Episode:The Betrayal Begets Default (Part 5)

From Symmetry of Soul

With their default, Adam and Eve were destined to suffer the fate of the mortals of their world. They eventually died; but, following a special resurrection that included many of their associates from the first garden, they began mortal ascension careers. Both are now serving among the four and twenty counselors who constitute the present advisory-control body of Urantia.

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Keywords: Urantia, Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Resurrection, Four and Twenty Elders

Summary by Kermit

Adam and Eve

We finished our three phase, twelve part series, encompassing five papers, on the nature of the Material Sons, their mission to Urantia, and their subsequent default.


The original material Son and Daughter in any local universe are the offspring of the Creator Son. They are normally immortal but their offspring are not. They are dual in nature and constitution partaking of both material energy and cosmic energies.


On normal evolutionary worlds, they are welcomed by a functioning planetary administration of a Planetary Prince and his staff. They are presented to the races of men as children of the Gods who have come down to be one with them. They are in potential, the full gift of physical grace to the mortal races. They constitute the violet race, possessing imported ability and superevolutionary traits, designed to genetically amalgamate the evolutionary races of color and initiate a new epoch of accelerated progress in civilization and racial development. They come with the intention to remain as the visible heads of planetary affairs far into the age light and life.

Their planetary garden headquarters, known as the Garden of Eden becomes a second world center of culture and learning, jointly with the headquarters of the Planetary Prince. The garden schools of Adam and Eve are usually devoted to practical arts, fundamental intellectual training, social culture, economic development, trade relations, physical efficiency, and civil government, compared to the schools of the Planetary Prince which are primarily concerned with philosophy, religion, morals, and the higher intellectual and artistic achievements.

With the passing of centuries, through the amalgamation of their progeny with the races of men, this same Material Son and Daughter become accepted as the common ancestors of mankind, the common parents of the now blended descendants of the evolutionary races.

The Urantia Experience

On Urantia, Adam and Eve were confronted with a world confused and isolated by rebellion along with a traitorous Planetary Prince bent on derailing and disrupting their projected plans for the rehabilitation of the planet. No Adam of the planetary service was ever set down on a more difficult world; the obstacles seemed insuperable and the problems beyond creature solution.

Adam and Eve carried on in the Garden for one hundred and seventeen years when, through the interference of the wily Caligastia, the impatience of Eve and the errors of judgment of Adam, they presumed to turn aside from the ordained way, speedily bringing disaster upon themselves and ruinous retardation upon the developmental progression of all Urantia.

While not guilty of rebellion, the defaulting pair was degraded to the status of mortals of the realm, and the world was deprived of the full measure of their intended biological uplift. Even so, the their potent inheritance did contribute much to the advancement of civilization.

Commentary and Discussion: There are many intriguing features of this story that occasioned considerable conjecture, speculation and commentary on the part of our SoS team.

Throughout the revelation narrative the authors, in their task of authoritatively eliminating error in our history, deftly employed Biblical citations, particularly Genesis, in such a way as to allow the serious student to recognize and follow threads of truth that have come down to us from the times of Adam and Eve, thirty-eight thousand years ago and even reaching back to the times of the Planetary Prince, a half-million years ago.

Careful study and reflection of the text, along with some reading between the lines led to a conjecture that the original plans for racial blending presented to Adam and Eve by the Melchizedek receivers may have included the direct genetic engagement of Adam and Eve with the descendants of the Prince’s staff (the Nodites), such that Eve’s transgression in mating with Cano, may not have been as egregious as it seems.

Numerous details about many other things like seraphic transport time from Urantia to Jerusem, the biology and energetics of Adam and Eve and their offspring, and the nature and function of the tree of life made this study more than fascinating.