Episode:Surviving Mortal Death and Harmonizing the Soul (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

“Just as a butterfly emerges from the caterpillar stage, so will the true personalities of human beings emerge on the mansion worlds...” The SoS team explores the morontia estate.

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Keywords: Urantia, Death, Heaven, Paradise, Good Reads

Summary by Kermit

112:5, Survival of the Human Self

Personal a relative individuation of a being within the cosmic organism, endowed with power of choice as relates to acceptance or rejection of destiny.

Selfhood distinguished from the word “self” and selfhood v. personality. as personality is the harmonizing influence comes from the Father, selfhood represents a common thread through the material, morontial and spiritual-“ongoingness” selfhood providing a continuity/constancy is reflective of the engagement with the Universal Mother-The Supreme Spirit. Both Father and Mother produce a thread of uniformity throughout all changes.

Cosmic Organism mentioned-individuality of the whole (presence of the Universal Mother).

Personality is existential/eternal, where does “purposing” identify? ¬with your “self”? or do you reject such identification and cease to exist as a self and that purposing goes elsewhere (God the Almighty).

Here we are introduced to “experiential deity” in contradistinction to existential deity.

Our own deciding, our free will choosing the only way for mortal identity to become a continuing phenomenon.

mortal self is material self, with which personality is identified, is transient. when material self is “lost”, personality must re-identify with a new self. the continuity/bridge from material to morontial is “selfhood” (common character).

Our human ideas are mightily challenged by the use of terms. the entire concept of SELF must be redefined.

we have three selves:

  1. material-mortal-adjutant mind self
  2. soul-morontia self-no personality identification
  3. divine self-adjuster self- it’s minded, makes decisions, but doesn’t have personality identification.

personality’s job create harmony in material self with soul and spirit to literally become ONE.

self v personal self, distinguished by the quality of “harmony” (harmonizing influence of the Father). Personality is not a thing, not a substance, only a thing in the abstract.

Paper 110:6 p.1209: psychic circles not exclusively intellectual, nor wholly morontial, personality status, mind attainment, soul growth and adjuster attunement. Harmonious function of the entire personality.

the power of choice is our greatest opportunity and supreme cosmic responsibility.

Up on:

  • integrity of human volition depends eternal destiny
  • sincerity of mortal free will the Adjuster depends for personality
  • faithfulness of mortal choice depends Father for a new ascending son
  • steadfastness and wisdom of decision-actions depends Supreme Being for actuality of experiential evolution.

Are selfish decision like a two year old selfish decisions or are they conscious choices of self over cosmos? Decisions preceeded by choice, choice is independent of specifics i.e. you choose SELF so that in subsequent situations decisions of the self with respect to a specific set of facts, you go back to the touchstone of your choice i.e. SELF, you then decide accordingly.

God judges you on your choices, not on your decisions-actions in themselves.

James: p.951 the personification of chance, self interest largely obscures logic, difference between primitive and civilized man is largely one of content than nature, of degree rather than of quality.

If circle progress (personality growth) is interrupted you are given additional time to prove yourself, if there is any doubt about the advisability of advancing a human identity invariably and unhesitatingly advance such a soul.

system fair and based on the initial goodness by which we start this journey, but this goodness must be fostered and continued through your choices.

difference between ignorance and “inattention” (error/evil) v. more purposeful working against (sin).

Fairness, patience and mercy characterize the policies of resurrection and survival.

But the choices must be made. This is not an automatic process.

Govts of Orvonton and Nebadon don’t claim absolute perfection for the detail of mortal repersonalization, but they always err on the side of advancing a questionable ascender when doubts exists.

Description of the survival of the soul (the threading through of selfhood) A clear explanation of death of mortal self (functional identity associated with human personality)

Mind is not self sustaining. Mind can be disrupted bottom up-chemical, injury v. top down-thinking, choices impose another kind of disruption (error and sin).

Description of mind disruption

“don’t be discouraged by discovering that you are human…...Jesus

Personality record keepers-archangels safeguard every identifiable factor of personality on special worlds.

Again, details of this process demonstrate the extreme care taken by universe administration.

Where is the personality? Not a substance, not an object. Not finite in space and time. Real question is not where, but is the personality “functioning” somewhere?. Revelators don’t know.

Here a confesion by revelators “we do not know” mitigates against Urantia Book fundamentalism. TUB is not the final word on total reality or our own experience.

Description of the activities taking place in the resurrection halls of the morontia receiving planets. Reassembly of constituent parts of a onetime material personality involves.

1. fabrication of suitable form-morontia energy pattern plus morontia mind-cosmic mind. 2. return of the Adjuster 3. bestowal of the morontia entity (immortal soul) upon and in the morontia form.

Adjuster is the reanimating phenomenon, unlike here. Custodian of ascending identity.

Now soul and adjuster can engage more directly without the intervening material nature.

5.20-5.22 1:56-2:00

Fact of repersonalization illustrates the persistence of the identity of selfhood effected through medium of mind. Selfhood persists in spite of the change in the factor components of self.

Much material experience will pass away, but relationships between personalities are of cosmic value...we will know and be known