Episode:Religion in Depth—Reality of Experience (Part 6)

From Symmetry of Soul

Neither science nor religion, standing alone, can hope to gain an adequate understanding of universal truths and relationships without the guidance of human philosophy and the illumination of divine revelation. Revelation authoritatively clarifies the muddle of evolutionary metaphysics.

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Keywords: Urantia, Religion, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Revelation

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on Review

We noted that the revelators often direct our attention to the fruits of reflective thought gleaned over the last twenty-six hundred years of evolutionary human philosophy. Such thinking we seem to have ignored in merely the last hundred plus years. While the illuminating divine ministries fostering our philosophic efforts have only increased, it is sad to record these days that the integrous and holistic mind, required for synchronization with such ministries appears to be in diminishing supply.

Our discussion then went to considering the revelators’ use of the terms unity and unification and of the role of personality in associating factors of individuality and qualities of unity through the medium of mind. It is helpful to view the dynamics of this personality function of bringing into association qualities of unity with elements of individuality as finding harmony rather than achieving another aspect of unity. The successful distinction of meanings between unity and harmony can go a long way to sharpening otherwise unrecognized magical fuzzy thinking involved in existentializing evolutionary reality which only yields a false unity. Likewise the distinction in the precision of meanings with the terms spiritual and cosmic, equality versus equity, unity versus uniformity furnished by the revelation is another favorable condition for growth of our cosmic consciousness.


Picking up where we left off last week with the problem of integrating the postulations of materialism and spiritism into a logical and consistent concept of the universe with a minimum of distortion, we consider the purpose and function of human philosophy and divine revelation. In our subsequent discussion we attempted a visualization scheme incorporating the body of man’s evolutionary acquirements of science and religion giving rise to the lower hemisphere of human philosophy. Reason-based metaphysics represents man’s futile attempt to fill out the sphere of philosophy from below. But alas, it is from above, the truth of divine revelation (specifically the 5th ER) can synchronize with the genuine truths of evolutionary philosophy and combine to fill out the upper hemisphere yielding a true philosophy, and in turn filling out the upper hemispheres giving us a true science and a true religion. How’s that for symmetry?

We also briefly considered the differences, roles, and limitations of auto-revelation versus epochal revelation in the process of arriving at the whole sphere of philosophy.

Our author goes on to emphasize that both man’s outer experience of material reality, and the inner experience of spiritual reality are conscious-ized in mind. Listen to the archive for the additional clarification of the statement that man experiences spiritual reality in the soul, but becomes conscious of it in his mind. And fail not to recognize the role of the mind in harmonizing, conditioning, and qualifying man’s sum total of mortal experience, hence the importance of a stable, balanced, and relatively holistic mind.

At this point in our reading the morontia domain of things and beings and its associated technique of mota are introduced. Mota is described as a supermaterial reality sensitivity that effectively erases all divergence between the findings of the physical sciences and the functioning of the spirit of religion. It is further characterized as a superphilosophical reconciliation of divergent reality perception. But mistake not, mota is not available to material personalities. We must await the deliverance from the flesh before we can begin developing mota consciousness. Employing mota on the mansion worlds we will be enabled to arrive at a true metaphysics.

Lest we feel hopelessly removed from the true reconciliation of the realms of matter and spirit in this life, remember, mota is usually earnestly engaged on the third mansion world, the culture of which synchronizes with the post-bestowal son culture of a normal world. Therefore, with our post-Pentecost gifts of the Spirit of Truth and Thought Adjusters, along with the 5th ER we do have the tools needed for this reconciliation. Revelation authoritatively clarifies the muddle of reason-developed metaphysics on an evolutionary sphere.

Carefully examining the statement that science is man’s attempted study of his physical environment we note that conclusions from such study must account for the fact that our experiences and observations take place in the realm of mental representations of reality, not reality directly. It is in this respect that revelation aids in clarifying the appearance/reality dilemma.

Finally, the revelators point out the initially blurred together perceptions of our early ancestors concerning the differences between energy and spirit, mathematical and volitional, inanimate and animate. Going forward, philosophy will be called upon to bridge ever-widening gulfs between these poles. We are reminded that in the time of space these divergencies are at one in the Supreme.