Episode:Seraphic Guardians of Destiny (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

Responding to listeners’ interest and inquiries regarding ministering spirits, the SoS team embarks on a study of [Paper 113] of The Urantia Book, Seraphic Guardians of Destiny.

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Keywords: Urantia, Seraphim, Destiny, Angels, Guardian Angels

Summary by Kermit

Discussion of Ministering Spirits v. Messenger Hosts of Space-guardians are not messengers, but ministers.

Discussion of THE angel of the Lord (probably not an angel but Brilliant Evening Star)

Discussion of Bible quotes “despise not these little ones… . ...” point being that the angels who are the hands of the Universe Mother Spirit ARE the watchcare, over all children regardless of whether they have TAs etc.

Extended discussion of the 3 levels of “mindedness” and the criteria applied in assignment of guardian seraphim.

Subnormal-DON’T make average decisions, CAN’T comprehend GOD, and lack capacity for worship.

Seraphim attend these and testify that mercy and fairness extended.

  • Normal. Most men and women grouped in 7 classes according to 7 psychic circle attainment-pre-7 +7-2
  • Supernormal. 1st circlers and reserve corps of destiny.

Think of these in vertical orientation v. horizontal. Applied these levels to psychic circles

Numbers of people per seraphic pair (and cherubim):

  • 7th-1000: 1 company cherubim (12 groups)
  • 6th-500: 1 company cherubim
  • 5th-100: 1 group cherubim (12 pairs)
  • 4th-10: 1 company cherubim

Discussion of the three criteria for assignment of personal pair of seraphim.

  1. Third psychic circle attainment
  2. Have made THE supreme decision to be Godlike, a betrothal with your Adjuster.
  3. Membership in one of the reserve corps of destiny.

Discussion of circle progression. Self-understanding, self-conquest, self-mastery.

Discussion of angels emotions most of which are shared with humans, except animal fear. after which we had a good discussion

Seraphim always volunteer and in pairs.

Specific references: e.g. the seraphic number of the sleeping subject, and the narration of the assignment of the seraphic pair to a recently appointed destiny reservist. Why do they provide such specificity of detail? Perhaps to “assure us” that they are in full command of these kinds of details, hence to be believed?

Discussion of the polarity of the seraphic pair and record keeping to testify that full measure of mercy and ministry is extended to all material mortals.