Episode:Surviving Mortal Death and Harmonizing the Soul (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Preparing for our study of the mortal ascension, take the next step with the SoS team as we focus on the specifics of our terrestrial escape and the disposition of our indwelling spirit (Thought Adjuster).

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Keywords: Urantia, Death, Paradise, Soul, Personality

Note: James took emcee duties this week, as Ann was traveling.

Summary by Kermit

112:4 Adjusters After Death

Upon death the Adjusters leave their mortal host and depart for Divinington. Adjusters come from Divinington (1 of 7 worlds of the Father) Adjuster “home”. They register in and out of superuniverse by number. Here the TAs face the facts of time. Registration process can be lengthy compared (5 of our days) to their ability to traverse the universe instantaneously.

Comment on the Universal Censors-information gatherers for A of Ds, the pinnacle of discernment as to value of your soul, who gather and present a summation of all information concerning the adjudication of an individual ascender.

Introduced idea of fusion or translation (Enoch and Elija) v. individual resurrection v. dispensational resurrection. With translation, transportation to Mansion Worlds occurs right away as opposed to transport seraphim at 3X speed of light.

Seven “pathways” for monitors awaiting resurrection of their partner.

“Vanished” monitors-mysterious function go to Paper 107:2 classification of adjusters. Virgin, Vanished (seven classifications) Personalized, fused, liberated from engaging mortals, other 4,

  • virgin-inexperienced
  • advanced-experienced with a mortal not destined to fuse with that adjuster
  • supreme-experience with an individual who rejects survival-confers significant abilities can do many things other adjusters can not do
  • vanished-mysterious respite, extended period of time where they are more directly expressing the Father at large in the universe.

keep in mind while adjusters are existentially perfect, they may be experientially naïve. on this planet we all have either supreme, or advanced adjusters, because virgins can’t handle mortals who are engaged by the SoT.

description of advanced standing of the ascender. highly specific information regarding the soul. reconciling this information with current human knowledge and traditions.

specificity and detailed description of these events and transactions conveys certainty and clarity. Also, emphasizes that we can’t hide or are not overlooked.

“realization of identity transition” the mystery of mysteries, how the adjuster from Divinington, can engage a point in space and time. mystery not magic

what about the “third period” three places in the book where they use the term “third period” beginning, middle and end

Paper 30:4.4, Sleeping Survivors

Sleeping survivors await repersonalization until a dispensational resurrection.

Interesting discussion around waking up with survivors from many years past and future. Issues of five thousand years v. five days.

point-great advantage in the mobilization of such enormous groups that go on to serve together for long periods of effective service. All paths are positive in this ascension.

advanced means third circler, on our world not many third circlers

cosmic progress v. spiritual progress-“intelligence mastery and spirituality”

topic of spiritual ambition tricky to keep in balance with service, the motives in spiritual achievement, balance with humility.

distinction between third day and third period-authors use our terms as a starting point to engage the revelation. Human history filled with references “three days” sequence beginning, middle and end.

death, translation, resurrection a process divested of magic. middle part can be significantly prolonged i.e. a long dispensation. Confounded by the fact of Jesus’ death and resurrection over a three day period.

Paper 49:6, Terrestrial Escape

  1. Mortals of the dispensational or group order of survival
  2. Mortals of the individual orders of ascension.

Four different “modes” of resurrection.

  1. individual
  2. dispensational
  3. millennial
  4. special group for undisclosed purposes

After rebellion, the normal scheme of individual resurrection disrupted. Special Rs were significant during those times. (Moses was not permitted to go over until a special R).

Bible references from Daniel ...“many of those who sleep in the dust awake”

importance of letting revelation reform our understanding as opposed to confirm our “preconceived opinions, settled ideas and long standing prejudices”.

Underscore that while the diversity of planets and mortal types abound, the basics of TA, angels, etc. are the same. Appreciate the BIG Picture! Not just take a self centered perspective.

Cross references beautifully consistent help “connect the dots”.

reference to Spirit Fused mortals, who are unable to fuse with their Adjusters and are thus reawakened with a portion of the “immortal spirit of the Third Source and Center .

Individual Orders of Ascension

Point out the nature of the “circles” and third circler- associated intellectual, social, spiritual, and cosmic-insight values”

Use of the term “third day” to be consistent with human usage and tradition. Day not literal 24 hours on Urantia.

Earlier ages on an evolutionary world FEW mortals go to judgment on the third day. i.e. FEW third circlers.

are we “progressing” mortals/civilization, what about “advancing” mortals/civilization.