stuff.
    • It begins by facing difficulty with your eyes open.
  • Fact, truth, and goodness, when co-ordinated as a triunity, culminate in righteousness.
  • Each day, stay humble today. Keep those favorable conditions around, and things will happen naturally.
    • Don't become too befogged by too much thinking. Favorable conditions.
  • The list of 7 items here go in a first set of three (it's about the floor, the foundation, the finite), another set of the (at the ceiling, the sublime, near the edge of the finite), and 1 than encompasses/transcends them all.
    • So this is, ah, big picture to understate it a bit.
    • It follows the same pattern as the 7 adjutant minds (3+3+1)