Episode:The Betrayal Begets Default (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

The “golden age” is a myth, but Eden was a fact, and the Garden civilization was actually overthrown. Adam and Eve faced world-wide confusion: abject spiritual darkness, competing dialects, defective racial strains, and the isolation of a quarantined planet. No Adam of the planetary service was ever set down on a more difficult world; plus, they were subject to the evil suggestions of Caligastia, the fallen but determined Prince. Under such conditions, a temptation plot matured, and the hope of Urantia was dashed by default.

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Keywords: Urantia, Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Golden Age, Fall of Man

Summary by Kermit

Paper 74:8 — The Legend of Creation

We spent the first hour of last week’s show on the legend of creation. The details of the origin of the current Old Testament accounts of creation are worthy of note but will not be recounted here.

The theology and philosophy of many Occidental peoples has labored under the “sacred scriptures” which portray the fiat creation of the world, and man. The associated myth of the once golden age, and subsequent fall of man gave rise to the belief in retrogression, and a vengeful deity. Today, we have the materialistic and secular, albeit somewhat more factual story of the evolution of man and earth. Yet, of the two “versions” of our origins, which contains more truth? God is the central character of the less factual narrative, while He’s absent from the secular story. It remains for revelation to accomplish the authoritative elimination of error, from both narratives.

Serious students are encouraged to consult the archives and listen carefully.

Paper 75. The Default of Adam and Eve

After more than one hundred years, Adam was unable to see much progress outside the Garden. Conditions seem so desperate that Adam, entertained the idea that something not embraced in the original plans was demanded. He said as much to Eve.

1. The Urantia Problem

The Urantia adventure posed three formidable challenges to the Material Son. Urantia is an experimental or decimal planet. The previous administration of the Planetary Prince had left Urantia seared by rebellion and consequently spiritually isolated under quarantine. Their initial task of co-coordinating the blending of the races was further compromised by the presence of a large number of retarded and defective racial stocks.

The minds and morals were at a low level, due in large part to the back mating of the early Andonites with their sub-human cousins.

Finding a cacophony of hundreds upon hundreds of local dialects and the absence of even the most simple religious beliefs, Adam and his mate were confronted with as difficult an assignment as any Adam of planetary service had ever faced. Yet we are told they would have eventually met with success had they been more farseeing and above all patient. Add to these conditions, their tremendous sense of loneliness, it is no wonder their courage weakened, their spirits drooped, and their faith almost faltered.

Their implacable desire to see immediate results caused them to forego the long, long endurance test, to the detriment of themselves and their world.

In our discussion, we still find it more than curious, that with their extensive time frame of universe experience on Jerusem, coupled with the exhaustive instruction, training and manifold warnings concerning the perilous nature of their assignment, they stumbled into default.

2. Caligastia’s Plot

Almost one hundred-fifty thousand years after the rebellion, Caligastia remained titular Planetary Prince of Urantia, and as such, he held many conferences with Adam and Eve, during which he suggested compromise strategies and short-cut adventures to deal with their many challenges, but they were not so persuaded.

Persistent and determined, Caligastia decided to utilize suitable individuals of the Nodite group to ensnare Eve, taking into consideration the tendency of woman to favor more immediate results rather than plan farsightedly for more remote effects.

The definitive differences between the Material Sons and Daughters being derived from the downstepped patterns of the Creator Son and Universe Mother Spirit with regard to direction and place, required Adam and Eve to work together, not independently. Such definitive differences are not so pronounced in evolutionary mortals.

3. The Temptation of Eve

Serapatatia, brilliant descendant of one of the Prince’s corporeal staff and leader of the western Nodite tribes, was impressed with the righteousness of Adam’s cause. He announced his intention to affiliate with the work of Adam and Eve in the Garden. He was joined by the majority of his people and became one of the most able and efficient of Adam’s lieutenants. Serapatatia never knew that he was being used by Caligastia.

As associate chairman of the Edenic commission on tribal relations, through many conferences with Adam and Eve — especially with Eve — Serapatatia hit upon a plan for advancing the immediately needy waiting tribes, while awaiting the recruitment of large numbers of the violet race. Serapatatia contended that, if the Nodites, as the most progressive and co-operative race, could have a leader born to them of part origin in the violet stock, it would constitute a powerful tie binding these peoples more closely to the Garden.

For more than five years these plans were secretly matured, to where Eve consented to have a secret conference with Cano, leader of the near-by friendly Nodites. Influenced by flattery, enthusiasm and great personal persuasion, Eve consented to the enterprise and took the fatal step. It was done.

In our discussion, we conclude that Eve, began to favor her spiritual consciousness to the detriment of the pragmatic consciousness, hence clouding cosmic perspective. Doing all this independently, deprived her of the “direction” faculty ordinarily supplied by Adam. Thus, she succumbed to the appeal to her unity consciousness in embarking on her ill fated plan.